Paula Abdul’s stalker – was a stalker

Recently, a narrative has started that Paula Goodspeed, the woman found dead outside Paula Abdul’s home from an apparent overdose/suicide, was not a stalker and Paula Abdul killed her. Goodspeed’s friends and family have come to her defense despite overwhelming evidence including her real name is actually Sandra, and she’s OD’d before outside Paula Abdul’s house. Also, People reports Ms. Goodspeed dropped some crazy on the American Idol judge’s doorstep just last week:

Last week, Paula Abdul got flowers with a note signed, “Love, J.T.” and the message, “Hope you’re doing great. Here’s my new cell number.”
Thinking they had come from her restaurateur boyfriend J.T. Torregiani, Abdul called him asking why he had changed his number, a source close to Abdul tells PEOPLE. When he said he hadn’t, Abdul knew immediately who really sent them: ex-American Idol contestant Paula Goodspeed, according to the source.
“The flower thing was really scary – Paula [Abdul] really couldn’t handle that. She was terrified,” says the source.

But still, friends of Paula Goodspeed insist she’s innocent and wasn’t obsessed with Paula Abdul, according to NY Daily News:

But a good friend has rushed to the defense of 30-year-old Paula Goodspeed, telling the Daily News that the aspiring singer wasn’t a suicidal, “looney freakazoid” still obsessing over the mocking she received at her September 2005 “American Idol” audition.
Instead, Goodspeed was upbeat and planning for the future when she last communicated with pal Brianna Schlanger less than 24 hours before cops recovered her body Tuesday.
“She sent me a text at 10:22 the night before about meeting for a latte and movie. She ended the message with a happy face,” said Schlanger, a model from Reseda, Calif. “She seemed fine. Something must have happened after that. It needs to be further investigated.”

Okay, like most red-blooded Americans I believe in my heart of hearts that Paula Abdul eats small children while downing gin – and might possibly be the Devil. That said, Paula Goodspeed was undoubtedly a “looney freakazoid” stalker. And, if the mountain of evidence isn’t enough, she ended her text message with a smiley face. Case closed :D

NOTE: Here’s a screen grab from Goodspeed’s MySpace page that displays a Paula Abdul photo with the caption “My secret crush…. Shhhhhhhh!” You know what keeps a good secret? Not OD’ing outside your crush’s house. Crazy, I know. But it just might work.

Photos: Splash News