Goddammit, Not You, Too, Pearl Jam

June 23rd, 2014 // 29 Comments
Eddie Vedder
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♫ Oh, Jeremy spoke and he wants to build a snoooowman… ♫

While performing in Italy Friday night, Pearl Jam apparently decided its audience wants to hear them cover “Let It Go from the you can’t go goddamn anywhere without seeing something from it Disney musical Frozen. And if you’re wondering why the hell this is something I’d ever feel the need to post: SEO, bitches. Enjoy your mom and/or diabetic aunt now knowing what TCLTC means. “So, kids, have you seen the new Miley Cyrus‘ vagina? I’m thinking of wearing mine like that, but you know how your father is.”

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  1. Wow, that’s pathetic.

  2. I casually told my wife that I thought Ariel’s “Part of Your World” was a much better song than Elsa’s “Let it Go”. She gave me the silent treatment for 2 days. Damn you Frozen, damn you to hell!!!

  3. Right after being introduced by John Travolta as Paleel Majeezm

  4. Deacon Jones

    Pearl jam was always overrated anyways. Them, and fucking Dave Matthews. I heard so much of that shit in college I will vomit within 3 seconds if I hear “Satellite” playing from some douchebag’s jeep

    • Please don’t lump Pearl Jam and Dave Matthews together. One helped define a genre and is still one of the gold standards of alternative rock, the other is a milquetoast band that your parents could enjoy.

  5. Datagurl

    It showed up on my Facebook feed last night and couldn’t hold back from commenting, ‘Oh, Eddie … not you, too.’ I swear there is a generation of dudes (unfortunately my generation) who are married to this women who feel the need to Pinterest the shit (that’s a verb, recognize) out of life and who USED to be kind of cool to hang out with. After seeing this they are all going to be sitting around at their neighbor’s kid Elsa’s (because that’s happening) first birthday party talking about, ‘OMG, Pearl Jam made it OK to to sit around singing Disney Princess songs. Let’s get the band back together and make our own video. We can call ourselves The Daddies!’ WTF. #WWKD (What Would Kurt Do?)

    • it had to be said

      Meh. Kurt would shoot himself in the head and leave his kid to deal with his jagoff wife alone. Better to sing Disney songs than do that shit.

  6. I haven’t seen “Frozen” or heard this song to the best of my knowledge. Am I missing out? Can my life possibly be complete without these things?

  7. Say what now?


  8. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    I have only heard about “Frozen” from two sources. The Superficial and a postdoc of mine who asked me to download the soundtrack for her daughter. Prior to those two things, it wasn’t part of my consciousness. I am not sure that I ever even saw an ad for it when it was out.

    We run in some very different circles…

  9. Kevin Stern

    Damn it Pearl Jam, you are making me say something I never wanted to say…Demi Lovato’s version was way better than this…

  10. Right after the Frozen song, they debuted their new song called “Jump the Shark.”

  11. Seb

    Check this owt, Fish (Frozen support group):


  12. I’ve never seen “Frozen” and I don’t plan to but Pearl Jam can do no wrong in my eyes.

  13. Charmed

    Like the world needed more evidence that Pearl Jam sucks.

  14. I just picked this up at the Redbox for my niece… so, I’m going to be hearing this song in about an hour, it seems. I was hoping to avoid it.

  15. Is there something posted here that should have some sort of significance to my life?

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