Paula Abdul breaks her nose

May 22nd, 2007 // 34 Comments

Paula Abdul reportedly broke her nose on Saturday when she tripped while trying to avoid stepping on her Chihuahua Tulip. Her rep says:

“She went to the doctor and she did break her nose, but she’s moving on and doing great” Brokaw says. “She looks terrific. If you didn’t know she broke her nose, you’d never guess anything happened to her. She is in pain. No question about that. But she’s standing 10 feet from me and you’d never know anything happened to her. There are no bandages. She’s got some bruises on her arms and on one of her legs.”

Who the hell breaks their nose trying to avoid stepping on a Chihuahua? It’s not like her floor was covered with banana peels or she was wearing roller skates at the time. Although I guess this is Paula Abdul we’re talking about. It’s amazing she was sober enough to even be standing.



  1. griffmills


  2. She’s a trigger happy paranoid.

  3. Chauncey Gardner

    The real story? She ‘tripped’ and fell on the tip of my stone dick. Then after I was through using her, I wiped it off on her forehead, curb-stomped her Chihuahua, and got back to my day.

  4. getyourhandoutofmycat

    I really doubt she’s in pain with all the crap she takes/drinks…

  5. I bet she would be a fantastic lay hammered.

  6. RichPort

    Fine, I admit it. She tripped over my cock. The drunk bitch still feels bad about telling me I wasn’t good enough for the top 12. But it serves no one any good running as soon as I unzip. Put the chardonnay down for a second and help me roll this back up Paula. Bitch.

  7. She really should stop getting drunk and falling down. She’s a force to be reckoned with in the music industry though. And speaking of music…

    pOp is back. With a refreshing new attitude and spin.

    Listen to “Fun Bags”. It’s a great time!!!

  8. Doomhammer

    Yeah, it was the dog. The half gallon of vodka and handful of xanax had NOTHING to do with it.

  9. The Chad

    I dont think she would be that good a lay hammered. Sure we see the “giddy-happy-fun- dancing” Paula. Sexy.

    Somewhere later in the night that surely turns into “collpsed in the corner-sobbing uncontrolabally-lipstick smeared face-vomit on her feet” Paula. Not so sexy.

  10. It is possible, that she was walking and did not see the dog and almost stepped on the dog – and tried to suddenly move out the way and lost her balance.

    Animal lovers are that way about their dogs

  11. headbutted the toilet seat she was doing lines off more like.

  12. Pokemon_Johnson

    she’s a f*ckin idiot – who’s drunk. always.

  13. mikeski

    Cowell was on Leno last night and his response was “how’s the dog doing?”

  14. Hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah

    She’s so bloody stupid!

  15. Simon

    “She is in pain. No question about that.”

    Don’t miss the Idol finale. Paula in “pain” with a brand-new bottle of premium painkillers. This may be an instant classic.

  16. Julie

    Paula will do anything for pills!

  17. .
    Oh Please, this one is OBVIOUS! Because of all the uproar over Anna Nichole SMith’s Doc prescribing multiple prescription drugs to her the doctors are probably cancelling lots of celeb drug addicts prescriptions.

    Paula has a very public fall and fakes a much more serious injury than she really got and it gives her doctor the cover he needs to prescribe her whatever drugs she’s on for another 6 months. Drug addicts are crafty and Miss Abdul gives all the signs of being a major addict.

  18. lambman

    I just think that the things about you, you’re really special, I just believe in your spirit and the hard times go dag falls

  19. Did she even have a seconds album? Do all the drugs you can Paula… You have to have SOME legacy… Drunken incoherant skank is ALL the rage….

  20. Liz

    I have to defend Paula–that’s nearly happened to me a number of times, and I use no substances that might interfere with my balance or coordination. My dog, a jrt/chihuahua mix, is always at my feet following me around, and I would imagine Paula’s dog does the same thing.

  21. Paula, stop signing on under the name Liz you drunk little cow.

  22. DahliaRose

    A 50 year co-worker of mine told me that she once found Paula in bed with brother when they were both in High School in the Valley. So Paula is older that Hell.

  23. blpressure

    I’ve never tripped over my chihuahua, but she stays away from feet. But My mum has nearly broke her neck tripping over our shih tzu who is always at our feet, sometimes licking ‘em.

  24. She was tooo drugged up to feel a thing. So i don’t feel so bad. Do you ?

  25. Yo quiero booze.

  26. bluecanary

    Eh, I’ve tripped over my dog and almost broken a leg several times. Drunk or sober, sometimes those little guys just get right underfoot.

  27. iamsosmart

    I really despise celebrities, because of their greed, massive ego’s and hideous trainwreck lives that influence society in the worst possible ways. Though it pains me to ever defend one of them in this case there are some facts about Paula Abdul that few people know. She has a serious illness that causes her to be in extreme all over body pain (like someone threw you off a building and then beat the shit out of you pain) and requires her to be on heavy medication. This is why she acts so funny, people who have illnesses that
    require heavy medication will never be able to function normally and may appear twitchy and gittery cause meds aren’t perfect. I know this because someone I really care about is afflicted with the same illness and it’s pretty heartbreaking to see people judge this person when they have no idea how much excrutiating agony they are in and how diificult their life is because of it. The pain is comparable to what a constant all over body migraine would be like or recovering from being severly beaten. Moderate relief is possible with medication but you are then at the mercy of the side effects of the medication. Due to this falls and spills can be frequent, due to problems with motor skills.

    Here’s a samll article about paula and her illness.

  28. Lopelus

    So…4 of her appendages that could’ve stopped her face from hitting anything are bruised with impact..but her nose still gets broken? Take it easy on the happy pills, Paula.

  29. Nikki

    Now she can be drunk and high and we’ll be none-the-wiser!

  30. raptor_egg

    Paula got beat up by a nig*er

  31. HotDogger

    And, I was hoping my flying elbow smash would break her nose.

  32. taylor

    i have a small dog and i trip all the time beleive it or not. when i heard about that i was like how do u trip over ur dog but then i got one and now i know. ya’ll are mean.

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