Paula Deen Tried To Use Prop 8 To Get Her Lawsuit Dismissed. Of Course.

July 3rd, 2013 // 32 Comments
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“If y’all let homahsexuals like this’n here marry, then you must acquit.”

As this Paula Deen debacle has unrolled to reveal its bacon donut center with a butterfat butter glaze, I’ve been wondering how the hell her lawyer let her walk into a deposition and not only admit to using the word “nigger” at least once, but saying “Why, of course, she did,” because doesn’t everybody? On top of that, she continued to double down on the notion that it’d be practically splendid to see African Americans dressed like “servants” for a plantation-themed wedding. All things he should’ve threatened to withhold her insulin shot if she said to anyone not named Paula Deen. Turns out her lawyer is an idiot because he just tried to use the striking down of Prop 8 to get Lisa Jackson’s lawsuit thrown out because she’s not black and only black people can be offended by racism in the workplace. CNN reports:

Celebrity chef Paula Deen hopes the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing same-sex marriage to be legal in California will help in her defense against a racial discrimination lawsuit.
The woman alleging that she was subjected to a hostile work environment while working as an assistant manager at Deen’s restaurants is white and therefore doesn’t have the “standing,” or legal right, to claim racial discrimination, according to a motion filed Monday by Deen’s lawyer.

Of course, this would make sense if Lisa Jackson’s lawsuit wasn’t about being sexually harassed by Paula’s brother and, oh I dunno, pointing out that they actively discriminate against her co-workers with old timey racism which tends to make things hostile as shit:

“This lawsuit has never been about the N-word,” she said. “It is to address Ms. Deen’s patterns of disrespect and degradation of people that she deems to be inferior. I may be a white woman, but I could no longer tolerate her abuse of power as a business owner, nor her condonation of Mr. Hier’s despicable behavior on a day-to-day basis. I am what I am, and I am a human being that cares about all races, and that is why I feel it is important to be the voice for those who are too afraid to use theirs.”

*adjusts suspenders* Ladies and gentleman, I’m no big city lawyer. I don’t have a fancy law degree or a fine leather-bound briefcase, but I have read several John Grisham novels which bares no resemblance to what I’m about to say: If Paula Deen says that Lisa Jackson has no “standing” to sue for discrimination, is Paula Deen herself not admitting to said discrimination? Now I’m not accusing Ms. Deen of being a racist, mercy me, no, but I do declare her argument seems to be, “If you ain’t colored, then it ain’t no skin off your backfat what I do to colored.” And if that didn’t just win this here legal skirmish, I saw a noose in her purse. Right hand to God.

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  1. Frank Burns

    Where are the Paula Deen bikini photos that we expect to accompany stories about her?!?

  2. JC

    So the lawsuit should be dismissed because now-legal gay marriage entered a wormhole and made her do racist things in the past? I’m so confused.

    • SCOTUS didn’t rule on the Prop 8 challenge because the people who filed it couldn’t demonstrate that it damaged them, and “for a federal court to have authority under the Constitution to settle a dispute, the party before it must seek a remedy for a personal and tangible harm”. Paula Deen’s legal genius stunt team is claiming that the white manager who filed the lawsuit wasn’t damaged by the discriminatory practices aimed toward the black employees. So, basically, Deen’s argument is that if you’re white, you shouldn’t give a shit if anyone who’s black – let alone a fellow employee – is treated unfairly. Genius – if you overlook the fact that this argument is a total PR disaster. Deen’s team obviously thinks the argument that “if none of the black employees care enough about being discriminated against to sue that means Paula is innocent!” is a winner. Jesus H. Christ, if there are any other contracts of sponsors who haven’t severed ties with her, this move should be the one that does it.

      Unfortunately for Deen, Jackson’s suit has a sexual harassment component due to the porn that brother Bubba thought was funny to bring to the restaurant, in addition to the claim that women were never promoted past a certain level. Discrimination and harassment is contributory to a hostile work environment, in which Jackson was a manager, so plenty of standing as I see it.

