Penelope Cruz gets the presidential treatment

December 4th, 2007 // 62 Comments

Penelope Cruz attended the Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala in New York. Also in attendance was former president Bill Clinton who was a seat over from Penelope. Unfortunately, Oscar De La Renta was in Bill’s way (That’s what we call a “cock-block,” kids.), so Slick Willy took some evasive action and switched seats to be closer to his target, according to Page Six:

After being presented with a medallion from Queen Sofia, Clinton told the audience, “I was trying to figure out exactly why I would receive this award tonight. It may be because, even though I’m not of Spanish descent, I’ve seen every one of Penelope Cruz’s movies – and I liked them all.”


Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  2. steve

    She looks like a female version of Ringo Star.

  3. Lala

    Would someone please block that “interracial dating website” shill cunt??? Please?

    Penelope is always gorgeous. She’s also rich and has a career any of us would kill for. But here we are, sitting at our keyboards, thinking of clever ways to criticize someone with such a life as she has. Pitiful.

  4. Sebastián


    Yo do realize that Spain is not Cuba, do you?

  5. jacknasty

    damn he is smooth

  6. LaDrones

    Imagine what use Bill would make of the Oval Office if he again got free rein of it, without any official responsibilities whatsoever. It’d be like backstage at Studio 54 in 1976.

  7. Choocher

    Bill: “And even though I’m no wetback, I gotta big old chorizo for Peenie-lope. Ey, Peenie-lope, yall wanna come peep mah crib up in Harlem?”

    Penelope: “Jess.”

    Bill: “Y tu mama tambien, sugartits.”

  8. TommyGun

    Wow, I lost all respect for anybody that would give clinton a fucking medal.

  9. BaconMessiah

    the only thing funnier than ol Bill recieving a medal is….well …..nothing.

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  11. lila

    All of you who talk about Bill Clinton are just jealous that he ran a country, kept a wife, played the sax and got head all at the same time, while talking to his chief of staff. Now that he is playing the field, you really want to hate. Get over it!!

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