UPDATE: Patrick Swayze might only have 5 weeks to live

Patrick Swayze is rumored to have pancreatic cancer and only has five weeks to live. For the past month, the 55-year-old actor has been reportedly receiving treatment at Stanford University’s top-notch cancer center in Palo Alto. The National Enquirer reports:

He received three doses of chemotherapy and the tumor shrank, but less than his doctors had hoped for — and Patrick was told he should prepare for the end.
“He was told he could have two more treatments, but his cancer was not responding. In short – they held out little hope for a cure,” said an insider.

Okay, hopefully this is a wildly exaggerated report and Patrick Swayze has a long life ahead of him. Considering the National Enquirer is the source and no major outlet is running with it yet (Excluding me. What now, TMZ?), Patrick probably just has the flu. If, however, this is true, I hope the insider, who presumably works for the hospital, gets pancreatic cancer of the eye for leaking this info. Patrick Swayze is an icon who deserves his privacy, dammit. C’mon, Road House? No bullshit; that movie will teach you more than The Bible.

UPDATE: Patrick Swayze’s publicist confirmed to TMZ that the actor has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, the publicist shot down the Enquirer’s claim that Patrick only has five weeks to live: “Patrick has a very limited amount of disease and he appears to be responding well to treatment thus far. All of the reports stating the timeframe of his prognosis and his physical side effects are absolutely untrue. We are considerably more optimistic.'” Best of luck to Patrick and here’s hoping for a safe recovery.

Photo: Getty Images