Pax Thien Jolie becomes a Pitt

May 31st, 2007 // 88 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s newest adopted child, 3-year-old Pax Thien Jolie, was officially renamed Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt today in a Los Angeles County Superior Court. Keep in mind this kid’s original name was Pham Quang Sang. So, yeah, it makes sense that now his name is Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt. It’s practically the same word. Only completely different and not the same at all.


  1. DecorativePoncho

    @ 49 I would’ve made an outcry if I’d known Meg Ryan changed her kid’s name or had even thought of Meg Ryan in the past 14 years. And besides, Meg Ryan isn’t a compulsive orphan-adopting media vortex with a savior complex a la Joliosis. And by the way, the fact that adoptee children his age often have their names changed doesn’t make it normal and healthy! a lot of things that happen regularly are still crappy.

    Unless his original name means DogBalls she shouldn’t change it, it’s pompous. Give him a nickname if you must, but damn.

  2. iamsosmrt


  3. Hollywood Agent

    Everyone in Hollywood uses different names, just like bill collectors do.

    She should change her own name to “the old woman in the shoe” …..

  4. bond

    i really wish my shoulder bones showed like that. i mean, that’s just sexy.

  5. Can anyone see that they will probably not be together in 5 years? Or is it just me? She has MAN issues. Having 4 kids in like 2 years puts a lot of strain on a relationship.

  6. iamsosmrt

    #55. No doubt.

    Also I have found that men don’t usually handle the long haul well when they go from one major relationship to another. These two tards did not build their relationship on any kind of solid foundation and I am a firm believer that ideally a couple needs alone time before the kiddie stage.

    This woman has many MANY issues. I like the lean look but her shoulders are revolitng, she’s completely destroying her body. I think her withering frame is a reflection or her withering sanity and inner turmoil.

  7. InCyn

    Instead of constantly adopting from another country, all these big shots or anyone who can, ADOPT A CHILDOR CHILDREN FROM THE US! There are thousands of kids looking for & needing good, loving homes!!

  8. DD

    There is nothing wrong with her shoulders. Some peoples shoulder bones show more than others, whether they are skinny or not, others shoulder bones don’t show even though they are super skinny. It’s a body type. It’s funny how people pick on every little thing even though some things are normal and can’t be helped.

  9. InCyn

    Instead of constantly adopting from another country, all these big shots or anyone who can, ADOPT A CHILDOR CHILDREN FROM THE US! There are thousands of kids looking for & needing good, loving homes!!

  10. DD

    She can adopt where she chooses to adopt. We all have choices. She prefers to adopt internationally, it’s her choice, her interest, her cause, her life. The need exists everywhere and the US doesn’t have to come first, just because you think it should.

  11. Jane Doe

    #55 I don’t know, they’ll eventually let go but Brad does not seem like the type to run easily. Granted he has gotten a lot of slack for the Jen thing but they were together for a LONG time for a) Hollywood and b) having completely different aspirations so to speak as far as marriage/family not to mention career status. Plus now there’s kids involved so I don’t know if Angelina would be as quick to jet either. Six years maybe? It’s hard to tell.

  12. InCyn

    To DD: I have no specific preference, as my family comes from Italy & the other half is American Indian. The comments were also not specific to her, I could care less there. It still remains that there are far too many children in this supposed rich country, that live & grow up in foster homes or on the streets. More times than not, these kids end up in the Juvenile system then straight to the Adult system. I know, I work for the Juvenile system.
    What I am saying is that All Children Matter. It just seems as if the children in US do not matter, because most people don’t have to see it..

  13. DD

    To InCyn:
    I don’t think anyone here thinks that children of the US don’t matter. And a lot of big shot celebrites do adopt from the US. I think Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise happen to be one couple that adopted from the US. Sorry if I missed your point, it just seemed like you were belittling those that choose to adopt internationally instead.

  14. iamsosmrt

    she has lost a lot of weight, that is undeniable. Her shoulders did not used to be so bony. She is no longer in a healthy weight range and I am a major advocate of being as lean and toned as possible but boney and thin is gross and unhealthy.

