Paula Abdul not fired from Bratz movie

A rep for Paula Abdul claims she wasn’t fired via email from the live-action Bratz movie despite the above clip suggesting she’s insane otherwise. Her rep released a statement saying she quit from the film because she was too busy working on other projects, and that Paula didn’t deny the rumors because she was asked by producers not to.

“The producers and executives [at Lionsgate] begged Paula not to reveal in the press that she had voluntarily left the film as they were reaping tremendous publicity from using Paula’s name to attract interest in the film via press releases and internet stories (over 88,000 thus far).” And what about the footage of Abdul crying about the film on Hey Paula!? “Very creative editing,” her rep says.

So basically her rep is a liar. Watch the video. That’s not the reaction of a woman who just quit the Bratz movie. That’s the reaction of a woman who was just fired, and also happens to be mentally retarded. And is also a child. If I was taking the SATs, I’d rather cheat off the fire extinguisher in the corner than Paula Abdul.