Paula Deen’s Publisher Cancelled Her Already #1 Best-Selling Cookbook

July 1st, 2013 // 41 Comments
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“Oh, how rude of me, sugah. Y’all probably never seen one of these in your village. This is a book. El book-o.

Because America is a shitty place, pre-orders of Paula Deen‘s upcoming cookbook “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up” shot to #1 on Amazon as a direct result of her being exposed as a racist employer who allegedly discriminates against her black employees whenever she’s not wishing she can force them to tap dance at weddings. Which was great for Ballantine considering the book wouldn’t even be out until October, so all they had to do was keep their mouths shut and collect free money from Stupidtown when this whole thing is blown over because does anyone even remember the last thing we were all mad about? — Exactly. Instead, it decided to cancel the book because corporations pass up profits whenever someone says a racial slur one time in 1986. That’s entirely how that works. TMZ reports:

In a statement released Friday, Ballantine Books announced it has cancelled the publication of “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Lightened Up”.

Ballantine adds its name to the long list of companies abandoning ship in light of Deen’s n-word controversy … The Food Network, QVC, JCPenny, and Smithfield Hams, etc.

In case I didn’t make it clear back there, none of these companies are dropping Paula Deen because they give a shit about race relations. If that were true, no one on FOX News would have a book deal. It’s all about money. And none of them are going to kick a sweet, elderly cash cow to the curb because she said “nigger” once 30 years ago in reference to a bank robber. In fact, if I had to list the three most adorable things in the world it’d be photos of babies that look like they’re giving you the finger, Peter Dinklage and old people saying things that were acceptable in 1942. So clearly there are more layers to this onion than meets this eye, and Christ, don’t ever let me do cooking humor again. What the hell was that?

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  1. danon

    you should read about that “one time racial slur” in 1986

    Paula Deen, while planning her brother’s wedding in 2007, was asked what look the wedding should have. She replied, “I want a true southern plantation-style wedding.” When asked what type of uniforms the servers should wear, Paula stated, “well what I would really like is a bunch of little n*ggers to wear long-sleeve white shirts, black shorts and black bow ties, you know in the Shirley Temple days, they used to tap dance around;

    Black staff had to use the back entrance to enter and leave restaurant;

    Black staff could only use one bathroom;

    Black staff couldn’t work the front of the restaurants;

    Brother Bubba stated his wishes: “ I wish I could put all those n*ggers in the kitchen on a boat to Africa”;

    Bubba asked a black driver and security guard “don’t you wish you could rub all the black off you and be like me? You just look dirty; I bet you wish you could.” The guy told Bubba he was fine as is;

    Bubba on President Obama: they should send him to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, so he could n*gger-rig it;

    He shook an employee (Black again) and said” F your civil rights…you work for me and my sister Paula Deen;

    Paula’s son Jaime’s best friend managed the Lady & Sons restaurant. He threatened to fire all the ‘Monkeys’ in the kitchen. When Paula found out…she slapped him on the wrist and suggested that the employee visited Paula’s $13,000,000 mansion so he felt special and could be massaged.

    • rican

      Mind you, those are allegations, and what she admitted to happened in 1986 when that word was not as offensive as it is today.

      • It was still offensive then; society was just more effective at ignoring those people that it was being directed towards.

      • Guest

        This has nothing to do with 1986 (I dont’ know why the media is so focused on that date, except that TMZ ran with it).

        These allegations are from Lisa Jackson’s employment, which was from 2005-2010. So 3 years ago.

    • Wait, what are you guys talking about? I’ve been busy watching that part of “Birth of a Nation” where the heroic ku klux klan rides to the rescue against those awful horrid negro brutes!

      So what were you guys discussing?

  2. emmett till's severed penis

    Looks like Fish has turned his site into the new offical Paul Deen fan-site.

    Way to go Fish!

  3. anonym

    hahah. Companies are taking a gamble. Forfeit a few million now, or forfeit a shitload of millions later when people boycott a racist-supporting company.

  4. anonym

    besides, being the fat fuck that she is, are Paula’s recipes even healthy?

    I don’t know what she puts in her cookbook, but I would assume it’s some fatty oily shit that tastes like shit.

