Paula Abdul wants a shitload of money

When word of Paula Abdul not returning to American Idol his this weekend, it was only a matter of time until some astronomical salary figure popped up. And apparently that number is $20 mil, according to RadarOnline:

Her manager David Sonenberg is playing tough, and probably made a few network execs squirm this weekend when he told the Los Angeles Times, “Very sadly, it does not appear she’s going to be back on Idol.”
The story behind Sonenberg’s comments, has learned from sources close to the situation, is that the former Laker Girl and hit recording star is demanding $20 million and the other side has floated the idea of $10 million. And while Paula has regularly renegotiated her contract with dire threats of not returning, Sonenberg is talking tough and hasn’t given anyone on the network side reason to believe he’s bluffing.

Wow. Paula Abdul’s new manager is an idiot. FOX is already replacing the voice cast of Futurama, so do you honestly think they’ll lose sleep over not having a drunken Paula on next season’s Idol? If he didn’t have a contract, they’d probably replace Simon Cowell with a sarcastic sack of potatoes. You don’t have to pay potatoes residuals. That’s science.

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