    Celebrity question of the month (heck year or even decade)How can someone take care of their (four) children when they can’t even take care of themselves?
    Here are some pics from her less boney days.,%20Angelina,%20Angelina,%20Angelina

    There are many more pics for evidence but I tire of proving our point(many noticed the emaciation).

  15. the reason thiz beautiful
    couple haz decided to go
    crazi with all theze kidz
    so fast: they think the
    world iz almost over and with
    all that money, they want a
    big family..and they don’t need
    to get married to make thingz
    any better…people respect
    each other more, when they’re
    not married…

    if I waz either one of them, I
    would do the same thing…I am
    watching Troy right now, God ..
    he is so fine with that hair…
    Angelina..if I were U, I’d make
    him wear that hair during sex..

  16. GG1000

    Sorrreee, but not normal to have your bones sticking out like that. Remember when she used to have that bodacious bod in Tomb Raider days? Now every time I see a picture of her, she’s got THAT LOOK, like some kind of fish on Xanax, and her elbow joints are the widest part of her arms. I agree a woman can’t be too rich, but she’s living proof that too thin is possible. Gross.

  17. macncheez

    I feel sorry for her white kid – Shiloh. Angelina makes it sound like Shiloh is a mutant spawn.

  18. iamsosmrt

    Since she is so into renaming her prisoners, I mean children, I suggest she be fair and rename her ‘special’ child so he won’t get jealous of the other kids and start acting out.

    Might I suggest some possibilities for Brad new slave name?

    Spinlessmanny Pussyboy
    Dicklessdouchebag Manservantwhore
    Castratedhebitch Acnescarface
    Mr. Angelina Jolie

  19. kk

    You people are morons and no NOTHING about adoptions & the adoption community. The garbage that comes out of your mouths is so uneducated about what an orphans life is like and the families that adopt them. So with that, I say the most assine thing I have ever said. FUCK YOU and YOUR RACIST ATTITUDE!

  20. Darth Hater

    Angie: please eat a couple cheeseburgers. thanks.

  21. chewgees

    Did she adopt Mr. Peepers?

  22. CheChe

    I think adoption is a wonderful thing. What isn’t so wonderful is the fact that she seems to adopt only physically appealing children. Are there no physically challenged children in the 3rd world in need of a family? I guess their government provides a loving family for them, huh? Let’s not muddy up the beautiful Jolie-Pitt line-up , right? This couple makes me sick!!!

  23. titsonsnack

    Ok, so, the kid’s name is: Fakename, Fakename, AdoptiveMom’sFakeLastName, SomeDudeWhoIsn’tEvenMarriedToAdoptiveMom’sLastName.

    The only “real” name in there is Pitt. And they’re not even fucking married, so, what the fuck.

  24. may shez sick!
    anyone who hatez these 2
    are just jealouz….

    hollywood is full of bullshit
    people who do nothing to help leazt they freakin
    care about something..

    all spreaz carez about iz which
    ugly swimming suit shez gonna
    where with thoze ratty extensionz./

  25. Cait

    Celebrities don’t adopt American kids because American kids are so “privileged”. Even the American kids in foster homes and on the streets are privileged, okay? They don’t deserve to be adopted…celebrities are actually helping the world when they adopt a kid from another country.

  26. whatever

    FYI, most Asians go by their second name, therefore Thien is still his name.

    And did anyone even bother to look up the meaning of Pax?

    (n.) Friendship, or a friend; — esp. in the phrases to make pax with, to make friends with, to be good pax, to be good friends; also, truce; — used esp. interjectionally.

    Did she not say she was thought Maddox needed someone in the family he could relate to?

  27. jmp13

    jolie-pitt sounds like something that can be traded in the stock market.

    i’m changing my name to that. sounds professional.

  28. frenchie

    The root motivator for all her “good deeds” are to pacify the burning guilt she carries around… the utter gluttony and excess of her privelaged lifestyle. She ain’t no Mother Theresa because the true test of character should not be meaured by charity done by the privelaged but by those that aren’t privelaged. Yes she is helping these poor kids but lets not forget that 100% of it stems from a self serving slant. It is very easy and convenient to do what she does when she has the means. She should not be recognize and praised to this extent.

