Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested

March 23rd, 2011 // 49 Comments

I didn’t know Jennifer Garner had a twin…

Boardwalk Empire star Paz De La Huerta has a reputation for being a hilarious, fall-down drunk so it was only a matter of time before she was arrested for assaulting models while one of her tits were hanging out. Which is exactly what happened last night when police picked her up after said model, Samantha Swetra of MTV’s The City, pressed charges. NY Daily News reports:

One insider says de la Huerta, who plays Nucky Thompson’s hot-tempered girlfriend Lucy Danziger in the HBO series, approached Swetra’s table “after 3 a.m.” where she was with a group of friends that included Lindsay Lohan (who was staying at the hotel that night).
Swetra and de la Huerta had not met before Sunday, a second source tells us, but that didn’t stop the NYC-born actress from flirting with one of Swetra’s male pals.
That’s when, our first source adds, de la Huerta suddenly lost her footing and went crashing into an adjacent table.
After taking in the unexpected pratfall – which, our source adds, resulted in one of de la Huerta’s breasts “hanging out of her dress”- an amused Swetra yelled out “triple axel!”
The gibe sent de la Huerta into a rage and she threw a drink glass at Swetra’s leg and took a swing at the model’s face, the source says.
De la Huerta’s aim is apparently as good as her acting on “Boardwalk Empire.” According to our source, the actress’ fist connected squarely with Swetra’s lips and nose.
The glass, which shattered, also did some damage. “Blood was dripping down [Swetra's] leg,” the source tells us. “Lindsay was pulling shards of glass off of it.”

You know how you can tell how drunk everyone was in this scenario? Lindsay Lohan was not only the voice of reason, but was allowed to perform basic medical procedures. I could be pissing-my-pants hammered and would still dive out of a window if she came at me with a Band-Aid.

LINDSAY: Aw, you’ve got a boo-boo. Let me help.
ME: I’m too young to die! — By you. *jumps into traffic*

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  1. Lohan out late in a club and around booze…? *sigh*

  2. Richard McBeef

    Who let Juliette Lewis’s retarded sister get into grandma’s fur coat collection? And who the fuck left the methamphetamines out on the coffee table?

  3. Amy

    She is so vile.

      • Misana

        She looks like Jennifer Garner..anybody else think so?

      • Amy

        I didn’t say she was hideous. I said she was vile.


      • Amy

        I’ve Google image searched her nude without assistance, but thank you for your help. She’s not hideous. Her body is gorgeous (though her augmented breasts and lips kind of ruin Boardwalk Empire’s attention to period detail for me).

        I’ve read enough interviews with her to believe that she is vile. Here…I’ll help you out with the meaning of the word –

      • nada

        If you bother to lstien to his criticism of these people it has to do with their beliefs and ideology not their skin color. no racism here, but of course your definition and the evidence you provide is meant to skew peoples thinking. You continue to provided evidence of just how screwed up you and the progressive thinking people, which is totally crazy in my view. IF someone can’t debate ideas anymore just because one party in teh debate is a person of color then we’re all doomed. You contribute to the devisiveness of today with your attacks every bit as much as those you attack. If anything, your evidencd shows how people of color see the US and what they believe to be the correct course of action and trust me, having had discussions exactly like this with people of color not hard given where I work socialism and similar ideologies are exactly what minorities think is right. You may live in fantasy land, but those of us who have had to lstien and debate these ideas daily with average citizens both minority and not can probably speak to GB comments better. You are more uninformed than you think at least on this subject (I wont’ comment on others)! I can’t believe diversity training has actually paid off in some way you could probably use some yourself to get informed about the reality of how minorities actually see this country.

  4. The Critical Crassness

    I never thought I would type these words. Lindsay sounds like she was the “sober” one in the group. That in and of itself is the most amazing part of the story. She must really be trying hard to convince the court that she has changed! Too bad, it isn’t going to help her being sober and stealing….had she remained a “falling down” drunk, she could have pleaded for leniency based on the fact that she had no knowledge of the necklace.
    As for Paz, well just another drunk actress acting like they are important, not really any news there!

