Peggy Was a Scientologist The Whole Time

September 21st, 2010 // 81 Comments

Not even Tina Fey suspected her Thetan juice was being absorbed…

Elisabeth Moss‘ eight month marriage to SNL cast member Fred Armisen reportedly came to an end because of her belief in Scientology which I’m, somehow, only just now hearing about. She filed divorce papers yesterday, according to Us Weekly:

“They had issues,” one insider told Us Weekly of the short-lived pair. One of those issues? Moss’s ties to the Church of Scientology.
“Her religion was as important to her as their marriage, if not more,” another pal told Us. “He could not get with it.”

To me, finding out someone whose work I enjoy to the point of recommending it to others is a Scientologist is just about as jarring as seeing their face on a Megan’s Law website. Or worse, learning they’re in Amway. “Wait, you said we were going to play poker. Why do I have to look at energy drink- Oh, God. *dives out window*

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  1. Sheik Yerbouti

    This is how I feel about Beck.

    • Mia

      Exactly :(

    • jim x

      Yeah. It’s a freaking tragedy. He still makes good music, it’s just tainted for me now. Every lyric that I used to just take as offhand poetry or background mood-painting, I now wonder might be subliminal crapola.

  2. BLAH

    Hey Tab,

    Bet you’re reeeeeeeeeal proud of that “FIRST” – aren’t ya?

    Your parents must be so proud of this crowning achievement of yours…

    Keep up the great work, one day you’ll make it!!

  3. McFeely Smackup

    But if she were a Christian or a Jew, that would be ok?

    Look, I get that Scientology is some weird ass shit, but it’s no more weird than religions we don’t blink twice at. It’s just that the others are so common that we don’t think about how crazy shit like believing in virgin birth, or that a cracker literally turns in to the flesh of christ (but still looks and tastes like cracker), or that god personally dictated an infallible book of wisdom that is 100% true, even the parts that contradict other parts.

    Religion is some weird shit, no matter what the flavor.

    • The cold hard truth of human mortality is a nasty pill to swallow.
      People want so badly to believe that they’ll be reunited again with their dead granny/mom/dad/child/spouse.
      To that end they seem to embrace a wide variety of nonsense indoctrinations. Scientology is one of the newer & more exotic belief offerings for those seeking this sort of thing.
      Very weird, yes indeed.

      • jay

        yes. truly weird. religion are for people who need someone to help them cross the street and wipe their asses for them in life. they are fools and tools trying to seek out something that is not there so they can feel fulfilled. FUCKING LOSERS.

    • friendlystoner

      scientology isn’t a religion, its a pyramid scheme based on the writings of a failed sc-fi writer, so don’t give it that status. thankfully some countries like mine don’t recognise it as a religion.

      • jay popeski

        And hard selling your followers to give 10% of their income (tithing) to some Christian, Jewish or Muslim church isn’t just as much of a money racket? Truth is all religions scam their followers out of tens of thousands of dollars they could be saving for their own retirement.

      • McFeely Smackup

        Say what you will about Scientology “is/isn’t a religion” it seems like a pointless debate without distinction to me, but calling L. Ron Hubbard a “failed sci-fi” writer is just plain ignorance.

        Hubbard wrote over 500 books and has over 150 million copies in print. If that’s a failure, then failure is underrated.

      • Here Comes Mongo

        @ McFeely …no, your assertion is propaganda, or just plain wrong-headed …before his current incarnation as a titular head, Hubbard was a pulp writer back in the 30′s, and his work was a critical and financial failure, this is documented fact …being prolific (writing a whole bunch of books) does not automatically equate to being successful …he then created this new “religion” (by tweaking one of his old sci-fi stories, then asserting it really happened), and since then, his stepford-wife followers all over the world go to bookstores and buy multiple copies of all his books, to make it look like he has mainstream success, when in reality it’s just a small demographic of people — kinda like a roundabout form of paying tithes to their church …dianetics is his only book that’s an actual financial success, due to the massive marketing campaign back in the 80′s & 90′s, where they purposely downplayed the scientology agenda and marketed it as just another self-help book …all of this information is readily available, go look it up…

      • GIGI

        Jay not all religions scam their followers as you say. While I agree that most do, most christian churches, jewish synagogues, buddhist monasteries etc are still non-profit, which I dont believe to be the case with the church of scientology. Also for your reference look up the society of friends because the quakers definitely dont scam their members out of money. But I dont think your completely wrong its just not that simple. Scientology is a business out to make money, the church copyrighted its ‘cross’ preventing others from setting up practices of their own

    • ZigZagZoey

      Gotta agree with you McFeely. My first thought was Oh, well I don’t blame him for wanting to get away from that…
      But you are right ~ Religion is just a way of controlling people. All religions are guilty of that. Which is why I am anti religion, and have been pretty much since 9/11. Sick to death of people playing My God is better than your God.

