Pax Thien Jolie becomes a Pitt

May 31st, 2007 // 88 Comments

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s newest adopted child, 3-year-old Pax Thien Jolie, was officially renamed Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt today in a Los Angeles County Superior Court. Keep in mind this kid’s original name was Pham Quang Sang. So, yeah, it makes sense that now his name is Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt. It’s practically the same word. Only completely different and not the same at all.


  1. sylver

    poor kid.

  2. crewmancross


  3. DancingQueen

    He better start saving up for his future therapy sessions now.

  4. Jaydogg

    that’s what i wanted to name my first baby.

  5. getyourhandoutofmycat

    They shouldv’e just called him Charlie…

  6. They should have called him Trott Felipe Jr.

  7. wedgeone

    Ironically in this picture it’s his adoptive mom who looks like a starving refugee. Nice bones, Skeletor.

  8. It’s almost worth aging 30 years so that we can skip right to these kid’s tell-all books.

  9. Victor

    Fuck……they should let him come live with, maybe that tramp Angelina with give me a nice blow job with nice DSLs. Nevermind what I am typing, talking out of my ass.

  10. I’m changing my last name to Douchebag, would that make news? Jesus, it’s amazing what people care about. Like tits, I really care about tits.

  11. He’ll be doing Lindsay in a few years LOL

  12. Babies are so much less interesting than coked out psuedo-actresses.

  13. Manda Pants

    My god can you please post about why her shoulders look like that? Is she somehow a disabled veteran? Or maybe the product of an evil science experiment?? Please explain!

  14. Miss Paws

    Okay this is completely irrelevant to to this post, but why is it that when I read the gossip site “What Would Tyler Durdin Do?” the things written there sound almost EXACTLY THE SAME as what is written here?
    Are the two sites written by the same guy?
    Not implying anything, I am just curious!!!

  15. titsonsnack

    It makes absolutely no sense why they changed his name.
    I could understand maybe changing his name to an American name, since he’d be living in America, with American parents, in an American family – and even THEN it would be lame.
    But changing his name to Pax Thien? What is the point?
    Is “Pax” a name, even? Are people named “Pax”? Sounds like somebody’s been taking too much PAX-il. Get it? I said Paxil, like Pax, like the kid, only instead of the kid’s name it’s the drug. Get it??

  16. DancingQueen

    My question is why do these vapid people even care that he has both their names??? They don’t even care enough to bother to get married in the first place. Isn’t that going to be what they’ll be explaining to their frickin spawn in the future? WTF?

  17. wedgeone

    #6 – Charlie … LMAO!
    #8 NICE TROLLING, ASSHOLE! Why would you NOT want to post that under your own name? Fuck, that’s actually funny! Get yourself some credit for being funny, dickweed!

  18. And Jessica Alba still hates the poopierazzi.

  19. sweetnsnooty


  20. That kid looks like it ought to be named Chang, Ching, or some kind of -ing, -ang. Thats a yeller baby you got there angie!

  21. I wished they’d grind that baby up and make some soylent green. I wonder if this kid would taste like fried rice?

  22. If I was Virgina Tech, I’d watch out for this kid, he looks a lot like Seung-Hui Cho.

  23. tinkerbelle

    Dr. Drew said all she’s done is transfer one addiction for another. The addiction to ugly men and women was less harmful to orphans overall. think, girl, think!

  24. Miserable Bastard

    I love the smell of Count Chocula in the morning.

  25. Josh Lavarn

    These same hollywood nut-jobs give their pets normal names like Cliff, Jerry or Peter, but then give their children demented names like Apple, Caspar, Rumer, Scout, Dweezil…

  26. Cracka

    GOOKS IN THE WIRE!!!!!!!!!!


  27. kenzier

    I still don’t understand this fucking “Jolie-Pitt” business. Isn’t her legal last name Voight?

  28. C. Peters

    Are those growths on her sholder? Deformities? What?

  29. C. Peters

    Are those growths on her sholder? Deformities? What?

  30. HoboChic

    #15: Isn’t Tyler Durdin Ed Norton’s alter-ego in Fight Club? Alter egos are by definition the same guy as the ego guy…but I don’t know that site at all, so what the fuck do I know..