    • Try reading the title, huh? Her “New Testament” contains 250 of her favorite recipes with the “fatty oily shit” (which most people refer to as “butter” or “oil”) removed or substituted with something that won’t cause you to infarct within 5 minutes of eating them. This is why the title is: “All Lightened Up” – since she publically admitted she has “the diabeety” she’s been pushing hold-the-butter-n-sugar lifestyle changes along with NovoNordisk’s drugs. (They’ve dropped her, too.)

      However, the result may – or may not – be something you’d actually want to eat with all the ingredients that gave them any flavor removed, unlike Deen’s previous offerings.

  5. MissPiggyJr

    The publisher is a fucking idiot.

    • No, they aren’t. Can you say “nightmare book tour’?

      This would have been number one of a five book deal, and with Walmart, Target and any other number of venues having severed ties with her, the marketing aspect gets nasty – especially as any book signing would involve her opening her mouth and speaking, and as we’ve seen, every time she’s attempted to paint herself as the victim, she makes things worse for herself. If she loses the lawsuit, Ballantine will have a pariah on their hands for her next 4 publications, and banking on bigots to be that sustainable is not a sound financial decision.

      In addition, the “New Testament” wasn’t going to be one of Paula’s butter and sugar based Bibles, but a “lite” version of her cuisine, i.e. hold the butter, sugar, oil and anything that gives the food any taste. That’s always chancy as cookbooks go since there’s no guarantee the recipes would be any goddamn good – and it would have put them on the hook for four more volumes of the same, as well. This has huge outlays of cash and limited return written all over it.

      They saw a bullet coming, and they dodged it.

      • JC

        Yup. (Former publishing employee here.) Trying to push a cook book like this without Walmart and Target is death. Paula Deen fans aren’t the people you generally see reading in Barnes and Noble. Or people you generally see reading, period.

      • In addition, now that she’s publically recanted butter and sugar because she pretty much admitted it was a contributing factor to her Type 2 diabetes, and been taken to the woodshed by Anthony Bourdain for continuing to pitch that way of eating knowing what it was doing to the public, her backlist is utterly worthless to her publisher. Therefore, any value she might’ve had to any publisher would have been in her future “healthier” publications – and no one is fool enough to make a financial commitment of that magnitude on someone who thinks segregated bathrooms and entries in their restaurant isn’t any big deal.

  6. So if everybody who uses the word Ni**er in a hateful racist manner is henceforth banned from earning a living, rap music is a thing of the past now, right?
    Personally, I won’t even bother going to a wedding if they don’t have uniformed tap dancing black children.

    • Like you get invited to anything.

    • Hahahaha. “Banned from earning a living.” Why—of course Paula Deen has the right to be on the Food Network, and be the spokesperson for a diabetes drug, and have her cookware carried by Walmart, etc., etc. How dare they deprive her of such things she’s entitled to!

      As Fish points out, this is not about race relations, it’s about money. And it’s not about the evil liberal media culture banishing everyone who ever once uttered a slur, it’s about Paula Deen sullying her own brand. As long as her persona was simply associated with down-home country butter-and-sugar cooking and nothing more, she was a brand that could be marketed, because those are all good things people like. But now she, and therefore her brand, will forever be associated with her questionable racial attitudes.

      And no, it’s not “all because she said the N-word at gunpoint once in 1986.” If you bothered to read the deposition, Deen says she did not use the N-word at gunpoint, but rather said it to her then-husband in telling him about it afterwards. She further goes on to acknowledge that she’s used the N-word since then, but couldn’t recall the context.

      And whether or not the notorious “tap dancing ni–ers” anecdote is true, her deposition does include a passage where she longs for “a southern plantation wedding” with an all-black waitstaff like the kind she saw in a Southern restaurant one time, “but I would be afraid that somebody would misinterpret.” The passage also contains this revealing answer:

      Q. Is there any possibility, in your mind, that you slipped and used the word “n*gger” [in describing the waiters]?

      A. No, because that’s not what these men were. They were professional black men doing a fabulous job.

      She says she didn’t use the N-word here, not because she wouldn’t use that term, only because “that’s not what these men were.” The reasonable inference is that Deen believes there are people deserving of the N-word term, just not these men.

      And let’s not forget “most jokes are about Jewish people, rednecks, black folks” was her way of excusing racist jokes in the workplace.

      Lastly, and back to money, it’s notable that the Food Network decided not to renew Deen’s contract only a week before it was set to end. That Deen’s contract was still up in the air even before the deposition leaked is a good indicator that something else was at play in the Food Network’s decision—namely, that her ratings were down considerably.