      • Here Comes Mongo

        …in my opinion, scientology is more akin to mormonism …they are both relatively new religions, concocted in the modern era by delusional demagogues, based on previously existing material …say what you want about the old religions (and i’d probably agree with your assessment/criticism of them), they at least have traditions and beliefs that go back thousands of years, and have become institutions …and most of them were not the creations of crackpots who only wanted to be revered as demigods, most of them were created by well-meaning people who only sought to explain the world we live in, and to lay down some laws (morals, ethics) for living together …and even though jesus could easily fall under the previous definition (“i am the son of god”), his new testament teachings only asked people to be good to each other, that’s all…he never mentioned tithes, only that people give whatever they’re able to help their fellow man (that damn socialist!!!) …so, in that respect, he was completely different from l. ron hubbard and joseph smith …and jim jones, and sun myung moon, and every other cult leader.

    • jim x

      True that, but some are worse than others. Most Buddhists don’t cause trouble. Scientology is wrecking bank accounts and lives.

    • Religion is the 2nd greatest root cause of all suffering and evil committed in human history. Greed would be first, but religion would be second. In fact they aren’t mutually exclusive. why does one think the Roman Catholic Church is so opposed to other sects of Christianity. It is because if other sects, say protestantism, evangelicism, mormonism become popular there will be less people going to a catholic church. Less people means less donations, a drop in business so to speak. The people who run churches, mosques, or temples don’t really care about the religion so much as they care about the business they are running. Scientology is the new kid on the block and is taking away from traditional religious groups their meal tickets. I believe in a God, but I do NOT believe in a religion.

    • ” Here Comes Mongo | September 21, 2010 at 1:02 pm
      @ McFeely …no, your assertion is propaganda, or just plain wrong-headed …”

      Look, I realize it’s quite trendy to bash scientology and Hubbard, but ignoring facts and history doesn’t paint a very credible portrait of yourself and your criticism.

      Yes Hubbard wrote a lot of pulp fiction, as did Isac Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Robert Heinlein…pretty much the entire history of science fiction Golden Age is pulp novellas and short stories.

      I’m not sure how you get around to missing out the New York Times best sellers he had, something over a dozen of them. Is NYT a propaganda arm now too?

      I somehow doubt you’ve ever read any of hubbards books, but I have. Calling Hubbard a “failed” author because you don’t like his politics/religion is like calling mcdonalds a failed restaurant because you think their food isnt’ healthy.

      • Here Comes Mongo

        …like i said…

        “Not long after, stories emerged of a reported Church of Scientology book-buying campaign mounted to ensure that the book would appear on the bestseller lists. According to newspaper reports, Church representatives promised the publishers that a particular number of copies would be bought by Church subsidiaries. (the author and journalist Russell Miller cites a figure of 50,000 hardback copies)”
        – full article @

        …who’s ignoring facts now, hm? this was the modus operandi of the hubbard zombies during the early 80′s and beyond to ensure his status as a successful author …he was an utter failure PRE scientology …show me some figures from the days before he founded a religion and had his followers buy his books by the hundreds of thousands …so, yes, those NYT numbers were rigged and meaningless, even they admit that nowadays …and, yeah, he was writing books during the same era as asimov, clarke, and heinlein, so what? does mentioning him in the same sentence give him credibility? and then , pulling out of your ass the question of whether or not i’ve read his books, and presuming my argument is based on my dislike of his writing, has revealed your true agenda, and destroyed your credibility. (BTW: FYI, i fell for battlefield earth’s awesome cover art back when i was 17, with no clue who hubbard was, and still thought it was medicore sci-fi at best, and then later, i read some of his pulp work — he’s garbage) …have you ever read any of the statements his contemporaries and critics of the time made about his stint as a sci-fi author? probably not, because, like the superficial writer so correctly gleaned; you’re a xenu-head failing hard at trying to appear “fair & balanced”

