On Paul Walker And Driving Like A Shithead

December 6th, 2013 // 238 Comments
Paul Walker

Yesterday afternoon, around 3:30, two kids in a Dodge Neon with one of those shit-ass muffler thingies sped down the road in my little half-circle development trying to drift on the corners. Several small children live here, by the way, and are often playing outside. The idiots then came back for a second pass before I burst out of my house and caught their plate number while they gawked at me like I’m the asshole as they sped away. They’re just driving their car, man? What’s the big deal?

Which brings me to Paul Walker‘s death and how no one’s talking about the American mindset on cars.

Before I even get into this, let me just say that, yes, I know Paul Walker was universally considered a nice guy who did things like secretly pay for a soldier’s engagement ring. And, yes, I know that he wasn’t driving the Porsche that left him dead last Saturday afternoon. And, no, this isn’t a post where I say I’m glad he’s dead and left behind a daughter to drive up clicks. (Please don’t Google the person who did write exactly that because then I’ll regret even typing that sentence.) But, here’s the rub, Paul Walker was part of a culture where driving a car however you want is more important than other people’s lives. Because here’s what we do know:

- The crash occurred at three in the afternoon on a public street.
- The Porsche was still going at least 90 mph on said street, so the fact they weren’t racing is irrelevant.
- There were doughnut marks found near the crash, and Roger Rodas and Paul Walker routinely tested out cars on the street for fun and profit to “see what they could do.”

So regardless of the fact that the Porsche that killed them explodes if a squirrel farts, these two have a history of driving like assholes on streets where people are just trying to get from Point A to Point B. And, no, I’m not trying to issue a referendum on your average, run of the mill speeding because even I just got popped doing 70 in a 55 on the turnpike. I’m talking about the very American mentality of, “This is my car, and I’m gonna drive it how I want,” because we’re a selfish, drooling toddler of a nation that’s running around the department store of the world unsupervised and yelling “CAR GO VROOM, GUN GO BANG!” So if you’re wondering why I haven’t really said much about Paul Walker’s death, it’s not that I’m glad he died, unlike Andrew Breitbart, it’s that I’m not entirely broken up when someone who recklessly drives a steel murderbox on wheels bites it, and I don’t really get why anyone who’s not an immediate family member would be either because fuck these idiots.

Fortunately, the lessons of Paul’s lifestyle won’t be lost on his fans, and they’ll move forward into a new age of respect for others and vehicular safety.

Or do burn-outs and doughnuts at the crash site before speeding away. Just nuke us. Somebody nuke us.

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  1. Deacon Jones

    Fish, maybe they were gawking at you because you ran outside wearing only a pair of socks and a “Boba Fett 4 Life” belly t-shirt

      • All I can say is God rest their souls. They were both human beings, and humans make mistakes. Asshole driving or not, dead is dead!
        To their families, and friends I am truly sorry for your loss.

      • Frankie

        People do make mistakes and I’m greatly sorry for the losses of their families but I live in Santa Clarita. My kid takes gymnastics right across the street from where the car exploded. My dentist is right around the corner. Our family dermatologist is there too. There’s absolutely no reason to be doing 150 in that area. Can you imagine if they had plowed into people? I hope their death wasn’t in vain and people get that if you want to precision drive, do it on a track with the right tires.

      • being dead doesn’t absolve you from driving like an asshole, contributing to a culture that encourages people to drive like assholes, or fucking the 16 year old girl you hired to babysit your daughter when you’re 33. he was a disgusting human being and he died the only way he deserved to…in a fire

      • True, but to be honest, “WHERE” were they (the 16 yo babysitter’s PARENTS) when that 33 yo grown man was sleeping with their 16 yo daughter? “HOW” did Paul Walker, ( a HANDSOME, WELL-KNOWN, Hollywood celebrity) get access to this young girl and her 16 yo vagina? The Age of Consent in California was/still is 18, so obviously her parents allowed it to happen? Why? For a paycheck/notoriety/BOTH? That 16 yo girl’s PARENTS are the ones who should really be held accountable, NOT the deceased Paul Walker.

    • maria

      as far as assholes go you seem to be top of line

      • Maria what makes them top line assholes, was it what they said
        about plowing into innocent children, or the fact that the character
        Paul Walker portraits in the movies does influence other young
        people movie or not. Because I know you are smart enough to
        know new immature drivers tend to be more influenced in things such as this. Young people in general are influenced
        a lot easier, it’s the nature of the best. There is a reason why the
        insurance rates and stats are what they are. But in either case,
        the comments of the individuals you have a problem with are
        true, weather you like it or not. May I add it’s even more amplified
        by the fact that Paul Walker dove like that off the set as well
        as befriended people who did. I think what we have here is
        that you are bias because Paul Walker was a good looker
        and you being a “Maria”, well I think you get where I’m going.
        And if that’s the case the validity of you opinion is in question,
        as well as you selfishness. In my book, the safety of innocent
        children and pedestrians is more important then your
        admiration for a movie star, or the desire of an individual
        to drive like an ass. One more question Maria, do you
        have any kids?, I wonder. Have a nice day.

    • Dr. Neanderthal

      no kidding, I’d speed away from that sight too

  2. It's Always Sunny in Atlanta

    Paul Walker wasn’t driving. You don’t have to try to turn every death in to a “teaching moment” mommy.

    He played a role in a movie. He was working, not petitioning everyone to go fucking drift the parking lot at a crowded shopping mall.

    I seriously doubt you’ve never sped, run a read light, sent a text while driving, eaten a cheese burger while masturbating while driving (only me?) so get off the fucking high horse.

    • Try reading the post where I literally address almost every point you just made.

      Also get back to me when it’s a McRib, amateur.

      • It's Always Sunny in Atlanta

        This is how your post reads:

        Paul Walker is dead, he deserved it because TMZ said he he drives like an asshole. Nevermind the fact he wasn’t even driving, he still got what he deserves because some brain dead kids try to copy professional stuntmen in a fictional movie he starred in.

        I don’t always agree with your views, but at least the posts make a valid argument and I get what you’re trying to say. This post is a reach at best and somewhat distasteful.

      • if driving 90+ in a city zone isn’t asshole driving I don’t know what is

      • It's Always Sunny in Atlanta

        Again – this post isn’t about the driver of the car, but the passenger. For all you know he could have been telling him to slow down (not likely, but you can’t prove otherwise)

      • JimmyJ

        Atlanta, you should read the post again, then read your comments, then delete them.

      • Um, that’s not how the post reads, Atlanta. I have serious doubts about your reading comprehension skills now.

      • TheTruth

        If there was a tree to die on, then his buddy was not professionally driving anything. If Paul was too ignorant at the time to ask his moron buddy to pull over and let him out… he’s just as at fault. ATLANTA must be in middle school and has not been allowed the privilege to drive. Maybe ATLANTA has never had friends to make an adult decision like that. Or ATLANTA is just mindless and follows. ATLANTA needs a “mommy” to smack him around a bit. Whatta Dick.

      • Mama Pinkus

        no one is saying they deserved it – they’re saying maybe rich people can play with their toys in a non-public setting where they endanger only their own lives

      • I had a McRib yesterday. Pure awesomeness pressed into a patty and drenched in low quality BBQ sauce. Good times.

