Paula Abdul is very hurt

June 1st, 2007 // 69 Comments

In a statement regarding yesterday’s leaked telephone conversation, Paula Abdul tells TMZ:

“I am deeply hurt and extremely disappointed that someone has taken a private telephone conversation that I had with my representatives and released it to the media. This is not only illegal but also highly unethical. While I don’t feel a need to justify or explain my conversation, even as a public figure I do feel my privacy has been violated and find this action to be unacceptable.”

I agree that sometimes the public can go too far. Just the other day somebody broke into my home and stole all the trophies I won for being the world’s greatest lover. So, you know, if you come over that’s probably why you won’t find them anywhere.


  1. p911gt10c


  2. Danner

    very freaky looking

  3. p911gt10c


  4. Unique Monique

    Another loser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, her breasts look like silly putty right there. I’d STILL bang her though! I mean it’d be a zero respect type of fuck but it’d be great. I’d just want to make sure she was really drunk too.

  6. bluecrush

    umm why does her “cleavage” area look like it’s been suck out of her?

  7. Paula, get out of show business NOW.

  8. Krystle

    wow my first ever post

  9. Kiki

    wow my 1st post on superficial..

  10. Donkey

    She’s another J-Lo… just a back-up dancer that became semi famous.

  11. It lookie like t3h dancing alien leave a mark wehre it pop outta her chest

  12. havoc

    Of course she’s hurt. Someone apparently just punched her in the chest…..

  13. Kamiki

    Did someone take a trowel to her chest? Those are some crap fake tits.

  14. Simon


    (And I am soooo VIP that someone will surely do it)

  15. Simon

    @ myself # 14.. /sarcasm

  16. Marion

    That’s an old picture, but I always did wonder what happened there. Seriously, though, the tape is way the hell out of line. I listened, expecting it to be some hilarious ravings of a drug-addled lunatic, but it’s just an older woman who feels ugly and miserable. I already felt guilty when she was crying about being too old, but then the stuff about her diseases started. It’s cringe-inducing, and Perez Hilton really is slime.

  17. Awww…poor Paula. Wait, what?

  18. fag4eva

    With a disgusting chest area like that she should be glad some one has an interest in her life.

  19. KatieKates

    Ew. Her chest is indented.

  20. Y doesn’t someone put
    this dumb bitch in reahab…
    everyone knowz she abusez
    everything, walking zombie..

  21. Who killed her boobs?

  22. TV Guide

    her boobs are the American Idol judging panel – Randy on the left, Simon on the right, and a big empty gap in the middle.

  23. In the words of Ali G, those is some well droopy swingers.

  24. shanipie

    Omg it looks like she was in some horrible auto accident she was salvaged by a blind plastic surgeon with tremmers. Poor woman…I guess American idol doesn’t pay enough to get that kinda deformity fixed huh?

  25. getyourhandoutofmycat

    lol @ 22…it’s scary when someone’s boobs make tara reids look good…

  26. Holy Christ! My dick dies a little, everytime I see those concave titties.

    Bern – I can safely say she is no DMBS girl.

  27. #22 – That’s some funny shit right there.

  28. Fuffy Butt

    if i didn’t know any better, i’d swear to God that was Michael Jackson!

  29. That indentation was surgically placed there by Paula herself. Ever the gracious hostess, the depression is a catch basin for all the guys who, to use the provencial, “titty-fuck” her. Since she’s too nasty to actually screw, all anyone will permit themselves to do with her is the aforementioned chest humping. The pocket catches her appreciative lover’s manseed, making clean-up a breeze.

  30. mia

    whats dmbs?

  31. rapunzellle

    Does anyone remember the female lead-ape in the original 1968 “Plant of the Apes” movie? I think her name was Zira….notice the resemblance?

  32. whitegold

    I can’t even be bothered to read what this article is about. All I can notice is how fucked up her breasts look! Seriously, that ain’t right. Isn’t that what happens when you turn 80 or something. She isn’t that old. What the fuck happened? And why wouldn’t see dress appropriately to not be flashing those around?!?

  33. Jay'me

    Wassup wid her boobies?

  34. macncheez

    You people are in top form today!! Too freakin’ funny!!!!!

  35. There’s that pic that defined P.A. on this site – thx, Fish.
    #32- I said that yesterday on the post of said phone conversation – you owe me a royalty for stealing that quote. ;^)
    #22 – in agreement with AFJ – that was freaking hilarious.

    Paula must be revving up to take Paris & LiLo’s place in the scandal rags, since both of them will be gone for a few weeks. Oh, what people will stoop to for fame.

  36. Jibakurei

    Her chest looks like an asshole.

  37. captain obvious

    Ack! She needs to cover that shit up! Everytime I look at it I cringe. It actually looks painful. She seriously looks like she’s been in some kind of awful accident. If my chest looked like that it would never see the light of day. NEVER.

  38. LOL someone sexed her chest.

  39. ali

    I want to believe that she has the medical problems she states she does….I like Paula. I want to believe she’s not a druggie… just a little…. weird. With a gunshot wound to her sternum.

  40. MissPMS

    her chest = titfuck gone awry

  41. LL

    Word, #22 was funny. And also a fan of AFJ.

    Now on to Drunky/Druggy/Crazy: Jesus, this is exactly why people have lawyers and publicists. So they (the PR flacks and the lawyers) do all the talking and keep you from saying stupid shit in public that will make people hate you even more than they do already. How entertainment lawyers and the flacks must hate their clients. Would you like to help build a multimillion-dollar career and then watch it disintegrate before your very eyes as your client fucks up over and over again, as if they’re trying to break the land speed record for career suicide? I hope her staff saved up their money, because I think that gravy train’s about to derail. Hopefully. If there’s any justice in the world, Paula will be selling her blood and eating out of a dumpster in a couple years. Right next to Britney and Lohan and Paris.

  42. madaboutzoe

    Ok, first of all, I know that picture is touched up, because on American Idol her chest does not look like that. Second, she’s right, this is an invasion of privacy, and I know I wouldn’t want it done to me. And another thing, leave the F#~#$ woman alone!~ On this one I have to say to you all, get a life…the haters that is.

    ok, other than that, luv you all..

  43. those are fucked up tits.

  44. b

    holy piss.

  45. Bennie

    it’s kinda funny! click here to hear the video…

  46. Madalena

    WTF is wrong with her boobs.
    i mean im not an expert or anything but that thing look like she put water balloons in her boobs and someone “accidently” poked them with needles.

  47. DahliaRose

    She needs to go to the gas station, and get some air added to her boobs. I think they popped.

  48. Demo

    Oh my God! Her coke dispenser just above her sternum has run empty!

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