  5. Drew

    Obligatory “who?”

  6. Jon Hex

    How do we know Lindsay Lohan didn’t just lose her blow-cutting razor and decided broken glass is a good sub?

  7. Ewe. Ruth Buzzi had a daughter and here she is. All that’s missing is the pantyhose hairnet and the brown purse to whack people with.

  8. LJ

    Three days to go before her court appearance, and Lindsay is hanging out in clubs at three in the morning.

    Guess she’d getting ready for her 19 days in jail.

  9. jack-eyyy

    Does she have eyebrows? Or did they run away to escape the day when her ears inevitably swallow her whole head?

  10. JC

    She’s the weakest part of Boardwalk Empire. I don’t know if it’s her character, a complete inability to act, or both, but she just drags the rest of the cast down. She is naked a lot, though. Which is also a mixed blessing, given her unfortunate face. (Good body, though.)

    • Deacon Jones

      I agree.

      There’s just something about how seductive/slutty she acts on that show though. It’s…it’s….boner-riffic.

      • The Critical Crassness

        I can’t imagine her seducing anything or anyone, not even a 90+ year old Japanese WWII, soldier who has been hiding in caves on Midway since the war.

      • Thante

        I really REALLY wanna c it again but i just wish they woulf reepon the show in San Francisco!! New York lets it run 4ever but u cant find a show anywhere in California! Cnt wait 2 b able 2 do it with my high school or college or whenever it comes available 2 rent on MTI or sumtin I dnt care wat it takes! I will b in Wicked!! Mwahahaha!!!

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Agreed. She was distracting on BE – so hideous to look at her face – and can’t act any better than your average porn star. I took to just skipping past any scene with her mug after a while. She makes Steve Buscemi look handsome!

  11. dpbefun

    A good anal blasting would solve her anger issues…or not, either way, she needs anal.

    • well looking at that face. that would probably be the only position i would be able to do save doggie style.

      • The Critical Crassness

        That’s why they make industrial strength trash bags! Put two over her head and bang away!

    • Marezah

      The red carpet is full of these pctfeerly coiffed mannequin types and this woman shows up with visible dark circles, grey lipstick and a dirty rat’s nest of hair. I have to hand it to her she really does not give a fuck.

  12. ” Lindsay Lohan was not only the voice of reason”
    that must’ve some wild party.

  13. porkpaste

    Such a “method” actress she stays in character all year?
    What dedication to craft!

  14. Deacon Jones

    What she NEEDS to do, is develop a cocaine habit.

    She won’t be falling into tables then. She’ll be throwing them.

    • Her and her friends are all about the brown down town and I’m not talking about people here.

      Kinda sad, she does indeed have a certain magnetic quality but if she keeps this shit up she’ll never get a chance to mature artistically.

  15. misterfister

    She looks like Jennifer Garner with Downs Syndrome.

  16. Paz De La Huerta? This is a classic case of an ugly girl with a hot-girl-name…Bait and switch Hollywood BS.

  17. Ed

    Since Lindsay was just sitting there, Paz decided to try and jump start the party herself.

  18. alex


  19. Good God! Did the cops beat all of the makeup off of her or something? Because that had to violate the civil rights of everyone who saw her face afterwards.

  20. Paz De La Huerta
    Commented on this photo:

    Is this the one where Fievel floats to America in a bottle, or is this the one where he goes West with the rest of his Russian mouse family. #IMDBassisted

  21. minx

    What a face. Striking.

  22. XYZ

    Proof that at Hollywood there is a place for everyone.

  23. Tim

    Paz is really unusual in the sense that I’ve never seen a person who can range from a 1 all the way to a 9 depending on the photo and the situation. Just Google her and see.

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