Peaches Geldof in a Bikini

June 25th, 2010 // 139 Comments

Here’s Peaches Geldof at a hotel in LA yesterday and I honestly couldn’t tell you what she’s famous for but I do know she’s banging Eli Roth which is kind of interesting. Mostly because when a director makes it big they typically go after, oh I dunno, let’s say attractive women. Not Eli. He’s an individual.

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  1. miles

    so she’s a little chubby… i’d totally do her because she’s probably fun as hell in the sack. and honestly, i bet most of you (readers) wouldn’t look good in broad daylight.

  2. farty mcshitface

    this broad is just plain crap. flabby and not an ounce of muscle tone on her anywhere. and oh yeh, that’s right honey, those stupid ass tatoos make you look really hip&edgy. what a fuckin loser!

  3. Mr. Rothschild
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    I think she’s famous for looking like a sausage.

  4. HOW can you look THIS BAD when you come from a family that has money. Fish just change the headline to “Whale covered with bullet holes and stab wounds escapes net and is seen lounging by poolside”.

  5. Peach Poo

    Looks like Peaches needs to lay off the Peach Pie!

  6. Mr. Photo
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    My God…what a fukking beast!!!

  7. Cock Dr
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    It’s so big……
    Ahoy there!

  8. Cock Dr
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    This is the only shot where she looks……well, not hot, but at least normal.

  9. If any other woman showed up at that hotel looking like she does they would be pegged a hooker!
    The tats, the scars they make her look like a teenage runaway whose pimp has her working that hotel for middle aged tourist tricks! She not the pretty one but her youth will bring in the money for him.
    Eli Roth strikes me as a young guy who never got what he wanted in the girlfriend department growing up. When he got to Hollywood he probably took all the tail tossed at him.and when he found out how embarassing and dangerous and humiliating that was, he decided to not let the looks make up his mind. This man is surrounded by women who want to score a director husband, further their career and have meal ticket.
    He picked Peaches because she was after him and out there doing that for herself. I bet they marry !

  10. poopsmith

    this woman has plants growing from her!

  11. Janey
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    wow a NORMAL body… not like those skinny bulimic celebs
    She’ awesome thanks :)

    stop haitng she has a better life than your lame middle class life pssh losers!!

  12. captain america

    “SUICIDE” must be on your mind now, americans?

  13. YoureGay
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    Who the hell is Peaches Geldoff?

  14. Commented on this photo:


  15. Henriette

    Okay, so she’s no stunner. But her weight bothers me a lot less than those disgusting tatts and scars. The excess weight: she could take it off in 6 months with healthy diet and exercise. But the skin stuff is with her for life. Gross.

  16. Dallas

    For those of you who are curious, the hotel was the Roosevelt on Hollywood. Same place as where they filmed the season finale of “The Hills” the night before…

  17. Sinjin
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    Miss Burton, Please post a picture! I want to see your hot body.
    Megan, Please call me. I have something for you to do!

  18. MK

    Peaches the pornstar is wwwwwwaaaayyyy better. Hungary beats UK for sure lol

  19. Personification of the Gods that built Mount Olympus

    That fatness is the effect of stopping heroine use.

  20. Scarlett
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    She doesn’t look terrible. She’s really not fat at all.

  21. Christina
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    Her body looks fine, good even. I’m twenty and my body look so much worse than this. hmm.

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  23. FOngtit

    She looks like a dirty piece of shit.

  24. Vannah
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    Ugh…..that swimsuit is a terrible style for her body type.

  25. Pid
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    Come on ! Miss Burton is right, Peaches’ body is disgusting !

  26. Darth

    Well,well,what to say about this one? Dunno what to say,unless it’s something really nasty.

  27. Rob
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    Peaches is not looking fabulous by any means. but the folks saying she looks horrible need to chill. the ink is bad and she’s looking chubby in places, but she’s got money to burn, she can do whatever she wants, and her dad was responsible for Bandaid. oh, and she’s dating the horror director and bear jew from Tarantino’s latest. sheeeit.

  28. Gando

    She doesn’t look really hungry.Are you sure this is ‘the daughter of’?

  29. chill

    Why are people defending the way she looks? She looks unhealthy and like she needs to work out. Most people don’t look that unhealthy but most in the US probably do weigh the same. They way she looks is preventable. Working out should always be encouraged and not hailed at conforming to media standards. You lazy shits justify eating crap and sitting on your ass. Not everyone looks like that, thank god I don’t.

  30. prettylove
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    You ass. She is pretty.

  31. Nelly
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    She’s not unattractive–she’s just not as surgically enhanced as everyone is so used to seeing. She looks like a real person at the beach, without make-up, without a hairdresser. Maybe, one day she’ll get 10 plastic surgeries, look like everyone else and everyone will say, “Ooooh, what a hottie!” BTW, she is Bob Geldof’s daughter. Her mom was the late great Paula Yates. What she does in her own life? Dunno. Someone should ask her before they take the photos. eh?

  32. Rex
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    She looks like that chick you see at the bar trying to get laid by going up to a drunk dude and playing wanna see my tattoos.

  33. yowillie

    That would hurt.

  34. jenna

    i think it’s outrageous people say peaches it fat and ugly. no one is perfect, she has a lovely figure. i think it’s terrible you journalists don’t have better anything to do than slag young celebrities and heiresses such as peaches. probably half of the people or more in your office where this disgraceful comment has been published are fatter than her. mistakes weight gain dodgy tatoos you may think but shes her own person no one slags people who are acctually fat there called curvy. peaches=gorgeous, end of it. you jelous sad people, shes got more money than you could dream of and she dosent have to do a thing case of the green eyed monster, pathetic!!!

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