  31. captain obvious

    WTF, thats crappy; talk abt confusing a poor kid. He’s too old to have an entirely new name. Anyways, what are they going to do when Brad & Angelina split? Will he still be a Jolie-Pitt? That will be one weird situation, once Brad has moved on and married someone else, and Angelina’s shacking up with some lesbian. I wonder if Brad will still be in all these poor kids lives. He’s got to be wondering what he got himself into by now, now that the lust has worn off.

  32. 3 years old and already on his third name?

  33. Kamiki

    Its fucked up to change the kids first name when he’s already 3, why would she do that. Sheesh way to fuck up a kid whos had enough shitty stuff happen to him already. Poor rich little bastard.

  34. ER

    Superfish dude you crack me up – the last line of that post was hilarious!

  35. HoboChic

    Ok. I admit it. I just got the whole Charlie thing. Witty. Shout out to #6.

  36. caljenna66

    Nice save, Ms. Jolie. You were out of the media spotlight for a whopping 30 seconds, until you thought of a way to get back in. Well done, you.

  37. bluecrush

    I’m sorry, but you don’t “re-name” a kid that is 3 yrs old that you adopt. I feel bad for whatever his real name is.. like he’s not already confused about why this crazy woman has 3 other kids that don’t really look like him.. why change his name? That’s so wrong!!

  38. Jane Doe

    They really fucked up with this one. I could understand the other names a little more, but this one? WTF. And the last name thing is so European.

  39. nosoupforcheryl

    You can and people usually do rename the kids they adopt. When my parents adopted my sister (she’s 13), they changed her name to Anna. Usually when children are in orphanages, their name usually includes some part of the orphanage’s name and they often want to rid themselves of that stigma. Additionally, obtaining an “American” name (or a different name—I’m not saying Pax is that great of an example) allows them to feel like they fit in a little better. Anna answers to and likes her American name, and she’s been in the states for barely a week. Although it sounds cruel or unnecessary to change one’s adopted child’s name–it’s actually something the child wants/would want if they were old enough to make that decision.

  40. DecorativePoncho

    I dunno #40. It’s nice to have that perspective but changing his name still seems harsh and creepy. I doubt he’ll fit in any better with Pax than he will with his given name, so I doubt that’s Scungelina’s motive.

  41. What's in a name

    I agree, renaming him is wrong. But if they’re going to do it, they should be systematic – “#7 Lunch Special”, “Appetizer Assortment”, stuff like that. Always with WHITE rice, dammit (Angie & Brad).

  42. #40, you are a fucktard
    Pham Quang Sang means “Prince of the High Order” in his native tongue.
    PItt/Jolie didn’t want to feel inferior, so they changed the name to Pax Thien which means “Shit Eater”. I hope this little gook never has to go back home, he’ll be pissed.

  43. wedgeone

    I’m gay!

  44. Dancingqueen= Angelina is too smart to get married… marriagez R a joke…

    I wish her waz my mother, shez az good az it getz, jealouz people!!!

  45. whackjob

    He’ll adopt a SoCal accent and win America’s Funniest Comic, that after he gets his mom to buy him a shirt

  46. imran karim

    why was he just jolie’s at first?

    imran karim

  47. Sherry

    Pax is a very lucky little boy. Out of all the kids, he was “chosen”. Those who relish in saying mean things; must be extremely jealous.
    Good luck to the Jolie-Pitt Family. You are a terrific family role model

  48. ligaya

    I read in a couple of magazines – including one specifically for adoption experts – that adoptee children Pax’s age often have their names changed (parents who aren’t celebrities, who are same race and nationality, etc.) In other words, Angelina & Brad are doing something completely normal and healthy.

    I don’t remember this kind of outcry when Meg Ryan changed her adoptee daughter’s name to Daisy. And aren’t parents by law and practice the ones who decide how they will raise their kids, as long as they don’t abuse them? Their neighbors and others don’t tell them how. Kids aren’t raised by committe. Should I tell you how I want your kids brought up?

    Anyway, teens and adults often change their names (or the spelling of their names).

  49. Miranda

    And people say Jennifer A. has a big chin. She just looks SO unhealthy in this pic.

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