Paula Deen Shut Down Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House. Thanks, Obama

April 3rd, 2014 // 79 Comments
'I'm Just Like Michael Sam'
Paula Deen Food Network South Beach Wine And Food Festival
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Now look what you Commie liberal faggots did. All because she said some sweet, kind, Southern genteel words about making colored folk dress up like beautiful plantation slaves like the glorious days of the south when it was legal to own them like property, poor Paula Deen closed her restaurant without the courtesy of notifying her predominantly black staff to the point where she acted like it would still be open next week. When are you going to stop destroying America? TMZ reports:

Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House — the place where Paula Deen’s empire crumbled — just closed for good, and the way employees found out is just shocking.
The company did NOT tell its employees in an open meeting or face-to-face. The workers showed up this morning only to find the sign down and appliances being removed from the joint.
The only explanation was posted on the restaurant’s Facebook page this morning — “Thank you for 10 great years. Uncle Bubba’s is now closed.”
People were pissed off, including one woman who says, “My mother worked there for over 8 years and no one called her!!! My fiance also worked there no one called him, in fact a UB manager called him LAST NIGHT to get his availability for next week!”

But before the librul media gets a hold of this and mixes it all up, Uncle Bubba employees were permitted to enter the building in a manner most comfortable to them on account of their kinds proclivity for crime and the such. Paula downright made them feel at home:

Another wrote, “My mother put in some hard work for years with you & she finds out when she shows up for work this morning to be escorted by a police officer to get her belongings.”

Now I say what in the, what in the world did this here woman expect? To be let onto Paula Deen’s private property where she can be purloining pies cooling on the window sills and peeping into good whitefolk’s business? Why that’s just unheard of. Un-Christian-like if you want to get right down to it.

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  1. Oh BABY

    I think it’s hilarious. You and your kind, Fish, have been spewing your libtard hate about her, exaggerating what she is alleged to have done and generally abusing her every chance you get. Now you’re also outraged that she didn’t bend over backward to kiss ass to employees who probably talked smack about her too, largely because she’s white and they’re black?

    You and your kind, Fish, worked extra hard to ruin her. You should be overjoyed, but here you are, shooting off at the mouth (figuratively speaking), directing more shade her way. Did you ever give her any benefit of the doubt or any consideration? No? Then you and your kind — including probably ungrateful employees — don’t deserve it in kind, you ignorant douche bag.

    I’m have a HUGE laugh at your expense. You really are an idiot.

    • She dug her own grave you moron.
      And that is NOT how you treat your employees…unless of course yuo are Paula Dean. Good riddance to her fat ass.

    • Hugh G. Rection

      Yea Fish, stop goofing on Paula Deen. Get back to goofing on Kim Kardashian.

    • LOL

      Redneck took the bait, hook, line and sinker.

    • I don’t think that informing her employees (especially the long term ones!) that they will be out of a job due to the closure of business would be considered “bending over backward to kiss ass to her employees.” I would consider that to be basic courtesy.

    • Not the sharpest knife in the drawer are ya buttercup.

    • We’re having a big laugh at your expense, Hayseed. So I guess it’s laughs all around.

    • hahaha – wait, wait – this angry conservatwat gets his undies in a bunch, he says we all have been “exaggerating what she is alleged to have done”, then in the same paragraph types “employees who probably talked smack about her too, largely because she’s white and they’re black”…. HAHAHA…. typical, retarded redneck logic. THIS is why me and ‘my kind’ RIP you people mercilessly on sites like this. you make it SO easy! then there’s the awesome closer – “I’m have a huge laugh”…. dude, you are incapable of true laughter, because you’re an uptight CUNT.

    • I am sure a grown man like Fish does not need a woman to defend him from trolls, but every time I see the screen name “oh BABY,” whatever you post makes me feel as if I need to take a shower. People post things here I don’t always care for, but spewing hateful, nasty ad hominem attacks is not going to win anyone over. I am not trying to be hurtful, but people come here to read Fish. They don’t come here to read you. So if you’re going to launch into one of your tirades about… I’m never exactly sure what, could you at least be civil?

