Paula Abdul wants a shitload of money

July 20th, 2009 // 40 Comments

When word of Paula Abdul not returning to American Idol his this weekend, it was only a matter of time until some astronomical salary figure popped up. And apparently that number is $20 mil, according to RadarOnline:

Her manager David Sonenberg is playing tough, and probably made a few network execs squirm this weekend when he told the Los Angeles Times, “Very sadly, it does not appear she’s going to be back on Idol.”
The story behind Sonenberg’s comments, has learned from sources close to the situation, is that the former Laker Girl and hit recording star is demanding $20 million and the other side has floated the idea of $10 million. And while Paula has regularly renegotiated her contract with dire threats of not returning, Sonenberg is talking tough and hasn’t given anyone on the network side reason to believe he’s bluffing.

Wow. Paula Abdul’s new manager is an idiot. FOX is already replacing the voice cast of Futurama, so do you honestly think they’ll lose sleep over not having a drunken Paula on next season’s Idol? If he didn’t have a contract, they’d probably replace Simon Cowell with a sarcastic sack of potatoes. You don’t have to pay potatoes residuals. That’s science.

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  1. Que

    Que ripoff.

  2. The Jerk

    The fact that FOX is willing to shit out $15 million for seafag to do his hosting, why would they even need to pay anyone else on the show a better pay rate. She already makes about $2 million per season to sit there, drink coke and say completely idiotic banter. Reality music shows need to die off already like the batch of crabs I got this weeked in TJ.

  3. I dont like anyone losing their jobs, but Paula is so painful to watch and im not referring to when shes appear to be under the influence. Get her out of there for scientific reasons, shes too predictable…G-luck Paula!

  4. Hollard

    This bitch doesn’t deserve to be on TV. I guess a drugged out whore sitting there trying to form complete sentences on national television really helps ratings. Who the fuck even watches American Idol? If you watch it you should just slit wrists now, thank you.

  5. Max Planck

    Only Gentiles pay retail…Oy.

  6. Me

    i would still totally do her in the front pudding basin.

  7. Jenny

    Does anybody still give a shit if she returns to Idol? Drugged out bitch can barely string two coherent thoughts together.

    Dear Fox,

    See your opportunity for what it is. RUN! Change the locks on the doors, change your phone number, and if she harasses you, just throw random pills out into a busy road. Nobody would press charges.



  8. Equal Pay All the Way

    She’s a poop head, but she should get paid what the men make – it’s the law.

    Speaking of Men, why is it the Man in the Moon, and why have only men walked on the Moon… Why don’t they just put a giant sign on the Moon – “No Girls Allowed,” just like a giant tree house.

  9. seriously?

    they should cancel american idol altogether.

  10. amanda

    i agree w/9

  11. Nanotyrannus

    This guy doesn’t have any brains in his head. He’s fucking with the network that once was prepared to replace the voice talent for The Simpsons because they had the balls to ask for more money. If she can’t make the case that they NEED her, and I’m guessing she can’t, they’ll send her packing without thinking twice about it.

  12. Malberry

    is she wearing ski boots?

  13. Money and Crooks

    And so for doing really nothing actually this whore wants $20 Million? And to her slimeball agent this seems fair?

    How much do you make a year for working all year long. this is exactly what is wrong with this nation. All of our money has gone to the top. they live like kings.

    Free Bernie Madoff

  14. asdfasdf

    oh well, the producers probably make 200 million each.

    they should pay up.

  15. jesus

    phuc da beeotch!

  16. They should pay ME $20 million to watch the fucking show…

  17. lalalala

    u have a typo.

  18. Fernando Gasbag

    As a gay man, I would do her until Arafat and the Jews french kiss in the holey land

  19. Top Jimmy

    Obama (U & I) promised to pay her salary, you know, “spread the wealth: program. Problem solved!

  20. Pat C.

    For that matter, why is Ryan Seacrest worth $15 mil a year? Does he do or say anything interesting at all? (I’ve never watched an episode of American Idol – the commercials for the show are painful enough).

  21. sam

    Her dress is really pretty, but why is she wearing orthopaedic shoes? Better to walk in when you are stumbling drunk?

  22. She has a lot of issues and demands for someone that has nowehere else to go.

    How to Lower Sugar in Your Blood

  23. Rhialto

    She has a lot of dancing and singing experience,good luck to her.if i was her manager i would point my arrows on other tv programs as well.The world is bigger than only Fox.

  24. Darth

    I wouldn’t complain with what she’s getting now.But it’s outta context if a colleague is suddenly making 6 times more.You can expect complains after this.

  25. She knows that if she can get that kind of money she would actually be kind of hot. Then she wouldn’t have to dress like she is 20 but look like an old drunk wreck.

  26. Gando

    @23 Well said!

  27. RtSS

    She is crazy as a loon. These images make her look doable, I’d hit that; and hit that hard. I’d ride this crazy lady all the way to the psych ward. She’s got three soft warm holes that have signs “insert here” on them. Giddy-Up.

  28. well the poor skeez. she can probably only afford ONE jet now.

  29. Isn’t she part terrorist, I mean Persian?

  30. Marketta

    LILO is gonna get the job!

  31. Janie

    Yeah Paula is kinda nutty but her and Simon are the only reasons to watch. I can’t handle hearing Randy carry on “yo dog” and all that, he says the same thing every time. Kara needs to go. She is annoying and boring. FOX made their own bed, if they can fork over 15 mill a year to Seacrest, then Paula should get a healthy raise.

  32. qq

    Agree with 9, and they should spend their money on original cast for futurama

  33. Fati

    Who is this arab bitch anyway? Or she married to an arab? Bleh.

  34. I get stabby

    FOX is replacing the voice cast of Futurama? WTF? NO! Just one more reason on my list of insentives to kill Rupert Murdoch. I’m so angry right now.

  35. Tom K

    Out of all the acutal american idol winners I can only think of one that is having continued success and that’s miss piggy herself aka Kelly Clarkson. As far as anyone else it would Jennifer Hudson and she never won, so after 8 seasons they only managed two legit stars and the rest are hacks. This show is fucking worthless and as far as Paula wanting more money why the fuck not? They paid Ryan Fagcrest a shit load of money to look like a white chimp in a suit and he doesn’t do jack shit. So who gives a fuck? Pay the arab bitch her cash.

  36. Jamie's Uterus

    20 million buys a truckload of oxycotin, she’d be happy for years to come. Well, the amount she takes, maybe 6 months.

    You should go watch clips from ‘hey paula’ reality show that was on Bravo. Paula cries about how no one treats her ‘like the gift that she is’. Hilarious.

  37. Lia

    I hope this story’s not true. $10 million per season is a lot, especially if she was making $2 million before. She should have accepted it ’cause it’s a LOT more than she’s going to make doing anything else.

  38. taylor

    Ryan is soooo not gay!!! Not that theres anything wrong with it.

  39. Master of Crumpets

    She’s a crybaby and crazy as the day is long, but damn she looks good in these pictures.

  40. amoi

    “…they’d probably replace Simon Cowell with a sarcastic sack of potatoes.”

    At long last, a line that made me actually laugh!

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