    • @Here Comes Mongo

      Yes, I’ve heard those claims of church members buying up Hubbards books, but I have a hard time believing that’s anything but denialism trying to rationalize why this guy people hate so much was able to sell so many books. But hey, if 150 million books were bought by people in his church, well…he still sold 150 million books. Is that less legitimate than Oprah’s book club telling people to go buy Dr Oz’s crap?

      and calling me a “xenu head” really?? Obviously you haven’t been reading anything I’ve written and are having some kind of emotional reaction. Find one pro-scientology thing I’ve written in this thread, just one. I took issue with you calling Hubbard a “failed” writer, don’t confuse the issues.

      • friendlystoner

        actually it was me who originally posted he was a “failed” writer. why dont you do as you ask others and read the conversation before commenting. that is, if you can find time to inbetween having your anal thetans levels checked.

        you may not have specifically said you are a scientologist but you`ve not denied it and you are defending it so much it stands to reason you probably are one. even the superficial has spotted you as one with his comment.

      • Here Come Mongo

        …rrriiiiiggghhhttt …when YOU quote stuff, it’s a fact, when someone else quotes stuff that contradicts your stuff, it’s “rumors” …typical. (and i was’nt reacting “emotionally”, just responding to your “i’ll bet you never even read his books, and you’re just saying this stuff because you don’t like him” remarks, which sounded kinda personal/emotional to me…so; fail…again…you lose)

        @friendlystoner …you tell ‘em.

    • “friendlystoner | September 21, 2010 at 7:02 pm
      actually it was me who originally posted he was a “failed” writer.”

      Yes I know, but he agreed with the statement so it’s pointless to distinguish between who said it originally and who agreed.

      And while I have not said “no, I’m not a scientologist” I’ve also not said “I’m not a christian” or “I’m not a jew”, but anyone reading the thread would assume those things. And since I also invited anyone to quote anything positive about scientology that I’ve said, your inability to do so pretty much shows us you’re interested in juvenile name calling (in this thread calling someone a xenu-head appears to be the equivalent of “fag”).

      But just to make it clear to you both…i’m not a scientologist. Most people might have figured that out when I called them “crazy shit”, but I’ll spoon feed you if that’s what you need.

  4. Could care less about either unless they were making out, groping eachothers tits (two 3s *can* sometimes count as a 6)

  5. TAB

    Sadly, this post was so boring and not one of the better ones, people feel the need to pick at total strangers…shaking head in disbelief..

  6. Taz

    Look at those noses!

  7. jay popeski

    I don’t get why finding out she’s a Scientologist would be any worst than finding out she’s a Catholic.

    • Vandal

      Because compared to a Scientologist, Christians are reasonable people. So that says it all.

      • McFeely Smackup

        really? so scientologists are picketing funerals of service members holding signs that say “god hates fags”?

        Scientologists burned people at the state for believing differently from them? They raped hundreds of children and used the power of their church to cover it up? They are trying to force their religion religious beliefs on everyone by pushing laws they want?


    • Pol

      At least Scientology don’t support a pedophilia protection system that’s operated successfully for over 1,000 years.

      • Here Comes Mongo

        …gotta agree with McFeely here …and his list of atrocities is only the tip of christianty’s shameful iceberg.

    • Basketca


      Saying all Christians are like people from the Westboro Church is like saying every muslim kill people on 9/11: not true.

      Christian has developed in the last 2000 years A LOT. Yes, there are some extremist, but there are also lots of people who believe in any type of Christianity and not only do not hate gays, for example, but also support them, as well as abortion, and divorce, etc. A example of that is my mum. She’s always been catholic (just like lots of people here in Spain), but we’ve supported gay marriage, we’ve protested against wars, etc. when some other countries weren’t.

      The difference between a sect like Scientology and a religion like Christianity, Jewism, etc. is that a sect purpose is to take your money, they separate people from their families (unless those relatives are also in that cult). But it’s really easy to get in or out an “old” religion. I used to go to church once in a while when I was young, but now I don’t believe and I haven’t had any trouble getting out of it. My church’s priest never talked to me about my family, my duties or anything like that. You go to church, you pray and you leave. End of story. My dad is a believer and doesn’t go to church. My family doesn’t give a dollar to the church. My some of them believe.