      • woodhorse

        So these two having monumentally poor judgment is fundamentally different than Whats-his-name Hulk Hogan’s son and his Not-Wearing-A-Seatbelt Army friend?

      • TheTruth

        Interesting wording, but you are 100% right. This article is for those two morons as well. Prevent these kinds of ”accidents”. Though it isn’t really an accident if it was done consciously with poor outcome. When I heard this story I was relieved to hear that no innocent people were injured or killed.

      • Jerube

        Again remember Paul W was not driving. This whole post, although, maybe a hairline valid (if that), is pretty much shit cause HE WAS NOT DRIVING.

        Fish you should know better, do what you’re good at. Writing about some guy that came out in a movie about racing cars, who happened to die in a car accident, that wasn’t his fault. All because some young kids were drifting in front of your house, while you were in your pajamas, while you were either taking a shit or watching reruns of Chico and the Man. I mean seriously ..

      • Yeah you lament about what an *sshole you are in the article and then proceed to glibly drone on, invoking the memory of a guy who clearly contributed more to society than writing self righteous essays on a so-so celeb gossip site. How noble,

      • Is it me or did I just read a post by Fish with a little social and political commentary on an individual’s actions that I agreed with?

        Wow, I figured you had to throw the Breitbart comment in there to keep your conservative leanings in the closet.

        Its a start.

    • Jade

      Since when is being a conscientious and responsible driver “being on a high horse”?

      Prove to me that Paul Walker was screaming the entire time for the driver to stop, and trying to get out of the car. Can you? Otherwise, get of your high horse.

    • Just this once

      Love the fact you called him “Mommy” because like my mum, he talks sense, cares, doesn’t condescend and generally rocks. And I love her, and this site.

      • I agree, I love your mum too. She has the tightest, wettest pussy I’ve ever experienced. She was a bit resistant to the anal at first, but she came around. She came around.

      • Just this once

        OK. I’m assuming I’m supposed to be outraged for something you implied about my saint-like mother. For some reason comments like that don’t do anything to daughters which is probably why we should be the only ones in charge of wars.

    • Convex

      Was Fish indulging in his tendency to preach? He sure was; he does it often, especially on social issues that are often blown way out of proportion. Is it tiresome? It sure is. I’m not interested in what a gossip columnist thinks that I should think; I’m also not interested in what a gossip columnist thinks on social issues.

      That said, in this particular case, Fish is right, and this is a rare case of Fish not jumping onto the boo-hoo bandwagon, deliberately ignoring the fact that Walker and Rodas brought their deaths on themselves (and that their insane driving was a regular thing). Where Fish all-too-often tows the extreme-liberal line, today he is not; he is pointing out the personal responsibility aspect of this story, and instead of condemning him, you should applaud him.

      Liberals aren’t known for embracing personal responsibility; just ask POTUS and his Mooch about that.

      Thank you, Fish, for reminding all of us that cars are dangerous machines, and when used in the wrong way by the wrong people, they can kill. If they wanted to see what that car could do, a track designed for that purpose was the place to do it, not a public street. There is a time and a place for everything; Walker and Rodas learned the hard way that they chose badly.

      Here’s hoping that the real lesson in all this will hit home to a few so that they don’t make the same stupid choice.

      • It’s amazing how you can agree with a writer and STILL come off like a complete twat.

      • Convex

        And I give a shit what you think … why? Pipe down, loser; your jealousy of articulate people (such as myself) is showing. You too could communicate more effectively if you weren’t such a guttersnipe. Move on.

      • Danevan

        Listen Convex, I generally agree with your point. However, if you are going to make such a point about your literacy levels you need to avoid murdering reflexive pronouns whilst doing it. I have been an english teacher a long time and the standard approach of people who know nothing about grammar is to use ‘myself’ when they should be using ‘me’, simply because it is a longer word and they assume it will make them sound smarter. It doesn’t.

      • “murdering” reflexive pronouns? what if they just get bruised a little? how about someone just says whatever they want and we put the red pencil down cause we know what they meant anyways? I shudder to think how many psych patients would have to live their lives in heavily medicated silence just to avoid offending the Speech Police. Or, Jesus!, immigrants would never be allowed to assimilate if they don’t get their words right on the first try. (to the left, to the left…..now swim). Can I assume that you really admire Snoop Dogg because he doesn’t pretentiously try to sound smarter?

      • Danevan

        Snoop Dog, immigrants, and any other group can speak however the hell they want. But if the main subject of their speech is to denigrate others based on the way in which they ‘articulate myself’ then I think that they had better be prepared to have the way they do it commented on.

      • Danevan
        - missing comma after “levels”
        - should be “level” instead of “levels”
        - improper use of the word “murdering”
        - “whilst” is not American Standard English
        - did not capitalize “English”
        - “for a long time” instead of “a long time”
        - should have a comma after “time”

        Who knew being a douche could be so much fun?

      • Actually, Dorothy, five of those seven points are a matter of style, not grammatical necessity. Only points 2 and 5 are legitimate criticisms.

      • That is probably true, but I guess I don’t like his style. I don’t profess to be an English teacher either. I’m just making a point about how stupid it is to argue grammar on a message board.

      • How do you write anything when you’re so busy fellating yourself convex?

      • Aw, Convex, look what you did. Now Jezzer is crying. WTF dude.

        Look, we all agree: you are a titan among angry shut-ins who post long and bile-filled diatribes on titty gossip sites. But can you be a little less Batman and a bit more Superman, and maybe leave a *tad* fewer broken collarbones when you have to throw your weight around?

        Please. YOU’RE SCARING US. Don’t you get it? Can’t you see, you glorious fool? YOU’RE TOO GOOD. TOO PERFECT FOR THIS WORLD. The rest of us can’t survive in the radiant shadow of your burning halo!! Please, grant us surcease, the mantle of your majesty it… burns… I can’t…





      • I bet he looks nothing like Miley or Da Beeeeeeber,both complete Twat did you say???Let’s not forget that Paul Walker died doing public service.He was decorating a tree for the Holidays.

  3. Poison Ivy League

    Fucking THANK YOU, Fish. Good person or not don’t drive like a dumb shit.

  4. nicole

    I have the biggest crush on your intellect. That sentence made me vomit inside my mouth, but I will not retract it.

  5. I’m for driving 90 on residential streets about as much as I am bringing assault rifles into an elementary school, but your commentary on everything scary… Could you be a bigger puss?

    • It's Always Sunny in Atlanta

      Agreed – starting to sound like the old man in his bathrobe, yelling at all the kids from his front lawn.

  6. Ever since The Fast and the Furious movies came out, a lot of low-IQ assholes have been copying them on American streets. People have gotten themselves and others killed. There were even idiots doing doughnuts ON THE FREEWAY DURING RUSH HOUR in the Bay Area.

    And what have you learned, Dorothy?

    Not a goddamned thing.

    As Douglas Adams once wrote: “You live and you learn. At any rate, you live.”

    Or in this case, you don’t.

    Paul Walker and his friend weren’t teenagers. No, Paul Walker wasn’t driving, but he was 40 years old. At some point, couldn’t he have said: “Hey, buddy, you’re going too fast. We’re a couple of middle-aged guys and this is some stupid testosterone-fueled adolescent bullshit.”

