Obama’s presidency is already displaying drawbacks

November 7th, 2008 // 47 Comments

America experienced a wave of newfound enthusiasm on Tuesday night, as Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States. But now that excitement is in danger of unraveling, as the downsides of an Obama presidency become evident. People magazine reports:

With the election of Barack Obama, Paula Idol of American Idol will stay just that – an American.

“I was crying!” she tells PEOPLE. “You feel such a sense of pride that you can’t even articulate how good you feel. It’s unbelievable! I have chills. I was just so excited. I was texting everyone: ‘Peace has begun.’ And then I was texting everyone, ‘I don’t have to move to Vancouver now!’”

Forget about making Paula Abdul cry. As admirable as that is, it’s really not that hard to do. The chick cries about everything. That’s what happens when you mix Wild Turkey and Xanax with your Cheerios every morning. The real point is, Paula Abdul was ready to move out of the country, before Obama was elected. And now she’s staying. If our new Commander in Chief is serious about bringing the country together and restoring the faith of its citizens, his first act after taking the oath will be to issue a proclamation authorizing the packing of Paula Abdul in a rocket and shooting her directly into the sun. U-S-A! U-S-A!

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  1. p911gt10c

    Ehh, Paula, we never said we’d let you into Canada y’know.

  2. damnation

    Paula Idol of American Idol?

  3. callam


  4. On the plus side a bunch of the dbags over at redstate and freerepublic are saying they are going to move to canada. Like the Tau would say “for the greater good”.

  5. Kahlee

    Don’t act like America doesn’t love its crazy trainwreck celebrities. Of course you do, especially you Superficial writer. They’re why you have a job!

  6. antoine bugleboy

    Yeah but on the flipside – because McCain/Palin didn’t get elected – doesn’t that mean Heidi/Spencer need to move?

    Socialist Canada won’t want them but let’s send them some place nice and God-fearing – like the inside of a Volcano.

  7. intermission

    dont blame me….i voted mccain

  8. Mike

    Let’s also not forget that other dirty little secret, namely the income tax rate for click-through revenues, which will jump from the current max of 50% to 70%. Poor Fish, between the mandatory 100 hours of community service and sleeping he’ll barely be able to have time to stand in the welfare line =(

  9. Mike

    Let’s also not forget that other dirty little secret, namely the income tax rate for click-through revenues, which will jump from the current max of 50% to 70%. Poor Fish, between the mandatory 100 hours of community service and sleeping he’ll barely have time to stand in the welfare line =(

  10. Sal

    Mike, really, dry your tears.

  11. You know the the economy is in the dumps when fish is working weekends…

  12. Thyre full of do do these celebs,,,do they have excellent cosmetic dentistry in canada?

  13. Obama is the reason I’m moving to Vancouver… flight #213 anyone??

  14. Hillbilly finally cut in front of the line to use the computer at the library i see….

  15. Amy

    paulas mom is from canada so it wasnt as random as it may seem what she said =) and she doesnt cry for everything. in season 7 she didnt even cry once.

  16. King Monkey

    Really Paula…. You need to have some sort of contributing ability to move to Canada. You can’t just move there and sponge off doing nothing like you do here in the States. You Gotta Have a Contributing Vocation !!

    But hey … I’m all for the move. Can you convince Canadian Gov. you’re worth something ?

  17. susy

    Paula is my Idol! love that woman.

  18. emily

    She was just being sarcastic about moving to Canada. it was what you call a JOKE. i think shes spending so much time with mr cowell his sarcasm is rubbing off on her hehe

    but i love how so many people thought she was dead serious and start analyzing what she said. haha. PAULA WAS KIDDING!

  19. supersex

    i’d fuck her

  20. Vanessa D

    Paula is awesome. I love her.

  21. Rob

    She wouldn’t have done it anyway. Just like all the toolbags who didn’t leave when Bush won the first time. Oh and that second time, too.

  22. Michael Jackson

    The residents of Vancouver are truly thankful as well

  23. Tony

    There is a huge difference between us loving our celebrities and our love for hating them. Don’t misunderstand, when they do dumb things we laugh due to our disgust at their stupidity.

    On the issue itself, celebrities say that they will leave every time the elections come around as a bargaining tool with their fans. I think it is absolutely disgraceful that Paula, Rosie, and the rest are even allowed to stay in the US after such deceptive tactics…
    …on the other hand I’m very happy Barack came through.