    She should adopt an American child but she won’t because it won’t “feel” as good to he. It’s all about “her”.

  29. iamsosmart

    #78. EXACTLY!!!!!!

    The greatest form of charity is not measured by what you give but how you live. In a world where SO MANY people have nothing she lives a lifestyle of mansions and private planes. There is only so much to go around yet she lives an extravagant lifestyle and then purports to be the savior of the impoverished. She is a complete HYPOCRITE. Her behavior shows that she clearly carries around a lot of guilt and rightfully so, her life has been far from admirable. She only embarked on this whole façade which serves her more than anyone when she did a movie in Cambodia and finally open her eyes and her little pea brain to all the suffering in the world … oh how enlightened. PLEASE! I have seen many do much more with much less and on top of it they NEVER brag about it! She loves to talk about all her “good deeds” but I have yet to hear a humble word come out of her mouth.

  30. Proof that Angelina Jolie really just doesn’t have those kids best interests at heart. She’s the quintessential narcissist. The only thing that makes me sick more than her are the morons who idolise the skinny biatch. If you too are sick of hearing about what a hero she is check out and hear people telling it like it is!

  31. 79 & 80==go fuck yourselvez
    U azzholez: what have U done
    to help anyone, NOTHING, U R
    uselezz people, who run their
    mouthz, but do nothing to help
    otherz..who givez a fuck if she
    adoptz someone from U.S…at least
    shez taking care of someone elzez
    Fuck, Brittney can’t even take care
    of her own…

  32. iamsosmrt

    #81. I was raised by a single mother who works in developing countries helping build schools for children. I spent years of my life in Africa with my mother helping others. I followed in my mothers footsteps and am dedicated to many causes. Do you sponsor a child in a developing country? I do. Do you live simply so that you can give as much as possible? I do. My husband and I live in a modest 700 square foot apartment and live simply because in a world where so many have nothing we want to give as much as we can and not be greedy. I practice what I preach and live my life respectfully. My husband and I despise Angelina and Brad’s HYPOCRACY. Just in case you are wondering my hubby is a gorgeous, toned 6’2″ athlete. My measurements are
    34C-23-34 and I am told that I look like Catherine Zeta Jones only younger and slimmer. We are NOT jealous of anyone because we are actually really happy being who we are.

    As someone who grew up in a family dedicated to international development and foreign aid and have continued down that path myself I happen to know what I am talking about. Clearly you do not.

  33. iamsosmrt

    *having continued down that path

  34. I just can’t stand her. She is so in love with herself. :O=======

  35. Adriana Lima is just perfect

    I LOVE her

  36. pissOffandDie

    What’s up with all the gook references..what is this the 70s? Get over it already, it old. It’s been old. The kid tastes like fried rice? Humor or not, that type of humor has no taste not even for vapid, waste of time blogs like this blog. If you are going to comment and highlight anything negative, you can be subjective, it’s your right, but language like gook and derogatory anti-Asian vernacular need not find a home even on the web here, you may find a good laugh out of it, but honestly what does it say about you.

  37. unknown

    yuck! Angelina Jolie is ugly! She has a huge head with a big mouth and she sorta has a crooked nose!

  38. Brad Pitt Zombie

    I used to think Jolie was crazy but Brad Pitt must be totally insane! What does he see in this woman? Does she have him under some sort of a spell? Billy Bob Thorton was not that impressed with her. He realized what a sicko she is. She is collecting children from third world countries when she has a child of her own. If she wants to help out poor children, there are plenty in her own country, USA!!! What is WRONG with that woman?? What is WRONG with Brad Pitt?! It’s all so extreme and ridiculous. I feel sorry for Shiloh. I would NOT want that woman to by my mother. Obviously Shiloh is not enough for her. Shiloh even though wealthy will grow up feeling like she was robbed of love.

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