    • It's Always Sunny in Atlanta

      Oh good – you know for a fact that he didn’t?

    • asshole have been driving like assholes since assholes and fast cars were invented. this is nothing new.

      • Seriously, what’s the first thing they did when they rolled their new invention out of the barn.

      • I’ve read many articles over the last couple of years about how the American “car culture” is in decline. The reason being that the younger generation doesn’t have enough money to buy performance cars anymore and that they would rather be playing Call of Duty than out driving or working on their car. As a result, there are likely to be less performance car options in the future. I think it’s a fair assumption that there were more asshole drivers 20 year ago than there are now.

  7. shonzie

    “we’re a selfish, drooling toddler of a nation that’s running around the department store of the world unsupervised and yelling “CAR GO VROOM, GUN GO BANG!” ”

    Best metaphor of today’s ‘Merican masses ever!!

  8. huh?

    Good rant FISH!!!!….at least 90mph on a public street. END OF DISCUSSION. Like them or not, they both made a bonehead move.

  9. JimmyJ

    Good post. 100% agree with everything you said.

  10. snide

    WOW.. Just one more piece like that and your future with PEOPLE is assured. [slow clap] Bravo…. You’re a regular HL Menken

  11. There’s a mall near where I live that has signs on the street that says “Road racing prohibited between the hours of x and x. Race attendance is prohibited”.

    I’m not joking, it literally says illegal street racing is illegal between a set of hours. It’s illegal 24 x 7, but for some fucking reason they decided to put up signs specifying a set of hours…leading people to believe racing in the goddamn street is legal at other times.

  12. Swearin

    Let me preface this by saying – I AM NOT CONDONING RECKLESS DRIVING AND SPEEDING – However, I’ve been to Valencia, and actually worked out in the area of it where this accident happened; it’s 80% wide open streets surrounded by isolated field offices and warehouses. Even on a weekday the chance of having pedestrians out and about, let alone other cars, is very low. It may have been a dumb, fatal idea to do this but they chose a good spot for test driving, anyway.

    • I’d say the fact that two people burned to death makes a pretty good case for “did not choose a good spot for test driving”.

    • You know what makes a good spot for test driving a high performance vehicle at fast speeds? A fucking test track.

      • Convex

        Like you’d ever have a car worth taking to a track to test. KIA is more your speed, and who’s gonna take driving advice from someone who drives one of those?

      • Yeah Jezzer! What kind of pussy thinks that city streets aren’t good for testing performance cars? Just because nobody else on the road knows you’re about to turn their commute into the autobahn, you think it’s somehow unsafe? Maybe the people driving like loonies are shooting a secret movie “French Connection” style. Do you want to be the one to ruin their right to high speed fun just because it’s stupid and illegal?

      • @Convex – No one likes you. Go away.

      • Dox

        Exactly Jez…
        Because the type of car you own, precludes you from realizing that the safest place to test a vehicles performance is one in which there is no other traffic, a safety crew, and safety equipment.

        That’s what 911 is for. Assuming of course that your Emergency response system isn’t currently underfunded, understaffed, and underequipped thanks to the budget cuts. And assuming of course, that you can survive the roughly 4-6 minutes it takes for a response team to arrive on scene…. and then the indeterminable amount of time it would take to a) put out the fire, and b) extract you from the flames, and then of course there’s the trip to the hospital which will average around 6-8 minutes. Assuming the crash didn’t kill you outright, and the flames didn’t cook your lungs, or the toxins from the burning car fluids, or parts cause chemical burns to your lungs….

        Much better to take it to the streets, and “keep it real.”

      • Now I have Micheal MacDonald in my head singing “Takin’ it to the Streets.”

  13. No mention of Ryan Dunn or Nick Hogan?

  14. pornstar

    Death is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, worse than having sex with your father till he dies of lung cancer at 67. Millions of people die in tragic car accidents, every day, and not as passengers/drivers in a ferrari. Their bodies are found mangled and bloodied in Hyundai’s, Fords, GMC truck, (insert,shit cars made in Mexico, here). Paul Walker died tragically and young-ish, he left behind a 15 yr old daughter and parents who will miss him terribly. On a more pleasant note, I am getting pay equity, and don’t know if I should buy myself perfume, or invest in some stock? I know nothing about stock. I’ve never seen the inside of a ferrari, and probably never will. I am alive. I win.

    • meme

      “Death is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, worse than having sex with your father till he dies of lung cancer at 67.” WTF are you talking about?

      • Well, the question is, “would you rather die, or have sex with your father until he dies of lung cancer at 67″

        I dunno. If my dad was 30, I would probably choose death, cause that’s a lot of incestuous gay (I’m male) fucking. If he’s 66, now I gotta do some more thinking. I’d probably fuck him for a year if it meant I get to live longer.

      • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

        I fucked my Dad once. His cock tasted like blue cheese. I like blue cheese : )

    • My dad is 75, thankyouverymuch.

  15. Ironballs McGillicutty


    You’re good and tits and dick jokes. Stay with tits and dick jokes.

    If I am able to afford a $250,000 supercar and I want it, then I get to buy it and do whatever I want to in it. If I get pulled over, or in this case, wrap it around a pole, so be it. It’s personal choice.

    Fast and the Furious didn’t just all of a sudden make people drive like assholes. Cars have been a uniquely American tradition, fast cars even more so! The hot rods of the 30′s, 40′s and 50′s. The muscle cars of the 60′s and 70′s with the Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles and Corvettes. These things are truly American and have become a part of our culture. Freedom to do whatever we want and/or pay the price if it comes to that.

    Just because you don’t enjoy fast cars and feel we should all drive Prius’ doesn’t mean those same feelings should be prescribed to us all.

    And for fucks sake, all it does is thin out the herd. You say people shouldn’t be all emotional about stupid shit like this and then you go get all uppity and emotional about this stupid shit.


    • “If I’m able to afford a supercar and I want it, then I get to buy it and do whatever I want to in it. Even wrap it around a pole and possibly kill other people on the street or on the sidewalks, because when you crash a car, by definition you don’t have control over it and whether you hit anyone else before it’s all over. That’s just personal choice.”

      Your logic.

      • DBN

        Sorry, but your right to drive a supercar like an idiot ends exactly where my expectation of having a safe road to drive my Prius on begins. Case in point: Thomas Howard was speeding down a freeway a few weeks ago when struck a truck going at a normal highway speed. Howard spun out of control, and launched his BMW over the center divider on the highway and into the path of an oncoming Honda. Both drivers were killed (I personally think the Honda driver had a reasonable expectation that he wouldn’t be killed by a flying BMW that night). So, go ahead and drive as fast as you want on a test track; however, you have an obligation to drive sanely as soon as the wheels of your supercar hit a a public road.

    • I also think that according to this logic, traffic laws are not part of our culture, and therefor we don’t need to follow them?

      • Ironballs McGillicutty

        Not a single person on this thread, or even reading this site can say they’ve never broken a traffic law. So you can offer that point, but it’s negated by your high-horse riding, excessively weepy, bleeding heart, limped dick hypocrisy.

