Paz De La Huerta Got Arrested

I didn’t know Jennifer Garner had a twin…

Boardwalk Empire star Paz De La Huerta has a reputation for being a hilarious, fall-down drunk so it was only a matter of time before she was arrested for assaulting models while one of her tits were hanging out. Which is exactly what happened last night when police picked her up after said model, Samantha Swetra of MTV’s The City, pressed charges. NY Daily News reports:

One insider says de la Huerta, who plays Nucky Thompson’s hot-tempered girlfriend Lucy Danziger in the HBO series, approached Swetra’s table “after 3 a.m.” where she was with a group of friends that included Lindsay Lohan (who was staying at the hotel that night).
Swetra and de la Huerta had not met before Sunday, a second source tells us, but that didn’t stop the NYC-born actress from flirting with one of Swetra’s male pals.
That’s when, our first source adds, de la Huerta suddenly lost her footing and went crashing into an adjacent table.
After taking in the unexpected pratfall – which, our source adds, resulted in one of de la Huerta’s breasts “hanging out of her dress”- an amused Swetra yelled out “triple axel!”
The gibe sent de la Huerta into a rage and she threw a drink glass at Swetra’s leg and took a swing at the model’s face, the source says.
De la Huerta’s aim is apparently as good as her acting on “Boardwalk Empire.” According to our source, the actress’ fist connected squarely with Swetra’s lips and nose.
The glass, which shattered, also did some damage. “Blood was dripping down [Swetra’s] leg,” the source tells us. “Lindsay was pulling shards of glass off of it.”

You know how you can tell how drunk everyone was in this scenario? Lindsay Lohan was not only the voice of reason, but was allowed to perform basic medical procedures. I could be pissing-my-pants hammered and would still dive out of a window if she came at me with a Band-Aid.

LINDSAY: Aw, you’ve got a boo-boo. Let me help.
ME: I’m too young to die! — By you. *jumps into traffic*

Photos: Splash News