      But Scientologists are so brainwashed that are supposed to give money to the church. Look what happened with “Peggy”. Will Smith and his wife are together because both are Scientologists. Nicole Kidman couldn’t stand it and left. Etc, etc, etc.

      I don’t belive in any religion, and I don’t like religions, but you just can’t compare some religions that have developed so much that have nothing in common with what they were in the begginings and that is okay if you choose to belive, but with your own rules (not going to church if you don’t want, not agreeing with certain extreme ideas), and religions that were founded with the purpose of taking your money, and that’s still their purpose.

      • “#Basketca | September 21, 2010 at 4:21 pm
        Saying all Christians are like people from the Westboro Church is like saying every muslim kill people on 9/11: not true.”

        I’m not saying all christians are “like that”, you have to read the context of what I’m responding to. Vandal said scientologists make christians look reasonable. The point is there are nutjobs on both sides of the fence, and frankly I don’t think christians as a whole hold up to scruitiny better than scientologists do.

  8. Carl

    The difference to me is that most religions are old and most followers of those religions were raised that way. If you have gone to church every sunday for your entire life, you are more inclined to believe in it. Scientologist followers have no excuse. They were adults that one day decided they have little alien particles inside them. That’s F’in nuts.

    • that’s very true, but the same goes for people who convert religions as adults, or worst of all the damn lonely fat chicks who decide to be wiccan and pretend that’s not a portent of dying alone.

      • friendlystoner


        given the number of replies and attitude of those replies i wouldnt be surprised you were a scientologist. if thats the case you shouldnt waste your time for too long on here. your master (tom cruise) will notice your missing when he goes for a sh$t and needs you to wipe his a$$

        i could have a nice big rant about this cult, but its such a joke that i dont need to.

      • Here Comes Mongo

        @ friendlystoner (below) …let’s set aside that was kinda funny, and, the fact that if you’re going to slam someone about their posts you should at least have good grammar …i thought the same thing about McFeely for a second, but, even if he is…you can’t argue with most of his points.

      • If you think I’m pro scientology, then you’ve missed my point entirely.

        When I say scientology is no crazier than any other religion, I’m still saying it’s pretty fucking crazy shit. I don’t have a high opinion of ANY religious people, be they scientologist, christian, or baby-bombing muslim.

        On the grand scheme of things though, scientology has done far LESS harm to the world in general than christianity has. They may be batshit crazy, but they’re kind of amusing…whereas bible thumping Christians scare the shit out of me.

  9. Too bad religion got in the way of her marriage. While she isn’t January Jones or Christina Hendricks, I still find her totally attractive and the religious dogma is a turn off now…

    TAB to troll my comment in 3…2…

    • no 1 cares about you really they don't

      Funny, no one else thinks THAT much about your posts. Remember the saying, “Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win youre still retarded.”

      You lost my vote.

      • friendlystoner

        i will be stealing that special olympics comment and use it as my own.

      • TAB

        It’s an oldie, but goodie and yet still TRUE! Especially for those that need to pick on total strangers on the Internet..However due to his/her glaring charm, I see why they do it, they ran out of people in the universe to shit on..hence, no friends!

        Shitty personality + negativity = they should go kill themselves for hating on themselves and others as much as they do

  10. Woodcock

    It’s her right to believe in whatever kind of intergalactic nonsense she so chooses. Just like it is my right to make sure no one I know buys, supports or gives money to her or anything she is involved in. I love Mad Men, I loved Get Him to the Greek….Fortunately I haven’t paid any money into either of those enterprises. And yes, L.Ron Hubbard was a conman, its just amusing that 24 years after his death people are still buying his bullshit.

    • chelsea

      THAT’S WHO SHE IS. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out where I’d seen this very unattractive female before.

    • Is it that people buy into it or that once u make a few confessions under audit they got the goods on you and keep you coming back.. Always pictured they run on implicit extortion.

  11. Rocky's Bullwinkle

    So the marriage didn’t end because she found Fred fug? Shocking.