        We have laws, you’re supposed to follow them but people don’t. That’s why we have punishments for not doing so. So, if you have a fast car, and drive it fast, you can. But you may have to pay the price for doing so.

        Let people live. Or in this case, let them die.

        Nanny state virgins.

      • Ironballs McGillicutty

        Oh, and I forgot…


      • Convex

        I have a Cayman, and if I want to drive it fast, I take it to a track. I don’t do 90 mph on city/county streets. Only a self-absorbed ass wipe would do that.

        I’m no saint; I’ll go faster through yellow lights, and briefly tap my breaks at four-way stops when nothing is coming. We all do it. But there’s a huge difference between those types of sins and doing stupid shit with a car that’s notoriously high strung.

        It’s a shame they’re dead. But it’s a worse shame that they did it to themselves. Just sayin’.

      • woodhorse

        I hate alligators.

      • It’s actually spelled “B-R-A-K-E-S,” Mr. “You’re just jealous of articulate people such as myself.”

        Hope this helps.

      • Ripley's Believe It Or Not

        **Not a single person on this thread, or even reading this site can say they’ve never broken a traffic law. So you can offer that point, but it’s negated by your high-horse riding, excessively weepy, bleeding heart, limped dick hypocrisy.**

        Hey genius, I’ve never violated a traffic law because I’ve never driven a car (at 43 years of age, still no driver’s license). Where & how I live (not the USA), I’ve never needed (the hassle of owning) a car. There’s goes your shitty logic completely up in smoke. All your hypocrisy drops roll of my duck’s back.

    • Jade

      I have a GT500. I don’t have an attitude of “its my body and my car so I can be a dumbshit all I want” in any form. Once you die, you still broke that pole you hit, and if that is your philosophy, that makes you sound like a selfish and ignorant idiot. I do like how you seem to imply that while you might kill your self, it is absolutely under your control that you cannot possibly kill anyone else. Frickin hilarious.

      • Ironballs McGillicutty

        I never said that, or even inferred that. My entire bit has been about you can make your own choices but you may have to suffer the consequences.

        You frequent a site that is completely based on judging other people, yet you’re trying to convince me you give a shit about other people?

        As a liberal, I’m asking you to take your liberal bullshit to a site that focuses on liberal bullshit. So that fish can get back to the TITTIES!

        Don’t encourage him.


      • I’m actually praying now that you do wrap your car around a telephone pole. If that was the point of your posts, then congratufuckinglations on your success.

      • Dox

        I always thought it was “congratafuckyoulations”.

      • You imply, Ironballs. We infer.

      • DBN

        I think you’ve illustrated the fundamental problem with reckless drivers very nicely, Ironballs: They don’t seem to be aware of the fact, or perhaps care about the fact, that there are other people on the road.

    • Beltliner

      The gaping hole in your “I do what I want” tirade is that driving a fast car like an asshole has a very good chance of injuring or killing another person when you spin out and destroy yourself. Roger Rodas and Paul Walker could’ve just as easily put that Porsche into the side of a packed school bus as around a telephone pole, but I really don’t think it wouldn’t have made a damn difference to you jerkoffs.

      In short, your “freedom” to do whatever you want ends when it puts other people at risk. Unfortunately too many people are selfish assholes who don’t get that, and the rest of us all too often end up paying for it.

    • Americans think they invented everything! The fastest cars are Italian so I dont think this is originally an American past time. Rubirosa died the same way as Paul walker, crashing into a tree and he was Dominican and in Europe at the time.

  16. I 100% agree as well, and can’t believe that some people are going to such great lengths (those lengths being repeatedly trolling the internet) to defend the situation. It’s a bad situation, no one denies that. It was also a totally illegal and douchey situation, no one should deny that either. The same thing happened with Ryan Dunn died.

    • TFATF

      Love the site. Hate the post.

      Once I took a trip with a buddy who drives a lancer evo and he hops on the highway and starts speeding, grossly. 100, 110, 115. I told him to slow down, guess what? He didnt. I never once rode with him again, but that moment could have easily been the end of me.

      Go off the facts, not whatever you want to think. He wasnt driving, he wasnt at fault. Though he enjoyed cars, he seemed to do so responsibly; Ive seen many pictures of him at the track. There was never a scandal of him driving drunk or getting ticketed for high speeds.

      Just because he made a movie where his character drives like a douche doesnt mean its his fault other people follow suit. Are you going to blame sylverster stallone every time there’s a mass shooting?

      Only facts here are that he was a great guy, he wasnt driving, he was young and suffered, and untimely death. A guy a lot of people loved was lost

      • “Paul Walker liked his cars fast fast fast — in fact, he once boasted about hitting a top speed of 185 MPH — and it wasn’t on a racetrack … it was on a freeway.”


      • TFATF

        Im honored you replied Fish. Love your writing.

        Aaaaaanyways, now the topic changes gears. It went from us condemning some douche for endangering children in some neighborhood to condemning him for driving fast on a highway.

        Look, nobody claims that that is smart, but it is different. The fact that he claims he did 185 means it probably took place when the highway was empty endangering nobody but himself. Plus though he might have done it and sped like an asshole, he still was never in some hoopla about drunk driving or excessive speeding, meaning he was at least responsible enough to know the best time to act like an idiot.

  17. You exhibit a strange sort of inverse exceptionalism whereby all bad things are assumed to be uniquely American.

    Try reading some car enthusiast magazines, blogs, and forums to understand the truly international nature of reckless/arrogant driving, street racing, etc. Otherwise you’re being as provincial and anti-intellectual as the backwards masses you so loathe.

    • It’s not about any of that stuff, its about Fish thinking he smelled a whiff of ‘murika.

    • Dox

      Or… maybe he’s just commenting on the United States because that’s where he lives…..

      Can I get an amen for a maybe?

      • An Amen? No not really it’s one of the most annoying things about American bloggers that they they all issues are unique to their country and don’t seem to know anything about what goes on in other countries. Educate yourselves.

  18. Killuminati Scientolol

    His death had nothing to do with reckless driving. He was murdered in the same way that Michael Hastings was.

    Paul was planning on writing a tell-all on what really goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood; the pedophilia, the blackmail, the corruption, and the propaganda. He was smart enough not to speak publicly about what he was doing, but word always seems to get out somehow. The guy was probably being watched and spied on.

    A “teen” was arrested today because he was stealing parts from the crash site. Fun fact: That guy was actually hired to remove any evidence of fowl play, and he was stupid enough to get caught.

    It’s the same thing that happened to Brittany Murphy and all the others. The truth always comes out, just wait and see.

  19. One of the Fucked and the Furryous dying in a car wreck from going too fast is the funniest thing that has happened all year.

  20. Snapcount

    No one cares about your political rants, this is a gossip blog.

    Paul Walker was on his way home from a charity event, he was sitting in the passenger seat.

    You just went full liberal douche with 20/20 hindsight.

    • Ironballs McGillicutty



    • Dox

      It’s not a political rant, its social commentary.
      It’s designed to provoke introspection. That it failed miserably with you, is not surprising.

      Introspection requires intelligence, and depth of character.

      • Snapcount

        Spoken like a true smug redditor asshat. Only an idiot would consider this valuable political commentary. You probably think Mandela accomplished great things too haha.

