Paul Haggis Wrote An Open Letter To Leah Remini

July 31st, 2013 // 21 Comments
Won't Back Down
Leah Remini
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When Paul Haggis left Scientology, apparently Leah Remini still maintained contact with him despite explicit instructions from the church to treat him like he has full Klaknor shingles. And now in light of her recent deflection, he’s written an open letter to The Hollywood Reporter offering her support for questioning where the hell David Miscaviage‘s missing wife went and recalling the horseshit he went through after he left. Horseshit like being shouted down after daring to suggest David Miscavige is a human being:

What was new to me was the report that Leah had run afoul of the church by challenging Scientology’s leader, David Miscavige, who is held to be infallible. When I was leaving and was visited by waves of angry friends and a phalange of top Scientology executives, trying to convince me to tear up my letter and resign quietly, I made a similar mistake by insisting they look into the charges of abuse detailed by the Tampa Bay Times. I was working on a film about Martin Luther King Jr. at that moment and made the polite suggestion that even great leaders like Dr. King were human and fallible. Two of the senior church leaders leapt to their feet and shouted at me, “How dare you compare a great man like David Miscavige to Martin Luther King!” I ended the meeting at that point, thanking them for coming.

“What the hell, Paul Haggis? How dare you compare David Miscavige to a lowly human? Do you forget the sacred texts of the day in 3415 when under the express instructions of L. Ron Hubbard’s cyborg form, David Miscavige fired a powerful laser beam into the mind’s eye of the Creator of the Universe and remade us all in his image? Then how dare you compare him to someone I’m pretty sure you made up. Martin Luther King Jr.? There’s no way that’s real.” – How that conversation went and there’s no telling me otherwise.

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  1. waiting for a disgruntled ex-scientologist to bust up in the corporate office and start an auditing session with an AK-47.

  2. He was visited by the finger bones of top CoS executives?

  3. Pat C.

    Fish tried, but it’s hard to write a satirical version of dialog when the dialog itself is so over the top.

  4. Leah Remini
    Commented on this photo:

    I would like to write an open letter to Leah Remini’s blouse. Or a letter to open Leah Remini’s blouse. Yes. That.

  5. Haggis? How does one end up with a family name that translates to “sheep stomach stuffed with organ meat and boiled”?

    that’s like being named Paul QuarterPounder With Cheese.

  6. Scientology is a cult, not a religion, and they’re all a bunch of nutbags.

    • it’s a business more than anything.

    • Charles

      Actually you’re both right. They are a cult not a religion, it is a business first and formost, and many of them are a bunch of nutters; but they can also be extremely dangerious.

      In the past they have:
      infiltrated governments, both domestic and abroad (operation Snow White)
      tried to set up critics to have them jailed or killed (operation Freak Out)
      abbused, and/or kidnapped members that are mentally challenged (ex. Lisa McPherson)
      paid-off judges and others in the legal community to avoid prosecution
      engaged in Communist brainwashing techniques

      The UK and other EU countries have them on watchlists because they are considered dangerious. Authorities in both Switzerland and Germany found several CoS groups that were in effect paedophile rings; and would swap children with other CoS/paedophile groups.
      Further, German officials found evidence that linked some CoS groups and members to to the doomsday cult The Order of the Solar Temple.
      Why American officals continue to consider the Church of Scientology a legitimate religion is crazy.

    • jill

      They really are a bunch of nut bags. Maybe that’s why TommyGirl joined them, that way he gets all the nut he wants.

  7. Jenn

    I don’t care for the convoluted pseudo-psycho alien crap Scientology passes off as religion. And they’re fucking sneaky. I’m convinced John Travolta’s chin tuft is a spy cam.

  8. Ronifer

    Much ado about really, Nothing ! Cult’s come and Cult’s go and soon it will be the scientology cult’s time to go and Godspeed !

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