Pauly D will romance you

April 30th, 2010 // 170 Comments

Here’s Jersey Shore’s Pauly D picking up some chicks in Miami yesterday and despite the fact MTV continues to embolden the robots by proving Americans will spend 60 minutes staring at anything bright and shiny, you really can’t fault these kids for being on the show. They’re getting paid to drunkenly bang people who want to bang them for getting paid to drunkenly bang people. I mean, sure, you can literally see the VD in each photo, but there’s an old saying: You can’t make an omelet without needing special shampoo or they keep coming back. (Never let me cook breakfast.)

Photos: INFdaily

  1. hmm


  2. Edamame

    Now I feel dirt.

  3. Vake


  4. fritboom


  5. It's Me Fuckers

    America shines with another award winning show that shows the life we live. To think these douches get paid for doing this. Only in America can you contribute NOTHING to humanity or society and become rich for doing it. Be proud.

  6. Edamame


  7. havoc

    That chick needs to take one step closer to that bar of soap.



  8. Heather

    Why are those chicks wearing their little sister’s swim suits?

  9. Pernacchia

    Jeezus, what creeps!

  10. Stating the Obvious

    Look Everyone!

    It’s the male version of Ashley Dupree!

  11. havoc

    Look at the mouth on that one chick. She could eat corn on the cob through a picket fence.


  12. Drundel

    I’m sure her parents are proud.

  13. Gweb

    That is one fucking butt-ugly slag.

  14. Savalas

    Pauly Shore’s not dead? Good for him!

  15. Bow-Wow

    Did he get a job in Miami as a dog catcher?

  16. OTP

    Pauly D is a closet homosexual.

    These “girls” the Jersey Shore fags are “picking up” are actually hookers paid for by MTV. Check it out, it’s totally true.

  17. bar room hero

    Pauly D(ouchebag)

    MTV is garbage.

  18. bar room hero

    Pauly D(ouchebag)

    MTV is garbage.

  19. Tek

    You know you failed when your gut is bigger than your tits. Hell, even the closet fag is bragging about having bigger tits than these chicks. In all, ladies and gentlemen… meet america’s white trash.

  20. RoboZombie

    Who are these sluts?And why don’t they ever seek ME out??

  21. bar room hero

    …and what is up with the shitty tattoos on girls sides??? That is totally white-trash.

    Everything is pretty shitty now, reality tv, rap “music” (shit), etc…

  22. Fruit Loop

    Wow, those chicks really like to wear those bikini bottoms LOW, I guess there’s no need to speculate about if they are clean shaven down there. Is this the trend now on beaches?

    The girls are cute, but it’s just kind of depressing when you think these could easily be any one of our wives down the road. It would be with dip-shits like Pauly that they will spend their sexual experimental years with….

  23. Sport

    Sure a lot of TRASHY imbeciles in the world. I cant wait for these greaseballs 15 minutes to end.

  24. Lila

    You know i will admit these guys are hot, (especially Vinnie,) but with them being so fussy about how they look and their bodies, you’d think they would be choosy with what they are seen with out in public and what they put their dicks into…at least it is not Vinnie…

  25. BiscuitBaker

    She looks like Audrina in pic. 10.



  27. rien

    The brunette is/was a dude. I’m on the fence about the blonde.

  28. JC

    Is that broad serious with her bikini bottoms? she needs to hide that ugly “ass” of hers… if you can even call it “ass”.

  29. WhatEverHelpsYouSleepAtNightBtch

    I hope that they both know that they look like freaking idiots. I bet their parents are PROUD.

  30. pimp

    he looks like he’s never seen a tit before…except his mom’s…

  31. sicasso

    The Skank Factor here is off the charts. I think this is the kind of alien life form living among us that Stephen Hawking is so worried about.

  32. sixpack

    Ed Hardy gear & mesh hats? You losers really are from New Jersey. 2007 is over.

  33. He never saw his mom’s shrunken up teat. You know he was bottle fed by the deprivation in his eyes.

  34. dude

    that there is a got-damn succubus

    It’s a white trash intercoursefest!

  35. GIRL

    I…. don’t even… know what to say….

    I mean…. if those are the kind of chicas who walk around Miami… I pretty much have no desire to go there, ever, after looking at these cunts.

    WHY DID THEY EVEN BOTHER PUTTING A SARONG ON. WHY DIDNT THEY JUST NOT EAR BOTTOMS AT ALL. FUCKING WHORES. The fucking dumb cunt with black hair looks PREGNANT from a side view because her gut is so large. Thank god I don’t watch MTV. THANK GOD.

  36. miss loopy

    um…. she has no ass, just crack…. it must be hard to sit.

  37. andy7171

    These girls just scream WHORE. Good lord. I like a nice sluttied up look every now and then, but this is hooker dirty.

  38. TUBBO

    The flies are never far from a steaming pile of shit.

  39. ew

    ew……those girls are nasty!!!!
    look @ their bellies :(

  40. skeet skeet

    Bill Hicks is a goddamn Nostradamus

  41. Sarah Grace

    Soooo trashy…

  42. dude

    Wow. These kids actually think they’re stars.

  43. lolli

    brown haired slore has a tail. you can gawk at it above her completely exposed whore ass in pic 11.

  44. Deacon Jones


    What’s funny is I bet those two chicks have lloked up every. fucking. site. today that has their pictures. And read every comment. And are probably hysterically crying right now. Nice call #35 with the fat..bunt, or whatever the fuck it is.

    Man, I’ve pulled hotter chicks in college with puke on my shirt.

  45. pat

    she looks like a busted Audrina.

  46. codiac

    Her mound is showing.

  47. codiac

    Her mound is showing.

  48. Toby

    Those drunken idiots would hit on anything with two legs.

  49. turd da third

    my god, he has the market cornered on ugly chicks. its nice to see he has high standards…(and probably an STD or two from these gutter-ho’s)

  50. Rasputins Liver


    Man, there’s tramps. And then there are TRAMPS.


    All of the “people” in those photos are tramps. But the skeeze in the red ‘kini top is a T-R-A-M-P.


    Bet her mom and dad are so very proud.


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