      • Dox

        Spoken like a complete idiot, who doesn’t understand the difference between political and social commentary. I bet you think you’re witty too, don’t you….


    • Axerty

      There was a political aspect to this post? Colour me surprised.

  21. Suck it

    Why is everyone getting so butthurt over Fish pointing out something very valid? The reason I’ve been obsessivly following this site for the past 5 years is because it isn’t like all the other gossip sites. There are enough tits, snarky commentary, and celebrity news to go around… but I also appreciate the on point social and political commentary.

  22. Well said, Fish. My sentiments EXACTLY.

    When you buy a car (or lease it, or steal it, or whatever) you don’t buy a piece of the road from which you can flip off the rest of humanity. If you do, don’t be surprised when the universe fucks you right back, right in the lungs.

  23. harriscandit

    I understand the message but honestly Mr Walker had a pretty good rep when it came to not driving like an idiot. They were literally on a street with no other human life around, with a car that needed to be tested. Calling these guys knobs is like biching about the hosts of Top Gear. You have the right view on the attitude of cars however you are pointing the finger at people that do not deserve it. Yes Fast and Furious gave street racing a spotlight but no more then Bullitt or The Transporter. If you have the money and skill and choose a remote spot to do some sweet drifting I say cool, however driving like an idiot in a neighborhood is a stupid thing to do.

    • Dox

      Yep. Real sweet. Right up until you hit a tree, and die in a fire because there was literally no safety people around. And, I would point out, that being rich, you can rent a track….. if car’s are your passion. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU RISK YOUR LIFE when you have the money to insure you can test it safely.

      Life is not a movie. The only time you should be drifting on public streets is during the apocalypse when you’re trying to escape the fucking armies of Xenu (shameless scientology plug.). Or a volcano… Or a tsunami…. or pissed off rabid, man eating muppets.

    • Great response harriscandit, I think your information and perspective are spot on. Ideally, I wish they would have taken the car to a track and opened it up there.

  24. Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

    Let’s also not forget he was a sex offender. He dated a sixteen-year-old when he was 35. Did fuckers deserve to die.

    • Did you know him? Plus I believe the age of 16 you can make your own choices on who you date! So it wasn’t like he was dating a 10 year old so why don’t you stop with the name calling! Him and his friends didn’t deserve to die at all. I know someone that was 15 and married a 23 year old. I guess it depends on your view of life but whatever Paul and his girlfriend were still together and you need to get a life!

      • Hey Fella, Are You George Zimmerman?

        Geuss what? I have a life, pedo.

        My life = 1

        Paul Walker’s life = 0

        I win

      • Dox

        No. No it really doesn’t depend on your viewpoint of life. A 16 year old does not possess the life experience, nor the maturity to understand the intricacies of a healthy relationship. A 16 year old is still developing mentally, and physically. They are children, and it is why we have laws to protect them from predatory individuals that would take advantage of their state.

        A normal, healthy male is not interested in a child’s mentality, nor sexually attracted to someone that is developmentally beneath them. That this must be explained to you, is sad.

        We do not marry children.
        We protect them. We allow them to grow and in time, they possess the tools and knowledge necessary to flourish in a balanced, healthy relationship.

        Not get fucked literally, and figuratively by an adult.

      • Very well said. I’m glad other people think like this.

      • Shanaynay

        I had a crush on Paul Walker when I was around that age. If he would’ve approached the 16 year old me, I would’ve gladly given him my virginity, on a silver platter with a bow. Do you recall high school? Most girls lose their virginity at 16/17, I told my bf to spank me and pull my hair, wore lingerie, handcuffs, etc. and a lot of my girlfriends we’re also very sexually mature at 16/17. Nobody took advantage of this girl, are you kidding me? You are making it sound like she had to be coerced to be in a relationship with him. Yes it’s leacherous and creepy on his part but no one was taking advantage of that girl.

  25. Fish should know to never, ever leave Kardashian scandals and celebrity boobs, because this is the dumbest rant in a growing, unfortunate series.

    “Shitheads on my street annoyed me, so America sucks ass” is the gist, here, and it’s too moronic for words. Yes, America has a car cultiure…and the grand majority of it buys milquetoast Camrys and Accords while going between home, work, and picking up junior from soccer practice. For every wannabe-hoon putting a fart-can muffler on their compact, there’s a slew of sedans and (non-jacked-up) pickups driving by, apparently not getting Fishy’s nuts twisted. But hey, gotta blame America! A tiny percentage of idiots have loud cars, a percentage of Americans commit gun crimes, most of those people NOT legit gun buyers/owners. But hey, blame the masses for Fish’s momentary annoyance! A single incident in Florida between two moronic hotheads end with one (predictably) dead, it’s because Americans suck…and let’s drag on that bitch-fest for over a year, Fishy!

    Seriously. I love the funny things on this site, but its admin is increasingly looking like the dumbest mofo ever dropped from one orifice South of the usual.

    • DIdn’t you already threaten to take your football and go home? Srsly, what’s keeping you?

    • Dox

      That you missed the vast majority of what Fish tried to say, does not surprise me. That it sparks anger as if it is a personal attack, is telling.

      • I read it all, and likely comprehended it better than you…plus, let’s face it, he’s been a completely mindless f**ktard about anything involving guns and Americans forever. He’s also been quick to call out the whole country on whatever annoys him before.

        I guess your “Hooked on Phonics” game didn’t do much for your comprehension.

        His article was partially summarized in ” “This is my car, and I’m gonna drive it how I want,” because we’re a selfish, drooling toddler of a nation that’s running around the department store of the world unsupervised and yelling “CAR GO VROOM, GUN GO BANG!””…which is Fishy the f**ktard babbling about the “toddler of a nation” in his highly evolved view…and doing so in a way pretty obviously close to my description.

        He’s a babbling idiot when away from his Kardashian and Lohan scribblings. That’s been true for a long time, and it’s obvious to anyone with a functioning mind.

      • Dox

        Right. Got it. Anyone that disagrees with you lacks a functioning mind, and has failed at comprehension.

        Check please.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        I’ve read most of the comments here and I have to agree with you, Chris. I used to own a SSC Ultimate Aero and man oh man is that thing dangerous. Even with an 11-month driving training there’s no telling when all that power will just decide to explode on your face, so I had to let it go after only two years of owning it. Whoever owns a car so powerful, it’s for looks, let’s be honest, you will never use a tenth of that HP unless you’re in a circuit. But I agree, you can’t judge a nation by a small group of its population. Let’s ask Fish to keep focused on the same ol’ crap. The crap we missed.

      • Dox

        That wasn’t the point. It was never about a group of people that enjoy modifying their vehicles or purchasing vehicles that are grossly overpowered for daily driving. (Lets be realistic here, we buy what we like, and I have no problem with that. You want to collect firearms, knock yourself out, want to collect vintage race cars, go for it.)

        The point was, that there a is pervasive attitude in America where people have a complete disregard for others safety in lives. And in particular when it comes to driving.

        If we are being completely honest, how many times per day on your commute home do you see a collection of assholes driving with total disregard for others? Weaving in and out of traffic, tailgating, texting, phones crammed to their ears, treating the freeway like a personal race track? It happens quite a bit here.