      • shutupandsing

        I actually come here to look at tits but Fish always fucks it up by
        posting some ignorant, backwards, liberal bullshit.

    • I like people like you. You make me feel better about myself. Like, if I slip on a banana peel, break a tooth on the stairs, and accidentally get fisted by seven Albanian midgets, I can always say, “At least I’m not a dumb fuck like that commenter on The Superficial!”

    • Dr. JFever

      “your kind”?? WTF does that mean? Fish and Photoboy are a “kind”? Please post some explanation for those of who don’t know what “kind” of people you are talking about.

    • D-chi

      *squints* Not sure if troll or serious….

    • “Now you’re also outraged that she didn’t bend over backward to kiss ass to employees who probably talked smack about her too, largely because she’s white and they’re black?”

      See, Fish reported on something that DID happen. You’re bitching about something that you ASSUMED happened, and basing said assumption on race.

      Do you understand now why you’re a cunt?

  2. Nothing I hate more than conservative Lolcats.

  3. ManWhoHasSeenAVagina

    I am a flaming liberal and appreciate some good conservative-bashing. But, this bullshit of making non-racial things into racial issues has to stop. Paula Deen made a dick move, how does race factor into that?

    This was handled very badly, for sure. And I only know Paula Deen via her infamy for using words that would make your head explode. But, seriously, there’s nothing racial about closing a restaurant.

    Even the people at TMZ (the gay jew and the black guy with dreads) think that Paula Deen is more of a product of her time than genuinely racist.

    You forgot to add the “white guilt” tag to this post.

    This place is really going down hill fast. Very few nipple slips or labia flashes. Lots of pretentious, smarmy white guilt. You need to know your audience, you dick, because you are losing us.

    • Hugh G. Rection

      Give Fish a break. He is treating Paula Deen as unfairly and with the same insensitivity that he shows to other celebrities. Keep up the good work Fish.

    • LOL

      “You need to know your audience, you dick, because you are losing us.”

      “Us” = one fat underemployed hillbilly in a trailer park looking for spanking material between Duck Dynasty reruns

    • The product of her times = racist.

      Old southern white people tend to be racist. I know because I’ve got some in the family. I really enjoy hearing their theories about how President Barack HUSSEIN Obama plots the downfall of America while sipping on a champagne flute filled with the blood of Christian babies.

    • Yeah, what’s with the lack of labia flashes these days, hunh, Fish? I hear tell the female celebs are just flashin’ them beavers all over town, and all the other gossip sites are all over that, but noooo, you gotta be devoting precious Internet space to Paula Deen this and Christians said that.

      And why’s it always about race with you? Just because nice Southern lady wanted toe-tappin’ blackfolk at her brother’s wedding and said the n-word ONE TIME (except all the other times she said she said it, she just can’t remember when exactly, because don’t everyone say that word? Aren’t all jokes about blacks and rednecks and Jews?) and made sure her mostly black kitchen staff stayed out of the dining area so as not to offend the delicate sensibilities of her white clientele who might not want to see black people while they’re, y’know, eating. She’s sensitive, man! That’s not racism; tending to your customers’ needs, that’s just capitalism. Libtard white-guilt Obama-loving socialist taker constitution-shredding wannabe-Jew dick.

    • “I am a flaming liberal and appreciate some good conservative-bashing”… yeah, nah brah. Nice try though.

      • This “flaming liberal” is the same fuckwit that will tell you that it’s a scientific fact that the black race is less intelligent than others.

        Shame about all those “non-racial things” like the restaurant’s black employees not being able to use the same toilets or the same entrance as white employees are just constantly being turned into “racial issues”. Why, it’s just outrageous.

    • I don’t know man… I don’t think you’ve ever seen a vagina.

    • I completely agree, MWHSAV! Fish is losing us and needs to consider the sensitivities of his audience. The “Dis how chicken..” jokes must stop!
      Oh, wait, you were still talking about deep-fat frying Paula Deen. Nah, I’m good with it.

