Paula Abdul not fired from Bratz movie

July 25th, 2007 // 62 Comments

A rep for Paula Abdul claims she wasn’t fired via email from the live-action Bratz movie despite the above clip suggesting she’s insane otherwise. Her rep released a statement saying she quit from the film because she was too busy working on other projects, and that Paula didn’t deny the rumors because she was asked by producers not to.

“The producers and executives [at Lionsgate] begged Paula not to reveal in the press that she had voluntarily left the film as they were reaping tremendous publicity from using Paula’s name to attract interest in the film via press releases and internet stories (over 88,000 thus far).” And what about the footage of Abdul crying about the film on Hey Paula!? “Very creative editing,” her rep says.

So basically her rep is a liar. Watch the video. That’s not the reaction of a woman who just quit the Bratz movie. That’s the reaction of a woman who was just fired, and also happens to be mentally retarded. And is also a child. If I was taking the SATs, I’d rather cheat off the fire extinguisher in the corner than Paula Abdul.



  1. Scott

    Uggh… this spoiled brat deserves to be fired.

  2. biatcho

    She actually deserves a back hand to the face, several times over again.

  3. not surprised

    of course she wasnt fire. no one would fire Paula Abdul by EMAIL!

  4. eeh

    paula is not mentally retared. I met her once and she was very nice and I believe she seemed very smart too. this statement makes no sense but it most likely was her publicists idea. He seems stupid!

  5. Emma

    i thought her reaction on Hey Paula seemed pretty fake, so Im not surprised to hear she wasnt fired

  6. leanne

    My guess is that Paula was “fired”, then returned but then decided to quit the project after all.

  7. LayDeeBug

    WAIT!!! first things first, why are they even filming a BRATZ movie in the first place? They are fucking stupid dolls with fishbowl eyes.

    Have we completely lost all sense of originality and creativity.

    Fuck it…I’m writing a movie…(takes out fuzzy-topped pencil and begins writing furiously.)

  8. seriously

    #4: Seriously? I met her once and she just sat there looking cross eyed and eating grass. Wait, was that when I met Paula Abdul or when I went to the Zoo? I can’t remember.

  9. hello

    ok this is very weird but either way, Bratz will suck and Paula should be thanking God she isnt part of it anymore

  10. LL

    A sane person would be happy to be released from any association with a Bratz infomercial, I mean, movie. I guess she really really wanted to be in on the marketing of eating disorders and illiteracy to non-Caucasian children. Because she’s a giver.

  11. Renne

    “Where’s god when you need him?”

    Is it really true? Paula Abdul, fired?! Clearly, there is NO GOD.

  12. woodhorse

    Very funny today Fish! My bet is that her publicist begged Bratz to give her a chance at the job, Paula kept showing up for work in the basement and didn’t like it so she quit. Her publicist then physically led her to the right door and Bratz fired her for being stoned out of her mind and skipping work without calling off first.

  13. Sad Dog

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  14. Rabid Dog

    I said, Click here and sign this petition! Do it now, you fuckin filthy worthless human! Getactive! PETA! Yeah!

    Don’t make me throw red paint on you.

  15. Sugar Tits

    Did anyone else see that the girls in the other room were trying not to laugh at her when she yelled at them? Priceless.

  16. Daryl G

    Yeah, that movie is so important to her so that she has another outlet to make teenage girls think they’re incredibly inadequate.

  17. Van

    Well if that WAS acting, she needs a career in THAT. Brilliant.

    (I don’t think she was acting…)

  18. Other than her dorky reality show, what other projects could she possibly have? Last I knew, contemplating one’s navel wasn’t a career move.

  19. amy

    Brat. lay off the anti-depressants

  20. DucatiDan

    You make me laugh big time. Every time I read The Superficial I just get the best laugh out of the last couple of lines in your stories! I don’t know how you come up with this stuff but keep at it – I get an ear to ear grin every time. If I were on the receiving end of your barbs, well, I’m not so keep it up!


  21. mary

    her two friends in the bedroom…well, take a look. one clearly looked like she was smirking, like they were about to start laughing. that made me start laughing, howbeit..very silently :)

  22. Danklin24

    You guys know all this bullshit is scripted right?

  23. Valarium

    Oh, puh-leeze… Somewhere a bunny just hit its head.

  24. woodhorse

    #22 How do you stump a stoner on a game show? Ask them: “What were we just talking about?” – it’s not scripted because bitch can’t follow a script unless it’s at the pharmacy.