        That’s the whole point. That the vehicle Walker was in, was doing 90 mph, is ridiculous. Its not even close to legal on freeways, much less surface streets. Its dangerous. Recklessly so. And doing it in a vehicle that has history of… impact issues, is frankly borderline suicidal.

        The issue isn’t, and never was that Paul Walker was an asshole, or deserved to die, or whatever people seem to be taking from it. The issue is that people in our culture act in a reckless, dangerous fashion in even the most mundane of tasks. And further, that rather than even ask questions about the nature of his unfortunate and untimely death (And yes, I think it was both.), people immediately deify a dead person. As if we cant remark on how their death might parallel our own if we don’t wake the hell up and start acting with a little forethought.

        The fact is, Fish is focusing on the crap you missed. You completely missed that entire moment for introspection in which a tragic death could have had some positive impact on your life. And then you attempt to crucify the guy that tried to point it out to you.

        So yeah…. keep thinking somehow its all about two kids drifting. Or picking on Paul Walker.

        Keep missing the point.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        I have to admit that you do have very valid points. However, I don’t need to hear about some celebrity (or whoever for that matter) dying in a car crash to acquire a deeper insight on how it might parallel my own fate. As a grown-up, I think I have enough common sense to know whether what I am doing is wrong or potentially dangerous. That is exactly why I let go of my car. I am not glad Paul Walker, or his friend died, nor I will be about anyone else dying. My point is simple, this is not what we expect from the superficial writer, in a site known for being just that, superficial. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but owning a gossip site doesn’t make you an authority on every subject or a license to speak your mind and automatically everyone agreeing with it.. Now, as for the whole issue about minorities driving recklessly, I am sure it is all it is and will always be. Minorities. We aren’t talking about Mad Max here. I will quote a previous comment in here about there being froms driving sins to driving sins. It will never be the same to use your cell phone or speeding at a yellow light than driving 90+ on a city street. But let me ask you, how would your opinion on these two unfortunate subjects would change if the investigation proved that the car malfunctioned as it has been reported in several other media outlets, where there might be a flaw in the car which prevents you from either being unable to steering properly or brake it? Right now we can’t assure if it was either reckless driving or a flawed car. All I’m saying is fish should stick to apparently the only thing he is good at. Showing his hatred and envy for celebrities. And no, I am not missing the point. I just have a broader scope.

      • “However, I don’t need to hear about some celebrity (or whoever for that matter) dying in a car crash to acquire a deeper insight on how it might parallel my own fate.”

        Whether you need to or not is largely irrelevant. This is a celebrity rag. If Fish is going to do some social commentary it only makes sense to use a celebrity to relate it to current events. Plus, I’m guessing Fish wasn’t just sitting around planning a dissertation on the culture of irresponsibility as it relates to driving. More likely, Walker’s death gave him the impetus to do it. So, again, it makes sense to include him.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        And since when is Fish an authority to issue social comments on a gossip site? Or what makes him even believable or trustworthy? Actually no commenter is at all. There will always be a flip side to every coin.
        I mean, he isn’t even an authority in gossip. I am sure shocking news you have found on this site, you have to confirm them in another more respectable website. We are all here for the pictures, not even his sense of humor, that’s why he is writing on a gossip site and is not a successful stand-up comedian. What makes this site appealing is precisely this, the witty comments of people coming in here to hear the latest about Lindsay, Kim or Paris. And every now and then, titties.

      • Dox

        Maybe for you….

      • So the almost 1000+ Facebook likes for this post are for the comments, Just_As_it_IS? Do please enlighten me on how the site I’ve ran for over 6 years works. I’ve just been sitting here pressing keys randomly all this time.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        No, in fact not randomly. I’ll grant you coherence. And you have certainly found the key to successfully run this site. Celebrity hatred will always pay off. Specially in the American culture.
        But let’s be honest, if I ran a site like yours, and someday I decide to create a post about let’s say Obamacare or gun control, I am sure I will get way more than 1,000 likes. Which would be naïve on my part to believe it was a popular post among my readers. Just like with all this Paul Walker issue, these are subjects that spark a lot of controversy, and the controversy becomes greater as the matter concerns wider social groups.
        What if FB did have a dislike button? For those 1,000+ likes you’ve gotten, how many dislikes do you think your post would have had by now? Actually this thread can be a good way to get an idea about it and to put things in perspective.

      • Dox

        Ok… let’s be honest.
        You don’t have a website like this. You haven’t created a post on ACA or Gun Control. What you have done, is trot your ass down to THIS website, engage in conversation with a man who does run this website, and who has created a post and has taken the time, effort, and energy to form his thoughts into a coherent, acidic commentary on the way a celebrity who died, in a totally preventable way, while acting rather douchey (yes, that is an adjective now.) is representative of the way a percentage of americans drive, and why that’s dangerous and selfish.

        Then I’ve seen people like you rush out and say…
        “How dare you, he’s dead!” As if being dead somehow precludes us from conversing about the manner in which he died, which in truth could quite possibly qualify him for a Darwin award.

        Cold? Yes. Absolutely. Since its generated over 200 comments alone without involving a nipple slip, its obviously generating conversation, debate, an exchange of viewpoints. Out of that, perhaps a small percentage will have enough insight and intelligence to stop playing Mad Max on the Freeways and surface streets.

        All in all, not bad for a simple post. And guess what…. you even contributed your part. By being a voice of dissent. By arguing against the grain. And that too, is important.

        But lets be real here.
        You? Run a website better than Fish?
        Yeah… not ever happening snookums.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        Maybe you skipped the part where I typed the word “IF”. I know it’s only two letters so sometimes it’s easy to miss if you don’t pay enough attention. It was a mere example. I could have said IF Fish himself (or whoever you want, that’s irrelevant) would have made a comment about gun control or gay rights or whatever creates controversy big time, there would be thousands of likes, and surely enough thousands of dislikes. I didn’t even mean to say that I would get more likes because I’d write a better post or anything like that. On the contrary, maybe I didn’t word myself as I should have as English is not my first language. For that I apolgize. And no, I don’t run a website better than Fish, nor do I want to. Life has blessed me in a big manner that fortunately I don’t need to work for a living since a few years back.

        All I am saying since I started writing comments in here is that you can’t make a blatant generalization on American society for what happened in your neighborhood and just because two famous guys died apparently doing the same. And no amount of only likes would make you right in everything you said.

        Alas, I can’t accept that you state that “he took time, effort, energy to form his thoughts into a coherent, acidic commentary”. That’s called a rant and everyone can do all that in a split second of only thinking. Next step would be just typing it. Now, I will ask you the same question I made before but no one, not even Fish himself would answer: What if the official investigation of the accident were to determine that the accident was due to a faulty car and not necessarily the driver’s fault? How would that change your point of view on this Paul Walker issue? Would you still consider them for that Darwin award? Now THAT’S my point.
        oh and don’t get me wrong, I have been a regular to this site probably about the same six years it’s been online. And I stick to the same thing, we are here for the pictures and for the witty comments of readers, not for Fish’s wisdom or sense of humor.

      • Dox

        - -”All I am saying since I started writing comments in here is that you can’t make a blatant generalization on American society for what happened in your neighborhood and just because two famous guys died apparently doing the same.”