      • I don’t think Deen actually makes those distinctions, because according to the allegations in the suit she doesn’t have a lot of respect for any black waitstaff, “professional” or not. I think she was clumsily trying to back away from the entire wedding concept by slathering it over with butter and syrup.

        Remember, her idea that the “fabulous job” these “professional black men” (is there such a thing as an amateur black man?) would be doing in this dream wedding would be emulating slaves in the antebellum South serving their white masters. Oh, excuse me, I mean “workers”. Because in Deen’s remade fantasy world, there are no slaves, only black “workers” who were “just like family” – yeah, “family” that was property and had no right to leave. Deen claims she got the idea from an actual function she attended, but somehow couldn’t even name the state it took place in, let alone the actual event.

      • Brevity is the soul of wit.
        This is why I find nothing you post here the least bit funny.

  7. Tyrone

    Truth be told; fish has a fetish for old, fat , white women. It probably goes back to something to do with his mother growing up.

  8. jK

    So her personality sucks. So does Alec Baldwin and many others who get free passes for equally awful or worse shit. I guess when you’re not in the favor of the in crowd, the bus is all washed and shined ready to repeated run and then back over its next victim.

    I don’t agree with her racist shit, but I think equal treatment would be fair.

    • JC

      Alec Baldwin is a rageaholic douchenozzle and, from the sounds of it, a shitty parent, but neither of those are illegal in and of themselves. The discriminatory business practices she’s accused of, however, are indeed illegal.

      But otherwise, yeah, you’re right. Nobody should ever be punished for anything unless every other single person who may have ever done that is punished equally and simultaneously. As the legal scholar who happens to be my 4-year-old-neice often argues, “IT’S NOT FAIR!”

    • Guest

      Alec Baldwin isn’t using this language as an employer in front of employees. Paula was repeatedly told about her numerous labor violations, and she ignored it. Even an outside consulting firm told her that she was opening up herself to lawsuits, and she ignored them.

    • Just what sort of “unequal” treatment do you think Paula is getting here that’s “unfair”? Here’s a hint – not all companies are alike, nor are they required to be, so the “fairness” and “equality” you yearn for in a capitalist market doesn’t exist. Some companies – not so surprisingly – find that people whose “personalities suck” and who have really put their foot in it, find those people aren’t a good fit to represent their products any longer, and some are remarkably clueless as to who they retain as their spokeshole. They have that right, no matter how “unfair’ you think that is. Under the law, Deen IS getting equal treatment – the government hasn’t arrested her, her restaurant hasn’t been confiscated and her assets haven’t been seized by the IRS, and that “equality” to be an asshole that’s provided by the First Amendment is all she’s ever been guaranteed.

      Michael Vick lost all his product endorsements way before he pled guilty to felony charges and got dropped from the Falcons, but he got picked up by the Eagles – not fair! Puma has already dropped Aaron Hernandez and he hasn’t even gotten to trial – not fair! Too bad Paula didn’t have a contract with Nike, since they’ve been wicked unfair since they haven’t severed ties with self-confessed cheater Lance Armstrong or serial adulterer Tiger Woods – how come they get away with keeping that fat endorsement deal? No fair!

      Maybe Deen should apply to Capitol One – the people that need them are over a barrel anyway, so they’re in no position to boycott shit when Baldwin has another public meltdown. Therefore, they can be as gutless as they like in the face of Baldwin’s incredibly brokedick explanation that calling someone a “toxic little queen” and claiming he restrained himself from ramming his foot up their ass because they’d enjoy it too much aren’t really homophobic. Or do you really think that because someone’s being a fucking douchebag and doesn’t get sufficiently smacked on the dick for it, every other douchebag should get a pass, because obviously no one should judge them? If you truly think that’s a reasoned argument, then you still haven’t figured out why you’re repeating high school again.

  9. “Paula Deen’s New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes, All Whitened Up”

    I’m looking forward to the chapter title “Watermelon for White Folk”

  10. Chinto

    America is now officially a nation of pussies where sticks and stones aren’t the only thing that can hurt you.

  11. Nacho libre is how to say book in Spanish, right?

  12. Paula Deen Mario Lopez
    Icelandic Les
    Commented on this photo:

    what is going on with his ear? is that a new toupee security feature? is he one of the David Icke lizard people?

  13. Paula Deen Mario Lopez
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    She’s look at Mario thinking, “damn s p i c”

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