  12. girl who likes it in da butt

    she’s so ugly. and yeah, scientology has enough followers to be a religion. all religions start out as cults (not a thing of evil a small group), even christianity did.

    sorry, it’s a religion, and religion is whack.

    • Now THAT is an enlightened and unobstructed view of the beginnings of religion!!! Do we forget how Christianity started??? How early Christians were persecuted and called heathens and crazy??? Scientology is now being criticized as a cult/fake religion/business scam by Christians and Muslims and Jews and Buddhists. Guess what, Scientology IS a scam. It IS A business, and these other sects and religions don’t like them because they are cutting in on their racket!!!

      Religion, organized religions, are businesses. They build temples and places of worship so people can come and pray and feel guilty and remorse and be shamed into doing what? Repenting? Saying your hail Mary’s and Hoshanas isn’t enough now is it? No … a donation to keep the doors open please. I’d understand it if churches were poor, and some are. The Roman Catholic Church is the richest entity in the world!!! They still pass the plate around.

      I’m far from a Scientologist. I think some of their ceremonies are whacked, but no more whacked than those of other religions. L Ron Hubbard started Scientology and as someone pointed out earlier, he is merely a man. So, who wrote the Bible? The Korran? The Talmut? I believe MEN wrote those books as well. Religions are all the same folks. I believe in a God, a higher being, but I do NOT believe in a church or in a religion, because they are severely flawed, just as the men who created them.

  13. Elisabeth Moss
    Dr. Hufurrrrr
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d bang the kookoo right out of her!

  14. Mike Walker

    Now that the left has been forced to suck up to muslims they have to crank up the hatred on Scientology to purge their nihilistic rage. Too funny.

  15. Elisabeth Moss
    Commented on this photo:

    Why do people have to be constantly reminded that it’s really a good idea to get to know someone BEFORE marrying them?? They’d save a lot of money that way.

  16. star_bury

    I’d trade up to Abby Elliot if I was Fred Armisen too.

  17. Ignoramus

    I totally had to google both references at the end of the post.
    I liked her in the Greek, but – spoiler -

    they really should have had her go all the way in the threesome!

  18. Elisabeth Moss
    Weird Al
    Commented on this photo:

    Whoo – wee.

    Just when you want to feel jealous of a celebrity for their perfect hair, slim figure, wealth, fashion sense….they do something retarded like go to the Church of Scientology.

    I may never look like Madonna, but at least I don’t have a vacuum in my brain lodged with thoughts of organic food, macrobiotic diets, red strings around the wrist, Kabbalah, an overinflated ego, and a fear of hot dogs.

    Moss is pretty enough but Scientology is not my cup of tea.

  19. josh

    Who is that chick, where is she coming from ?

  20. Bea

    “To me, finding out someone whose work I enjoy to point of recommending it to others is a Scientologist is just about as jarring as seeing their face on a Megan’s Law website.”

    Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…ah. This is — without a doubt — the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Good one.

  21. Elisabeth Moss
    Commented on this photo:

    I’m not really into chicks making out, but Tina and Peggy on that pic sure gave me a weird vibe. Read: boner.

  22. Elisabeth Moss
    Commented on this photo:

    I hereby dub January Jones “The Queen Of Meh”.

  23. John F

    So calling DADT “oppressing minorities” is cool, but equating Scientoloists with child molesters is cool? Would it be cool if she was Islamic?

    Actually, the Islamic prophet was a child molester, so that would make more sense.

  24. Lulu

    I love how Fred cheating on her has suddenly become it’s because of
    Scientology. Fred is a chronic cheater, ask new York.

  25. unladenswallow

    Seriously why is everyone shocked, as much as love Mad Men, I also realize that most of the famous people in Hollywood are actors, and although some of them are smart, most of them are not. People who are rich at a young age are particularly susceptible to nonsense that promises to make sense of the world.

  26. Noah

    Enjoy Elisabeth’s Scientology course completions as of 2004:

    Just imagine what she has accomplished since! (Level 4 Thetan?)

  27. meatpopsicle

    Scientologists are not allowed to marry non-Scientologists. as a matter of fact, they are required to “handle” and “disconnect” from any family or friends that are not Scientologists.
    Scientology is a pyramid scheme that harms its members, with a continuing history and pattern of criminal behaviour. at least in my country, Australia, the people, including the government, all recognise this fact.

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