        I would agree with you, if that was occurring. Except it’s not. There is ample evidence to support a pervasive attitude in American drivers wherein they drive in a very dangerous fashion. It is not the majority of American Drivers. However, it effects everyone that is either driving or riding as a passenger in a motor vehicle. And that was the point.

        Walker becomes a cautionary tale. Maybe even a way to break through the “immortality syndrome” that some people have, and let in a little common sense. Maybe it saves 1 life, prevents 1 accident from occurring, stops 1 injury…

        So lets play the what if game again…

        What if by posting this, Fish manages to break through to 1 single driver. Who in a fit of common sense, and intelligence, slows down. Uses their turn single when changing lanes, doesn’t weave in and out of traffic, and prevents an accident from occurring. What if that accident was going to be a multiple fatality?

        Is it worth it then?

        You see in your what if game, nothing happens. Walker’s still dead. People still drive like assholes. Lives are still lost. In my what if game, someone lives. I guess our focus is different.

        You worry about the reputation of a dead man. A reputation that wasn’t even attacked or maligned. I worry about the other 330 million people living in my country, and how many of them might wind up in wheelchairs. Or dead. Or orphans.

        -”And I stick to the same thing, we are here for the pictures and for the witty comments of readers, not for Fish’s wisdom or sense of humor.”

        For someone who in his last post had problems with Fish making sweeping generalizations… You don’t seem to have a problem doing it for me…. or others.

        Pot. Meet Kettle.

      • Just_As_it_IS

        I am glad to read your comment. We seem to grasp the same ideas but from different sides.
        However, it doesn’t seem likely to me that a speed demon would slow down from now on just because he read a bunch of insults to their kind in a gossip site. I’m not quite sure The Superficial would do with a single comment in a post, what everyone who cares about the life and safety of this crazy driver have been unable to do ever since the shithead found out about speeding adrenaline. “Why do you drive carefully now, man? -”Because The Superficial writer made me change my mind by calling me a shithead. I am a changed man now”. Parents should come to this page for advice then.
        Yes, generalizations are dangerous. And easy to make. Maybe I stand corrected, but playing the game by your rules, I can say in my defense that I generalized about a few thousands of people who visit this site. Fish generalized about an entire country calling it a “drooling toddler of a nation” and speeding, the “American mentality”.
        Maybe I rushed to say people are here for the pictures and comments. But common sense and years coming to visit make it hard for me to think otherwise. I guess Fish would have to make a poll to know the real answer, with the question “Why do you come to my website?” I can assure you the most popular answers won’t be “looking to read and support Fish’s PSAs” nor “looking for advice and wise words”. Let alone the writer’s sense of humor.
        I don’t worry about Walker’s reputation a single bit. To me, it all comes down to the fact we can’t call Walker or the driver shitheads until we truly learn what actually happened. Simple as that.

      • Well I don’t always agree with him but the only time I have seen Fish “babble” is when he makes a “Bertney” post.

    • What’s a hoon? And why would I want to be one?


    So is this B-list actor I’ve never heard of who made fucking shitty movies full of cell-phone placement shots about driving like a total shithead and then ended up Darwining himself in a real-life parody of his shitty movies is now the “NEVAR FORGET” hero of social media teenaged retards?

    I keep looking for that solar EMP pulse to take out the internet more and more every day.

  27. rich

    Yea pushing it, not dummies though. Terrible accident r.I.p

  28. Mohawk Disco

    I really feel sorry for the guy but the truth is they WERE speeding excessively in a place they should not have been. Also, while I’m not a father I too had reckless parents who did what they wanted regardless how that affected their kid. So, I can’t condone leaving your 15 year old daughter without a father just because you felt like being a damn teenager. (At least they didn’t hurt anyone else.) Either realize having kids means you have to restrict what you can do or don’t have kids!

  29. PopC

    I love this post. PREACH!

  30. The Void


  31. All I have to say is this beautiful man is dead can’t we just remember him as the great person he was? Why is it that every single time a WONDERFUL person passes away SOMEONE has to try and make a bad image for them? Paul Walker WASN’T driving his friend was and just because they were driving 90 MPH doesn’t mean they had to die for it. Believe me I know many more people that have been driving that have gone a lot faster than 90 MPH and we aren’t famous! Paul Walker raced yes but he did it on a race track and that has been in many interviews and his family and friends said the same thing. Lets give up on trying to make him look like a bad person when he wasn’t and let his family, friends and fans mourn his death and let us all learn to live better lives like Paul did! If you have nothing nice to say about the dead or living don’t say it at all please.

    • Jade

      I completely understand what you’re saying. But at the same time, do we have to make a god out of every celebrity who dies?

      Whitney Houston was a washed-up dope fiend. Michael Jackson had a legacy of child molestation and serious issues. But they die, and all of a sudden they’re untouchable gods (that people didn’t seem to care all that much for while they were living).

      In Paul Walker’s case, one of the worst cases of irony I’ve seen in a while, he died stupidly. While people might want to celebrate his life, why should we completely ignore his needless demise?

    • Dox

      Actually, he was pointing out that this “beautiful man” didn’t have to die. Everything about his death stems from negatives in the American Attitude. He was willfully foolish, in that he drove and encouraged his friend to drive in a manner that was dangerous, on a public street further putting other people’s lives in danger.

      It is that mindset that Fish points out. Paul Walker’s death is a very sad result of it. One that didn’t need to happen. Further, I would hazard a guess, that it is Fish’s disgust at the waste of life and sadness such foolishness brings, that sparks such anger… as well as the public’s habit of glorifying the individual rather than even having a moment of introspection about how they died and how it parallel’s our own behavior.

      The truth is a car is a 1 ton missile. Every time you get into it, you have the potential to end many people’s lives. And in today’s culture that is viewed with zero gravity. Instead people use that time to drive in a manner that is not just unsafe, but begging to lead to the deaths of others.

      Truth is rarely comforting. Most often it is painful. And the painful truth is that Paul Walker did not have to die. If Mr Walker’s legacy is no more, than that people saw his death as a cautionary tale on the dangers of reckless driving, do you think he would be displeased?

      Displeased that in his death, people took a moment of introspection, and action that then saved other’s from a completely preventable death?

      Hmmm… based on everything I have read, I think somehow, he would not be displeased.

  32. I am not sure what the point of this post was other than for click bait? Paul and Roger are dead, let them be. People that speed don’t need to be told not to speed because it might be dangerous, anyone knows that. People see accidents every single day, you don’t think they know that if you speed at a high rate especially in a high powered race car that there is a good chance you might crash and even die?

    Paul was a good guy and by all accounts Rodas was too, they made a mistake, they died and thankfully no one else did either, end of story, move on. At the end of the day, Paul was not driving, so to try to insinuate or speculate as to what happened or what he may or may not have said is irresponsible.

  33. Zia R

    Everyone should just STFU! No one was there to know what actually happened! Now that he’s dead, there’s all this talk about his driving? The asshole is the person who wrote this article. You didnt seem to have a problem with him or his driving ways when he was alive!!! Its ridiculously how people who die are trashed! RIP Paul

    • I mean, he wasn’t necessarily famous enough to be on this particular site when he was alive… so there’s that. And there’s talk about his driving now that he’s dead because those are the habits that killed him.

