And Now Paul Rudd Farting Through An Entire Interview

Press junkets are like pulling teeth for actors. And I’m not saying that out of sympathy for them because it’s one day in exchange for millions of dollars playing dress-up. I’m saying it as a fact. And so sometimes an actor just doesn’t give a fuck like Paul Rudd who pretended to fart through an entire interview with Clevver because he’s not only adorable enough to pull it off, but now I’m going to be disappointed if Ant-Man isn’t at least 90% Paul Rudd farting his way through conversations.

“Scott, I need you to ride those ants and get the formula.”
*pblllttttt* “Okay.”
“Did you just fart after I gave you a job to do?”
*pblllttttt* “No?”
“You realize you’re wearing a billion-dollar shrinking suit, right?”
*pblllttttt* “Yup.”
“Alright, cut it out.”
*pbbbbbbbbllllllllllttttttt* “Holy shit, that one shook the helmet.”

(That. I want all of that.)

Photo: YouTube