Paul Walker might be in reasonable shape

January 20th, 2009 // 63 Comments

Here’s Paul Walker of Fast and the Furious fame enjoying a little R&R with his girlfriend in Hawaii yesterday. Because basically I’m posting pics of attractive people to counteract the Madonna post from this morning. Sure, I could’ve just photographed a ham sandwich, but it had that mustard I like. It knew the risks.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Steven Sodomite

    That girl is hands down the hottest girl I have seen on this site in weeks. She has a perfect body and a cute face even without makeup. I can only imagine what she looks like when she’s dressed to nines or what she looks like when there’s a giant cock in her pussy.

  2. Jimmy Jim

    lol i love how women bitch when posters tear apart the chicks bodies. but when women blast men’s bodies its somehow ok!

    ladies get off your high horse, get your ass in a gym, and quit bitching. Men will like you more, women will like you more equally. Its not a difficult concept to grasp.

  3. thisislame

    camel – exactly you and your dogs – enough said
    (couldnt find a women dumb enough yet to date you huh?)

    jimmy jim- no, this is equal opportunity offending- get a brain

    and thanks for playing folks- you always play right into it! loves it

  4. youarestupid

    you are morons
    thanks for playing folks
    you never let me down!

  5. why can't we be friends?

    guys, the girls are angry because boys always say how hot the girls are on this site and this makes the females feel inaqeduate.

    girls, the guys talk, sometimes in detail, about how they want to do these famous girls but most of them would never get the chance because they are too unattractive.

    the truth is these guys and girls pay each other out because deep down they feel love for one another.

  6. fa

    no the girls are angry because there are alot of cute girls out there and not enough cute SLENDER boys. thats why.

  7. fa

    no the girls are angry because there are many cute girls but not enough cute slender boys to go around. thats why

  8. fa

    no the girls are angry because there are many cute girls but not enough cute slender boys to go around. thats why

  9. ana carolina

    how can guys be comfortable wearing those baggy shorts in salt water/??? I’m brazilian and if I see a guy at the beach with shorts like those hittin on me I would totally laugh on his face….

  10. Tanya

    I hate guys who have man boobs that are fat but then they want us to be all perfect screw that crap we need more fine men in the world the type that make u cream your pants

  11. I want Paul Walker in my bed every night.

    all i know is.. that Paul is sexy as hell, and his girl is not cute in face nor is her body hot. she has no boobs, no ass (well maybe a little, and it looks like a lot of sex gave her that; peep the stretch marks), no hips.. just a flat stomach. but i will say if he’s been with her for so long he must really care about her. if she makes him happy then more power to them. i envy her.. she has Paul SEXY ASS walker

  12. This and future star in the film industry has certainly stay in shape, no doubt about eating properly, and lots of exercise. Keep up the good work Paul!

  13. He dumped her in 2011.

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