      Also, asking a blog to STFU about anything is just sort of never going to happen.

  34. Going 70 in a 55 probably causes far more fatalities than guys going ‘murika with their dumb rich guy cars. We get it, your brand of disregard for the safety of others is better than the other guy. You’re just a better person.

  35. Weepeel24

    You’re an asshole.

    Regardless whether you agree with Breitbart’s political views or not, he left behind 4 kids for Pete’s sake. I don’t wish that on anybody.

    • Having children does not make someone a good person. And having people who love you does not make you exempt from criticism. Breitbart actively made a goodly chunk of our population more ignorant, more reactionary, and more unreasonable. His most notable achievement was making the world a worse place. I’m sorry his children lost a father, but I am not sorry that hateful piece of shit is dead.

  36. Pat C.

    I don’t come to this site to read moral lectures on speeding drivers; I come to read posts making fun of George Zimmerman and conservatives. Can we get back to that?

  37. Dubyuh

    Hate America much? We don’t have the corner on fast driving – plenty of aggressive drivers in Europe and Asia. Also it is painfully obvious you know nothing about cars. I’m going to make a very safe bet and say most of the people on here are Prius drivers (which means you’re suckers and know jack about cars).

    • Dixon

      I know… I love how the writer for a blog covering celebrities takes any chance to put down his country which has by the way brought humanity the majority of its major modern inventions and discoveries. Hardly a kid running around going vroom vroom. In fact the most childish thing about the u.s. is its obsession with its idiot celebrities. I’m sticking to geekologie the superficial has become annoying.

      • Dox

        Right. Because god forbid anyone point out the amazing amount of things wrong with our country. Much better to stick your head in the sand, and attack anyone who dares to publically point out what asshats we can all be.

        After all, if we just ignore problems, they go away.

      • Dixon

        No far from it I’m saying a dude wrecking a Porsche isn’t a solid Segway into comparing the us with a misdirected child. And also didn’t I bring up flaws in the country with my comment?

      • I want to see a Segway wreck a Porsche.
        I think maybe you meant segue.

      • No, he capitalized it…so I can only assume he actually meant the vehicle. Unless his autocorrect did the thinking for him.

      • ts not that God forbid you point out anything wrong. Its that all Americans do is whine about their country and they don’t actually DO anything about it. All they talk about is how they hate this and that and hate being American. Just move already, stop taking up space, and make some room for those of us who actually want to bring our families here. Anyone would love your overpaid job.

  38. Dox

    Ah Fish, you should know better by now. People so rarely want to think. They want to react. They are lead by emotions, and these emotions very rarely evoke the state of mind necessary for growth.

    They read your post and believe that it is an attack on Paul Walker. They don’t really take the time to read what is written, or what the message might be.

    That is the nature of America today. It is emotional, visceral, and it rarely thinks. It reacts.

    You would have an easier time teaching a chimpanzee algebra.

    • It would certainly be more fun. I would love to get to hang out with a chimp all day.

    • Dr. Neanderthal

      …but don’t you realize that shitty driving is international?? I’m not sure if there are studies comparing drivers’ attitudes among countries – and I’m not going to look it up because this trivial, sexist gossip site doesn’t merit that much commitment to accuracy – but from my own experiences here and abroad, I would have concluded that Americans are relatively conscientious and rule-abiding drivers. The post could read “Bad driving is bad”…but no, it’s got to be some weird analysis of how this event demonstrates that Americans are infantile. I invite you to take 10 years to live in a few other countries. Broaden your horizons.

      • Dox

        For the record I have lived in other countries. It’s also completely irrelevant. America is where I live, America is where I am a citizen, and truth be told, I would have it no other way. I will slam my fellow citizens, because I want them to be better. I want them to truly be “the best in the world” which they are currently not.

        You can also be rest assured that I will defend my countrymen’s right to be a complete asshat to my last breath, even while I am voicing a dissenting opinion. I don’t comment on other countries because quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. I am well aware that no country has a monopoly on assholes. However, let them worry about their backyard. I have my own to tend to.

        I have worked emergency services in my country. I have seen the amount of accidents that have occurred due to reckless driving, speeding, drunk driving, etc. I have been hit by drunk drivers not once, not twice, but three times. While in an ambulance, while running code 3. My career was ended by another driver that rubbernecked his way into me, and almost killed me.

        I guess you could say I have a little more experience than you might, with American drivers.

        I invite you to take 10 years to live in my chair. Broaden your horizons.

  39. TheMoreYouKnow

    Bravo. Seriously. I know bikini posts and dick jokes are this site’s bread and butter, and I love a laugh and a set of boobs as much as the next human being, but things have taken a turn for the topical lately and I’m all for it. After the epic Sarah Palin critique and this latest on Paul Walker, you’ve earned theSuperficial a lifelong fan. I’m not going to bother listing what I liked about this particular post because all of it was perfect and well said, from every angle. I’m just so impressed with your social commentary skills, and it may be coming from what some consider an unlikely source, but at least it’s coming from SOMEWHERE and we need more of it, desperately. Please, please, keep it up.

  40. j/k

    No matter how hard you try, a douchey post is a douchey post.

  41. BTM

    Well said. I agree wholeheartedly. If you disagree it’s probably because you’re one of those assholes who doesn’t realize how dangerous cars can be.

  42. Be Bo Wobbley

    While I have been critical of Fish and his preachy attitudes in the past, he is at least partially correct in his “rantings” this time. However, I do have one question….”Why wasn’t it Justin Bieber instead of Paul Walker?” I mean, Bieber drives and acts like a shithead almost continuously and he is still alive…..There is no justice, if this is the punishment for driving 90+ on a city street and the Maple Leaf Fairy has escaped his punishment for the same….


  43. JungleRed

    Gotta disagree with you, fish. It’s always tragic when a hot guy dies.

  44. Jiminy Cryptic

    I can’t believe you couldn’t have shoehorned Palin or Zimmerman into this post somehow – you’re losing your touch.

  45. skunk

    speed kills.

  46. They’ll take my rice rocket out of my cold dead hands on the steering wheel!

  47. Whatever

    Car ban! That’s the only way to end car violence.

  48. Aggie

    I wish this were a uniquely American problem but sadly it’s not. We’ve had a major blizzard in the city I live in, the roads are a disaster and still assholes in their SUVs speed down my street, usually on their phones (which is illegal in every Canadian province).
    Fish is right, it’s just another manifestation of our current culture where the individual trumps all and selfish behavior is something people are encourage to take part in, instead of being shamed like they should be.

  49. greg

    FINALLY someone with the balls big enough to speak the truth!!!
    no ill will to paul or his idiot friend but seriously, why arent we focusing on how preventalbe this unfortunate accident was. had they hit a kid or some other innocent person standing on the sidewalk, would we be praising these idiots…no …and if you still dont get it, consider how you would feel if they killed someone you know by driving like assholes on a public street.

  50. Slash

    I liked this part:

    we’re a selfish, drooling toddler of a nation that’s running around the department store of the world unsupervised and yelling “CAR GO VROOM, GUN GO BANG!”

    Except you forgot “WHAR’S MAH CHEETOS?!!!!”

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