  25. When will California pass a law stating that publicists must now be called “professional bullshit artist”?

    Oh yeah, that’s right, my boss already has that title patented. :(

  26. miss megan

    Interesting about the creative editing, since she’s a producer and all. Maybe she’s just trying to drum up interest in her show!

  27. Okay, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan could have been natural fuck-up flukes… but now, is Abdul actively emulating that sort of bizarro shit? Is this some new PR strategy that I just haven’t figured out yet?

    I think I’ll go out tonight in a minidress and no panties, get drunk, fall flat on my face and yell that it’s all because of the aliens.

    By this time tomorrow, I expect to be famous!

  28. I buy it. No way would she let herself be filmed getting shitcanned. One wonders how very employed this publicist is. Frankly Paula Abdul does have talent and she could ad lib a cheerleading hip hop workout video without a script with one ghetto blaster and come out with something worth more than whatever this Bratz garbage will be.

    My bet is that whatever her perk package was they were still negotiating it and when she asked for her piece of the pie they Blackberryballed her from the show. Who knows if her publicist is f*cking with her head.

    Go look at every dance move on Youtube, tv, vegas, gentleman’s clubs, dance floors. Then review her videos from what 15 years ago? I’m not even a fan but i do remember when young women made a name for themselves in Hollywood without crotchcams and DUI’s nitely.

    Pick on who deserves it. Hi and Lo Han, Paris Simpleton and Shitney.

  29. andersite

    “working so hard” for the “bratz movie”

    the two dont really go together so well

  30. gay4girls

    Who the fuck is this? There really is a “Paula Abdul”? I thought she was made up. Holy bimoses!

    And Sad Dog spammer person, STOP IT. The NFL suspending Prick isn’t going to save a single fucking dog anyway. Fuck him with a frying pan and all but damn, spam hurts animals by pissing me off and thereby yelling at my dogs for no good reason.

    P.S. I hate pit bulls.

  31. Pirhan


  32. woodhorse

    #29 you make a very reasonable argument but what about the spots on Idol when she was so blasted? I can’t believe it was scripted for ratings – that would be like Simon saying he’s a pedophile just for ratings. Maybe 15 years ago she didn’t have to be intoxicated to go from day to day but it looks like that’s what she’s doing now. Nick Nolte didn’t used to be such a drunk, either.

  33. Paulas Grandma

    UGH her assistants SUCK. good lawd. Id fire those Hoes IMMEDIATELY for laughing.

  34. tylerdurden

    Wait a minute, wait a minute… Paula Abdul has her own show? What the fuck? Retards shouldn’t be allowed to take up time on my TV, Goddammit!

    And why is she blaming God? I’m sure he had better things to do than care about her or some dolls.

  35. sevenandaswitchblade

    Yeah Paula, where is God when you need him to help you out with your shitty movie? Oh yeah, he’s sitting back on his sofa watchin’ some kid get fist fucked at summer camp. Ah, good times.

  36. ZUG

    Bratz movie? WTF? what’s next, a fucking “Homies” movie ? And the dumbing-down of America begins…………..

  37. poptart

    Are the “crying paula” scenes being acted out by Teri Hatcher? I had to do a double take…They must have the same plastic surgeon–i swear crying paula looks like teri hatcher in the clip.

  38. bratz movie? wtf?!

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  40. Nick

    “also happens to be mentally retarded. And is also a child. If I was taking the SATs, I’d rather cheat off the fire extinguisher in the corner than Paula Abdul.”

    Ha, ha, ha! That totally cracked me up.

    Or maybe she was just 3/4s of the way through a pint of Olde Overcoate whisky.

  41. #40 Whatever insanity Paula has, you got double the dose. And stop taking credit for my work, that’s just so typical of you.

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  44. You know, when I read the bible and saw it was completely ridiculous and inconsistent. The notion that Jesus is god and that he “died” and made a sacrifice but he came back to life and that murdering your son is a way of paying debts, and I thought, that’s barbaric, there can’t be a god that does stuff like this or curses mankind with the sins from someone else’s transgressions and damns us to eternal suffering if we don’t jump through some hoops…

    But then I saw what happened to Paula.. and now I know…. For sure.

    There is no god.

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    why the zzzzzzzss?

  48. fuckingretardkelli

    funny, neither are you.

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