Penelope Cruz gets the presidential treatment

December 4th, 2007 // 62 Comments

Penelope Cruz attended the Spanish Institute Gold Medal Gala in New York. Also in attendance was former president Bill Clinton who was a seat over from Penelope. Unfortunately, Oscar De La Renta was in Bill’s way (That’s what we call a “cock-block,” kids.), so Slick Willy took some evasive action and switched seats to be closer to his target, according to Page Six:

After being presented with a medallion from Queen Sofia, Clinton told the audience, “I was trying to figure out exactly why I would receive this award tonight. It may be because, even though I’m not of Spanish descent, I’ve seen every one of Penelope Cruz’s movies – and I liked them all.”


Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. is that a cape shes wearing?

  2. missj

    loser. and wtf?

  3. veggi

    Hey Bill – does Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ass and hips remind you of anyone?

  4. Pen always looks so classy!

  5. Shallo Val

    Nice dress.

  6. destro 7000

    She’s hot in a skinny bitch with a weird face kind of way.
    I’d make stomach pancakes on her.

  7. She’s perfect for 69ing, with her prostate-tickler nose.

  8. RichPort

    Unless you have one hell of an innie, this bitch won’t be able to deep throat you. Hell, she’d have to stick her tongue out to touch the tip of most of you needle dicks.

  9. Mitch

    I’d cruz my cock between her penelopes.

  10. Nose Huger

    Penolope makes my pee pee penelop.

  11. Monica L.

    If you had a healthy sex drive and Hillary as your wife, wouldn’t you do the same thing as the Bill-dog?

  12. @8 When are you going to die you worthless troll?

  13. Schnozilla

    Oh No! Schnozirra! She does have a very big nose. It could probably provide shade for small villages if necessary.

  14. cinder

    Wow. That blue is the yesteryears of my prom dresses. But more sea blue. My eyeshadow was a sliver of silver, not blue.

  15. yukadoozer

    Hopefully Billy held it together and didn’t wipe anything on her blue dress.

  16. Is #13 talking to himself again?

  17. @15 Cinder, the biger question is how do you look out of the dress?

  18. Love Her Dress

    I think she might be too skinny and pretty for Bill’s taste.

  19. Jumpin_J

    I’d like to give the ol presidential pardon, if ya know what I mean. Oh wait, she dated Tom Cruise, right? EEEUUUUUW! Never mind.

  20. cinder

    biger badger! Like Perez says, it is better to autograph than to telepath

  21. Edwa

    She is hot and gorgeous! I saw her profile on millionaire and celebrity dating site

  22. MMB

    did anyone ever figure out where the hell those Indians that were spamming with meetrich ads came up with the phrase “fertile douches”???? that was too wierd.

  23. I would totally spackle her face with my man seed. Oh, and I heard there are lots of viruses on… almost as many viruses as Paris’ kitty.

  24. sunshine

    Another blue dress for Bill to leave his stain on.

  25. Vince Lombardi

    In training camp, we used to haze the rookies by rolling them up in bedspreads and parading them around. They looked just like this broad. Except they were hairier.

  26. Texas Tranny

    It is a nice dress Val.

  27. I would totally spackle her face with my man seed. Oh, and I heard there are lots of viruses on… almost as many viruses as Paris’ kitty.

  28. Texas Tranny

    It is a nice dress Val.

  29. Mal Reynolds

    Clinton was shown a picture of an aspiring actress and asked if he remembered her.
    He said, “She has a face I’ve come across before, but I can’t recall her name.”

  30. Shallo Val is a bitch, I know......w/e

    Hey TT, are you all having problems getting your blogs on?

  31. combustion8

    my god shes ugly, she looks like friggin gonzo.

  32. Texas Tranny

    It takes for FUCKING ever to post.

  33. grobpilot

    Reminds of a fucking chihuahua. Or a parrot.

  34. oh yeah

    bill is such a friggin’ gonad.
    penelope is ugly

  35. Geoff

    Bill could shove a cigar up her who-ha that one of her close relatives rolled for him.

  36. Slickster


    The “Swish” comment had my dying!!!

  37. FluffBunny

    Wow that dress is cool, she looks like a present with a giant bow on top.

  38. Thora

    Please please please bring back the old way of viewing photos.

    I HATE the extra steps that I now have to take in order to view a full sized version of the images.

    PLEASE let me see my pics without the redundant extra step.

  39. The White Urkel

    Leave it to the worst president ever to come up with that crappy line. No, I am not a GB fan either. He is just as bad but in a different way.

    Pen is pretty hot though and I would love to eat her taco!

  40. Malffy Hernandes

    As a proud portugese woman I hate Spainards. Sorry.

  41. m88

    As a proud spanish woman I hate portuguese. Sorry.

  42. ana

    she looks absolutely beautiful

  43. ana

    she looks absolutely beautiful

  44. SheLooksGood

    Penelope looks great. The only way she’d look better is gasping for air as i do her doggie. Clinton is a chronic masturbator (ask Monica) and never had a chance.

  45. Jennifer

    Yeah we all know that aside from being a compulsive liar, Bill is a sex-addict. Nothing wrong with sex, but Bill is a man-whore with control issues (I mean he raped a few women so obviously he has control issues). What a dirty little man.

  46. D. Cheney

    Clinton is a pig and he was a terrible president. I hated those 8 years of peace and prosperity. Thank God the voters came to their senses and allowed GWB to change all that.

  47. no1justminda

    She totally stole that off the life-size Barbie at Toys R Us

  48. She’s so gorgeous.

  49. Is she wearing a giant ribbon? WTF! LOL ROTFL

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