UPDATE: Paula Abdul’s stalker found dead

A woman was found dead outside Paula Abdul’s home last night and police believe she is a stalker who they’ve dealt with “numerous times before.” The woman’s body was discovered in her car and a drug overdose is the likely cause of death. TMZ reports:

An LAPD spokesperson said the parents of the victim believe their daughter was a “big fan” of Paula’s. Whether this has anything to do with the victim’s death is unclear, but it seems more than a coincidence her body was found just yards from Paula’s home.

There’s no evidence of foul play. The victim has not yet been ID’d. We’re told Paula was not home and possibly shooting for “American Idol.”

Stalkers today have no heart. There used to be a time when you left your drug habit at home next to the giant bag of toenail clippings. Otherwise, well, this happens which is just embarrassing. I mean, at least drown yourself in the celeb’s pool wearing a wedding dress or something. Show some initiative for crying out loud.

UPDATE: TMZ has identified the woman as Paula Goodspeed who auditioned for American Idol in 2005 and apparently snapped from being rejected.

Photos: WENN