Paula Abdul’s boyfriend has terrible taste

International_Paula.jpgApparently, people care who Paula Abdul is dating. Wait, I’m not finished! She’s now dating Dante Spencer, a 6’2″ model whose most notable work has been for International Male.

Oh my God, I had no idea Paula Abdul was a gay man, or that she was dating a giant Liberace impersonator. Although I suppose she could have done a lot worse as far as International Male models go. She could be dating some dude in a three-piece mesh suit and a bright pink capelet. Or Ryan Seacrest. Have you seen that guy? It’s like Bad Taste threw up all over him. And I should know. Bad Taste and I used to go out, and let me tell you, she could not hold her liquor.

Thanks to Gina for the modeling link and yet another reason for us all to wake up screaming at night.

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