  24. Barbara

    I can’t believe Paula actually made a statement like, “Peace has begun”. So there wasn’t any peace all these years that a white president was in office? What exactly do you mean Paula? Say what’s is really on your mind. That kind of comment to me, can only mean one thing. I personnaly don’t care what color the president is, as long as they say what they mean when they get in that oval office. To me, being a woman, I would have perferred a female president, now that would be historical!!!

  25. mmm

    ugh i hate obama it is going to be a loooooong 4 years

  26. Thankfull

    Thank god..

    We already have enough crazy people running around here in Vancouver..

  27. Probama

    SCREEEEEEEE!!!! You’re not one of us!!! We don’t chant U-S-A we only chant O-Baa-MA!

  28. anna

    yeah i d like to say something which has nothing tp do with this topic. it’s said that she has been dating with obama ,that means she loved obama or something ?there re some more close pics about them on http://www.bigbisexual.com .it’s ture .

  29. Turdface

    We have alot of rubby dubs in Vancouver digging through dumpsters. If Paula came she would make them look much, much better. Seriously though… you can keep her and Celine.

  30. Waaa!

    It is really too bad that the asshole celebrities who say they will “leave the country if…” don’t have the guts/balls/intestinal fortitude/etc to actually keep their word. I am surprised that none of these immature knuckleheads don’t say that they will hold their breath until… or lie on the floor and have a tantrum like a three year old!

  31. A True Patriot and A Factor Viewer

    Type to start printing Obama “He’s not MY President bumper stickers”

  32. Sport

    Obama is a fag.

  33. Jason

    Thank-God Obama won…keeps her out of Canada…we don’t like Kool-Aid Drinkers up here.

  34. Canucker

    On behalf of Canadians everywhere, I’d like to thank all Americans who voted for Obama and saved us from this fate. Whew! That was a close one!

  35. There was a DILDO there, folks?

  36. Jeff

    I love how so many leftists upbraid anybody who “questions their patriotism” yet will only remain in the country if they get the president that they want. Americans of convenience… what a bunch of twits.

  37. catsy2

    Another stupid article.

  38. mars

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  39. Bill Clinton

    Canada, until November 4th was just a “satellite” state of the USA, with about as much prestige on a global scale as France or Portugal.

    Now Canada has twice the prestige, and Influence on the world stage.
    usa is now a broken shell of a democracy.
    A tiny player that will no longer have any influence, will not be taken seriosly and is seen as weak, gutless and ready to take.

  40. pip467@hotmail.com

    (Response to commenter) Why would you go to Vancouver to escape Obama? We had parties when he was elected. Go to Alberta.

  41. amy doe

    it sucks to think my husband defends ungrateful americans like her

  42. I think Bush is moving to Paraguay to avoid a war crimes trial. Vancouver is nice though from what i hear.

  43. ManchurianCandidateObama

    Just another O-BOT! Dam I wish all you O-Bots would move the fuck out of America. Hey O-bots thanks to you we will be the USSA. Obama is a marxist and all you retards that voted for him will wish you never did. Can I say “Manchurian Candidate” I can’t to laugh at you fools when it all comes crumbling down you fucking uninformed fools!!!!!!!!


  44. angie

    Thanks America for treating this election as if you were voting for American Idol! Now we’re stuck with a socialist liberal piece of shit! Thanks a lot Paula you Bitch! Oh and that Fat Water Buffalo Oprah to!

  45. No Angie, thanks America for caring and sharing the political responsibilities we as a people have. We now will have a Havard educated president in office who seems to want to make good change. Obama being biracial doesn’t make him any different from any of the other president -elects. Life is like a box of chocalates indeed, and we really don’t know what we’re going to get untill he gets into office. It’s not January yet…how about giving the man a chance yall before you trash talk him. America gave Bush not one, but two chances to make it right. I honestly have never known of a more irresponsible president. Honestly…who could eff up worse than GW Bush?

  46. Erica

    @ #33

    We have way too many kool-aid drinkers here in America. They’ve completely taken over.

  47. J

    SueMe. Answer to your question.
    Obama can eff up worse. Redistribution of wealth? The tax “break” that isn’t. Need I go on…

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