    • Dr. JFever

      I call BS on most of your post. You clearly have not seen a vagina if you only come here for tits and labia. You are not a ‘flaming liberal’ based on your use of ‘gay jew’.

      Most likely those above my comment have nailed you down as white conservative trash looking for spanking pics because your mom put restrictions on the family computer.

      Go over to a friends house, drink some Natty Light and have a jerk fest looking at net porn on his computer. You’ll fell better and not bother the nice adults posting here.

  4. Wolfy

    Grasping at straws, Fish. This kinda stuff happens all the time with a lot of companies. It’s cold, calculated and callus, but happens just the same. Don’t whine how Conservatives are narrow-minded, if you are going to bend over backwards to vilify every who isn’t like you.

  5. Paula Deen Food Network South Beach Wine And Food Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    Payback’s a bitch. Maybe all the dumb black people shouldn’t have cried wolf. Paula was never a hater of Black people. She was simply comfortable in her own skin about the subject and dumb politically correct idiots went to far in castigating her for it. Good for Paula….her way of saying “Fuck you very much.”

    • Yeah. She sure showed them! She had to close her business and lose money! Ha! She’s a genius.

    • You type remarkably well with a white hood over your head.

    • Except by all accounts, her African-American staffers stood by her throughout the whole controversy. There was no reason for her to be a dick to them. But yeah, you keep treating all black people like one monolithic entity in your totally not racist way.

      • Tom, I was going to point put the same thing. Well said.

      • “By all accounts” you mean the account of Paul Dean’s PR machine, who kept trotting out the same three black employees as if to say “I can’t be racist – three black people who are dependent on me for a paycheck are willing to say they like me on TV!”

      • Eh, fair enough, Joe. My point was more along the lines of disputing this notion that her black employees had it coming because simply allll the black people rose up against her. Like the troll who posted up top that her black staff must have been talking smack about her, so they deserved to lose their jobs this way.

      • Maybe, but because the Illuminati, or libtards in general, decided to crucify her in the public’s eye. Remember, she was found completely innocent in the court of law by her peers.

        However, business declined because of the bad press, and she needed to close. The restaurant was losing money.

      • Dox

        Time out. Any use of the term Illuminati as reference to an actual living group of people immediately disqualifies you as having any valid points.

        I’m sorry sir, I’m going to have to ask you to step out of the gene pool.

      • The case against her was dismissed after Deen and her accuser reached an undisclosed settlement. She was NOT “found completely innocent in the court of law by her peers.” There was no jury trial, and even if there were, a civil trial does not determine “guilt” or “innocence”—that’s criminal procedure—but liability. The racial-discrimination charges were never weighed because it was determined that the plaintiff—a white woman—lacked standing to bring them. Also, juries don’t find anyone “innocent,” they reach verdicts of “not guilty,” i.e., they did not believe the prosecution proved its case. You don’t have to prove innocence at a criminal trial.

        Could you maybe know what you’re talking about before you decide to engage in here?

      • Let me just reiterate everything TomFrank’s Ghost said:

        She abso-fucking-lutely was not found “completely innocent in the court of law by her peers” and settled out of court for a sum Uncle Bubba’s Oyster House – *puts on sunglasses* – couldn’t shuck.


      • Your upvote was accidental on my part. I was simply trying to say that any business owner who has a modicum of decency (especially if most of your employees have low-paying service-industry jobs) gives the employees some notice if the business is closing.

  6. Karl

    Don’t listen to the racism apologists above, Fish. Us dick-joke appreciating, bikini-candids loving Euro-libtards will always provide an audience. Keep on speaking up!

  7. Shibo

    How dare you have an opinion on anything, fish! You’re losing your core audience. People who like tits hate opinions! I’m going to find a new place to see vagina flashes. (Google, “Climate change is false, plus tits”) Goodbye forever, you…you… you liberal!

  8. Commie liberal faggot

    not sorry. she is a fuckin twat.

  9. Who cares what some racist old white lady does? She treats her employees like shit. Not exactly shocking. Hopefully she’ll be dead soon.

