Peggy Was a Scientologist The Whole Time

Not even Tina Fey suspected her Thetan juice was being absorbed…

Elisabeth Moss’ eight month marriage to SNL cast member Fred Armisen reportedly came to an end because of her belief in Scientology which I’m, somehow, only just now hearing about. She filed divorce papers yesterday, according to Us Weekly:

“They had issues,” one insider told Us Weekly of the short-lived pair. One of those issues? Moss’s ties to the Church of Scientology.
“Her religion was as important to her as their marriage, if not more,” another pal told Us. “He could not get with it.”

To me, finding out someone whose work I enjoy to the point of recommending it to others is a Scientologist is just about as jarring as seeing their face on a Megan’s Law website. Or worse, learning they’re in Amway. “Wait, you said we were going to play poker. Why do I have to look at energy drink- Oh, God. *dives out window*

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