Pauly Shore somehow finds a mate

November 9th, 2007 // 69 Comments

Pauly Shore and his girlfriend are on vacation this week in Hawaii. I’m impressed that, in sheer defiance of his gut, Pauly Shore managed to snag a respectable looking woman. (At least in the boob region. I don’t do faces.) That being said, you’ve got to respect a man who wears a bathing suit like that. Pauly Shore’s not afraid to show people that the chick he’s with will do anything for money. Despite the fact she just threw up on a jellyfish. And is now swimming frantically out to sea. Jesus, look at her go. Something’s got her spooked. Oh, right, the bathing suit.

Photos: Splash News

  1. bosendorfer

    heinous, just heinous.

    she APPEARS to be attractive. that guy’s done nothing with himself ever. his parents run a well-established comedy venue on sunset strip and he just leeched off of them and their collective smarminess until some base-level television exec offered him a deal. then they marketed him to pre-teens and he made money. now he’s back to being a midget schlub hanger-on.

    the girl’s a WHORE out and out.

  2. lulu

    whaaaa?? I definitely just watched video on TMZ with Pauly holding the hand of some dude walking down the street and he was super homo. wtf is this?

  3. B

    What camera is that? i want it!!

  4. Please, try to pretend being a smart girl and give or throw those bikinis away. Your bikini-time is definitely over!! A NEW START WITH BATHING-SUITS!!

  5. iburl

    Even the thumbnails of the weezil in his speedos have cost me 4 years off of my life. Curses!

  6. scooby

    more pictures of her, less of him. shit.

  7. scabbby wabby

    Check pic 3; that chick has a dick.

  8. Ward

    Those fake boobs detract from looks. They look goofy.

  9. tarynlover

    taryn is soooo fucking gorgeous.I love her.She was also the hottest diva in the wwe diva search.Not that fucking mexican whore eve!

  10. K

    He may need to lose 15 lbs but look at the other shots, his stomach is not bad there and he is not THAT bad, good lord, dude is 40 now!

  11. asdf

    yeh seriously post a hot guy once in a while. not one that leaves people permanently blind.

  12. bessie

    nice couple ! It’s said they met first at a celebrity and millionaire dating site named Not sure if true.

  13. secybitch

    For those of us who thought he was gay there’s only one term to describe this photo-op: damage control.

  14. GiveMeABreak

    Taryn is an awesome person and they are just friends. Give me a break people. They didn’t ask to be photographed. She doesn’t need his money so Mr. “she’d sleep with him on a bed of thousands” she’s not like that. But I realize it is easier for you to think that, probably makes the fact that you’re not getting laid easier to handle.

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  16. justtheobvious

    wow, if that total fag could get a hot piece of ass like that, I HAVE A CHANCE!

  17. IWONKY

    #35 Are you suggesting that little pecker Pauly has a giant cock?

  18. checkmeout

    sick! this is the most alarming post I’ve ever seen on your site…

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