Patrick Swayze kicking pneumonia’s ass

Patrick Swayze has enough on his plate battling pancreatic cancer, but he hit a bump last week when he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Given only a few weeks to live at the beginning of last year, the amazingly resilient Swayze wasn’t about to let some bitchass pneumonia take him out. Us Magazine reports:

Cancer-stricken actor Patrick Swayze, who was hospitalized Friday for pneumonia, is “doing fine,” his mother, Patsy Swayze, told on Monday. “He sounds really upbeat and positive.”

I’m pretty sure scientists are studying Patrick Swayze’s blood right now and are moments away from discovering “Wait, this man’s not from earth. He was sent here as a baby from the planet Krypton!” Then Patrick Swayze will fly into my house, and we’ll go beat up all the kids who made fun of me in school. I told them this day would come. Muhahaha!

Photos: WENN