    • Unlike schmidtler, I’m no fake Internet lawyer, but as I understand it, it goes like this: The Supreme Court dismissed the Prop 8 case because the appellants, a bunch of private antigay organizations, didn’t have the legal standing to pursue the case. Which is to say, they couldn’t demonstrate specific, personal, tangible injury or harm to themselves if California let the gays marry. (Let that roll around in your head for a minute. The people who are all about how gay weddings are threatening the institution of marriage and American society and the world as we know it couldn’t convince the Supreme Court that that harm existed, and presumably couldn’t find someone to front their suit who could demonstrate any personal, tangible harm.)

      Prop 8, itself, has nothing to do with Paula Deen, her brother Bubba’s (allegedly!) racist/sexist/pornographic restaurant management, or the Legend of the Tap-Dancing Southern Plantation Wedding. According to this news story, though, the Supreme Court’s dismissal of the Prop 8 suit made Deen’s lawyer realize, “Oh, right, standing, I forgot about that.” Even though standing is an age-old legal concept and the Supreme Court’s ruling didn’t break any new ground on the matter, and any lawyer worth his salt would have brought this motion ages ago.

      So, yeah, if we’re to believe this news story, Paula Deen’s attorney is an idiot. I wonder if he works in the same firm as that “knock-knock” lawyer defending George Zimmerman.

      • If so, that firm misplaced Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, because it’s clear they didn’t bother to fucking read it. Nothing in it claims that the employee filing the complaint has to be of any particular race or gender, all that matters is harassment or a hostile work environment – so they’re trying to get the suit tossed on what isn’t even a valid technicality.

        That’s fine if your client isn’t in the public eye – she is. The fact that they pulled this stunt really means Deen is just circling the wagons now to try to prevent massive damages – which tells me even she thinks she’ll lose the suit if it’s allowed to come to court. She’s reportedly down $12M so far in sponsor/contract cancellations, and is trying to cut her losses. This is it – she’ll never get any of it back now, because she’s her own worst enemy.

      • I’m toying with the theory that this whole motion is one big publicity stunt—that Deen’s lawyer knew that the Prop 8 angle, bullshit though it is, was enough of a news hook that it would get this sort of attention and make Lisa Jackson look like someone without a real case who’s after poor Paula’s hard-earned money. Of course, it’s a questionable strategy since a) bullshit; and b) it keeps the case in the public spotlight, which isn’t beneficial to Deen’s image. But then, he wouldn’t be the first lawyer whose attempts at PR strategy failed miserably.

      • Smapdi

        I suspect Deen’s lawyer knows this is a vapid pursuit, but is churning the account of his desperate client by running up huge hours of billable fees pursuing tangents and unlikely legal strategies before all her money goes away.

      • TomFrank, if it’s a publicity stunt, it must’ve been designed by Deen’s worst enemy, because it’s being perceived that her reasoning is that if you’re white you have no real business being skeeved when you see really heinous racism going on in your workplace. The result is that Sears and a few more slow-to-catch-on sponsors dropped Paula yesterday – good work, guys!

        FYI, if you want to get technical, the Prop 8 ruling was because its proponents (the aforementioned anti-gay groups) filed the suit to defend it in place of CA state officials before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. It had to be CA that mounted a valid challenge since the state alone – not some independent group – has the right to regulate “domestic relations”. (That’s why you get a marriage license from your state, not the Federal government – or some guy down the block.) Those groups had no right to represent the state of California before that court, so that’s why SCOTUS ruled that they had no standing. And because they were the only group to appeal to the Ninth Circuit to uphold Prop 8, the Supremes’ decision that they had no standing means the Ninth Circuit’s previous ruling has now been reversed and vacated – therefore CA has no right to enforce Prop 8. BOOYA!

        Anyway, the only way that “standing” would be a legitimate challenge here is if Lisa Jackson weren’t an employee in Paula Deen’s evil web of restaurant corporations, since she’s suing for negligent retention – meaning that Paula should have fired her douchebag of a brother due to racism, sexual harassment and a shitload of other employment fouls that directly impacted Jackson as a manager, but chose not to.