  10. Show up to work and work is shuttered. 11 years in restaurants and I never had it happen to me personally, but I know some folks who have. Talk about terrifying. Good luck to those folks.

    Hope nobody confuses me for a librul fagget for expressing empathy.

    • Bane

      Uncle Phil’s right. It’s cold and sucks. It’s business. Restaraunts and bars do it the same way sometimes. Just like companies that call everyone into the lobby or conference and announced “We’re closed effective immediately. Now get the fuck out”.
      I don’t give a hard shit about Paula Deen, but I’ve got a feeling she’ll be back with a huge chain of new restaurants. People will stand in line and people will boycott it. It’s business.

  11. Cock Dr

    Jesus would lock out his employees too…I know he would.

  12. Fun fact: Amy’s Baking Company, that place Gordon Ramsay decided was beyond help, is still open.

  13. Paula Deen Food Network South Beach Wine And Food Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    ‘.. and then throw it right in the mixture of corn syrup, bacon fat, lard and grits …’

    • “Ah got this-here little puppy from a neegra what used to work for me a’fore I pulled the rug out from undah him. I don’t pull them sorts of shenanigums on all mah collud friends!”

  14. MarketingMike

    Let’s see…

    1. A sweet old Southern lady simply wanted to dress her black staff
    like they did in “the good ol days” when you owned your employees!
    2. She accidently used the “n” word like she used to, and got caught.
    3. She spent the next month clusterfucking her career trying to explain
    the “real” meaning of that event online, and her “one-time” “n” burst.
    4. She got her ass fired from the TV show, don’t let the door hit ya.
    5. Her Restaurant ratings/sales took a shit, and she had to close it.
    6. She “final fucked” her employees by not giving them any notice.

    Looks pretty straightforward to me.

  15. Slash

    LOL, the internet is hilarious. It’s amusing how many people “defend” Paula Deen, but have likely never seen her TV show. And in any other context, would be calling her a fat, old bitch who needs to retire because her big tits aren’t worth looking at.

    All she has to do act like the kind of casually racist old southern lady she obviously is (and I don’t even have that much of a problem with it, other than thinking she’s dumb, like all the other old racists) and dipshits can’t jump to her defense fast enough, as if she’s a brave freedom fighter in the War Against People Who Want to Say Appalling Shit But Don’t Want Anybody to Think They’re Assholes.

    Paula Deen’s defenders, Exhibit A in the case of Giant Meteor Vs. Humanity.

  16. Paula Deen Food Network South Beach Wine And Food Festival
    Commented on this photo:

    They can all go on welfare now, it’s the new normal and the American way.

    • I don’t think that’s allowed unless they’re white, rich and living on a million-dollar yacht in Florida. Your turn.

    • Mitch’s computer STILL hasn’t electrocuted him when he types ignorant, racist shit. I’m starting to suspect my fellow liberals are correct, and the power of prayer IS a crock of shit.

  17. ignarly

    One would think the $700 a pop to take part in her latest cruise, and the ensuing auction of various trinkets (including a watch that fetched a few thou) would’ve buoyed this business for a bit…oh and that she’s worth an estimated $70 mil. Guess not.
    Too bad she made that crack about M.O. eating everything in sight during commercial breaks (which *may or may not* have brought on the races scandal)…the cash would still be flowing into the coffers on wheels as we speak. Poor, poor sweet southern gal. /sarc off

    An aside: her restaurant Lady and Sons in Savannah was always wildly overrated.

  18. If this were 1965 I wouldn’t think these arguments were at all out of line. But for christsakes, people, we are supposed to be enlightened, intelligent human beings. The fact that some people think Paula Deen did nothing wrong is stultifying.

  19. Witch Tripper

    Still with this? I’m sure Alec Baldwin would like some of your attention too. He said some pretty shitty things and you fluffers look the other way Stay classy cry babies. Do you ever get tired of playing the victim?

    • Do you ever get tired of playing the moron? Alec Baldwin has been skewered and roasted here more times than I can count, so just be grateful that you get internet at the trailer park and use it to go troll elsewhere.

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