Patrick Swayze road-housin’ pancreatic cancer

At the beginning of March, reports were circulating that Patrick Swayze only had five weeks to live. Well, over two months later, and using the same pic, I’m happy to post that Patrick is putting cancer’s ass in the corner and responding well to treatment. He issued the following statement to People:

“Thought I’d give you guys a little update. Lisa and I have been back and forth from New Mexico enjoying the arrival of spring and new baby calves. This past weekend, we spent a fun time with friends in Reno for Lisa’s birthday, where I took her jewelry shopping at Kenny G & Company and (we) were able to find her something really special and much deserved! In the meantime, I am continuing treatment at Stanford and the great news is I continue to respond well.”

Every once in a while, it’s nice to take a break from flying nipples and butt pads to write about something positive. I mean, not that boobs aren’t positive; let’s not get carried away. But sometimes you gotta recognize when cancer gets freaking pwned by Point Break himself. Also, I may or may not be recognizing by standing on my desk singing “The Time of My Life.”

The Superficial wishes Patrick the best of luck in his ongoing treatment and, in the spirit of celebration, has included the hilariously classic SNL sketch of Chris Farley and The Swayze trying out for Chippendale’s after the jump.

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