      • an actual lawyer

        Actually, hostile work environment is the wrong standard. She’s suing for negligent retention, sexual harassment, assault, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress. She’s trying to make the argument that because she complained about other people potentially being discriminated against, and Paula and CO didn’t immediately fire everyone she accused of harassment, that it was negligent on the corporation’s part. It’s basically saying, I saw my boss hate black people, and I find that offensive, so I told my boss, and my boss did nothing, so as a result, I’m injured emotionally and should get paid.

      • Jackson’s suing for damages due to specific instances of harassment and discrimination that she experienced directly, and if she can show an incredibly hostile workplace environment, so much the better.

        The beauty of that negligent retention claim is that Jackson actually took the place of a manager who Bubba Hiers had fired – on Deen’s orders – because he was nailing the underage waitstaff and she wasn’t going to lose her empire “over a piece of pussy”. That certainly indicates that Paula could be plenty responsive (and actually proud of it) when it came to dealing with those who are not family members who commit sexual harassment and statutory rape, but when it came to any other objectionable behavior perpetrated by her “humorous” brother – well, not so much. Jackson has standing; her attorney’s no fool.

      • “All Counsels please adjourn to chambers for an in camera discussion of these issues. This will be off the record so the court reporter can remain here…”

      • Hey now, I don’t wander around Mandee’s and tell the fat broads what looks good on them, so lay off the amateur legal opinions!

  3. Will Shakespeare

    Paula Deen, thou art a beauteous niggard.

  4. Wow this is crazy ,FU logic. Right so if I was a POW ,who witnessed the gassing of Jews ,my witnessed evidence would not be applied against those guards for crimes against humanity?
    Because I was not a Jew, just forget it, I didn’t see or smell such a hideous crime perpetrated by defendants ?

    • Well sort of – you can bring evidence and witness all you want, but Deen’s legal argument is that you have no right to bring suit against the Nazis because you have no standing if you’re not Jewish. And besides, as a white Aryan, what the hell are you doing wasting your time with nonsense like this? Were you raised by wolves?

      • Hold on man, I was agreeing with person(who was white) who witnessed her fucked up behavior and stated it doesn’t matter in terms of color/race period,she was a Mega-Bitch HARDCORE.
        I was trying to give an analogy ,being non Jewish doesn’t lessen one’s duty as a human being to testify, peace.

      • You misunderstand – I was totally being sarcastic in the last two lines but the damn internet limits my sardonicus rex tone. Peace! It was a good analogy, and quite true that just because something doesn’t impact you directly that doesn’t mean you’re absolved of involvement or responsibility. However, when it comes to law, the whole point of a civil suit is not because something is unjust in general and although you weren’t directly impacted by it you think it isn’t right so you sue, but because you have been directly damaged by the actions of another and are seeking redress to be made whole.

        Deen’s team is very conveniently ignoring the part of Jackson’s suit where she’s suing for shit that happened to her personally, and are trying to make this all go away by focusing on the examples of the toxic workplace environment she gave. I think Jackson did claim that the discrimination did impact her directly because she has mixed-race nieces/nephews, they’re through a former marriage on her husband’s side or some damn thing, hence the “standing” challenge. You can use your John Donne argument and say that any injustice to a fellow human hurts you, and while it’s true from an humanitarian aspect, legally it’s for shit since the courts have no way to rule on damages re how much a white person is actually injured by discrimination to her black co-workers. They should all bring a class-action suit and knock the standing issue out of the box for good.

  5. rantatonne

    Next video she posts should be her deep-frying a goose in butter.

  6. Reece_c

    lol I had no idea that she was white and I’m thankful that she is. Usually when a black person cries foul on racism ppl automatically think that we are making it up or being too sensitive. Her being white legitimizes the claim.



  8. The bitch’s deep fried cheese has done fell right off her cracker. The cracker being that dumbass brother that she should’ve dumped when he acted a fool the first time. He’s her kin, but she could’ve given him money or put him in a old Klansmen’s home somewhere.

    Ugh, I’m sick of them, this includes the Jackson woman, who you can bet says the Word That Shall Not Be Said every single day of her life. And will probably sing it as she dances(badly) all the way to the bank. Silly ass hypocritical gold-digger. Well, fuck that shit.

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  10. Dargonfyre

    Wow, the whole thing is about money, it’s all stupid, as are all of the people involved…

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