Paula Abdul breaks her nose


Paula Abdul reportedly broke her nose on Saturday when she tripped while trying to avoid stepping on her Chihuahua Tulip. Her rep says:

“She went to the doctor and she did break her nose, but she’s moving on and doing great” Brokaw says. “She looks terrific. If you didn’t know she broke her nose, you’d never guess anything happened to her. She is in pain. No question about that. But she’s standing 10 feet from me and you’d never know anything happened to her. There are no bandages. She’s got some bruises on her arms and on one of her legs.”

Who the hell breaks their nose trying to avoid stepping on a Chihuahua? It’s not like her floor was covered with banana peels or she was wearing roller skates at the time. Although I guess this is Paula Abdul we’re talking about. It’s amazing she was sober enough to even be standing.


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