Pauly D Has A Love Child

October 22nd, 2013 // 15 Comments
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“Shit, is that a meteor? Did I do that?!”

I used to always joke that Jersey Shore was the more responsible show than Teen Mom because at least the spray-tanned guidos weren’t actively shitting kids into the gene pool. But then Snooki ruined all that, and now Pauly D has confirmed he knocked up a chick who birthed a daughter a few months ago, according to TMZ. Which would almost make Jersey Shore the worst thing to come out of MTV if Farrah Abraham wasn’t still out there. Remember her? Big nose? Did anal with that guy? Eh, it’s not important.

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  1. A daughter? I’m sure she’ll grow up to be a lovely and respectable….pffft. Sorry, I couldn’t even finish that one.

    • Just saying

      Unplanned kids come from stupid parents.

      When I’m with a chick there is no way I can come inside her since that could, let’s think here, CHANGE THE REST OF MY LIFE over a mere internal cream pie. Even if I wanted the back of my mind wouldn’t let it happen.

      In my experience, all the stupidest trailer park or ghetto guy friends I’ve known come easy. Because they are to damned stupid.

      All women have mouths and faces. Splash it on there and they love it when you do.

      Seriously, I could never understand how people would be so stupid/retarded/dumb as a bag of bolts about coming into chicks who are not on the pill. Congradulations, you’re dumb ass is now changed for the rest of your life.

  2. “Love Child”? What, was “Too Drunk To Know Who I Was Fucking and Forgot To Pull Out Child” already taken?

  3. Kid’s name: I’mfuckedbecausemydadisaturd DelVecchio

  4. bacon wrapped

    I first read the title as “Paula Deen”. Would have been more interesting.

  5. JoeBB

    I’m pretty sure that child is never going to be loved. Paid for lap dances? Sure. Masturbated to in pornos? No doubt. Ever really loved by her mother, father, or anyone else? Not so much.

  6. Been around the world and found
    That only stupid people are breeding
    The cretins cloning and feeding.

  7. Walter White

    He made a butt baby with the Shituation.

  8. “Dont cry for me, Orangeintina…”

  9. The Rock? Really?

    Dude really needs to go cold turkey on the tqnning bed. He looks like he’s in his forties.

  10. got more pics and info about Pauly D’s baby mama Amanda right here, she sure is one hot mess

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