Patrick Swayze kicking pneumonia’s ass

January 13th, 2009 // 47 Comments

Patrick Swayze has enough on his plate battling pancreatic cancer, but he hit a bump last week when he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Given only a few weeks to live at the beginning of last year, the amazingly resilient Swayze wasn’t about to let some bitchass pneumonia take him out. Us Magazine reports:

Cancer-stricken actor Patrick Swayze, who was hospitalized Friday for pneumonia, is “doing fine,” his mother, Patsy Swayze, told on Monday. “He sounds really upbeat and positive.”

I’m pretty sure scientists are studying Patrick Swayze’s blood right now and are moments away from discovering “Wait, this man’s not from earth. He was sent here as a baby from the planet Krypton!” Then Patrick Swayze will fly into my house, and we’ll go beat up all the kids who made fun of me in school. I told them this day would come. Muhahaha!

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  1. Melanie

    It’s pancreatic cancer, not prostate. :)

  2. Melanie

    It’s pancreatic cancer, not prostate. :)

  3. kay

    Kick some ass!

  4. Lucy

    prostate cancer??? pancreatic cancer, you mean.

  5. Who knew Dirty Dancing would mean him shitting in his diaper while doing the Tango?

  6. Uncle Eccoli

    It looks like Babs has got her hand down his pants in that first picture.

  7. That’s sad. He’s not going to last much longer. No one does when the families state “he’s doing fine”…

  8. veggi

    The real cancer is his acting.

  9. Max Planck

    The benefits of smoking.

  10. Beth

    Looks like he’s focused most of his prayers on having his hair spared during the chemo.

  11. Wade Garrett

    He’s the same height as Barbara Walters.

    I thought you’d be bigger.

  12. Patrick did a hillarious Chippendales skit with Chris Farley on Saturday Night Live. I hope Patrick recovers.

  13. p0nk

    whenever i start to feel like i could like this guy, i remember – Dirty Dancing.

  14. Good job, Patrick! Oh man, I hopes he makes it out of this nightmare!

  15. RoadHouse4Eternity

    The Swaze is fucking GOD. Tell that bitch Barbara Walters what the fuck is up!

  16. ToTellTheTruth

    i hope he gets better, i really like patrick swayze

  17. Oscar Madison

    I hope he gets better. He’s got a good outlook on things.

  18. diddleysquat


  19. Hey, he’s a man’s man! I mean, just watch Roadhouse. More power to ya, Patty! Whip carcinogenic ass, buddy!

  20. Sport

    Sad for anyone to battle such a horrible disease, but man the dude has that crazy Brittney face going. Acck.

  21. Linda

    Way to go Patrick!!!! Kick butt!!! I am praying for you!!!

    BTW for the smoking comments….my cousin who was female, 45, never smoked or drank alcohol and worked out 5 days a week died of Pancreatic Cancer within 6 months so let’s not blame everything on smoking. Cancer has no boundaries.

  22. Vince Lombardi

    Fuck cancer and the horse it rode in on!

  23. me

    go patrick! you are one strong man!

  24. me

    go patrick! you are one strong man!

  25. me

    go patrick! you are one strong man!

  26. Bethany

    Wow, his illnesses are as weak as his acting career.

  27. melissia


  28. Geoff

    I’ll second that WOLVERINES!!!

  29. Popo

    Road House is the finest film that has ever existed or that will ever exist. It should win every Oscar from here to eternity. Don’t believe me? Sit down with a handle of Jim Beam and see if you make it to the end of both (movie and handle) at the same time.

    Nope, didn’t think so.

    Patrick Swayze is going to put cancer’s face through a table.

  30. Dr.

    I watched Roadhouse on the weekend and it continues to kick ass. Best wishes Patrick. Be nice. Until it’s time to not be nice. < How will I know when it's time. >

    You won’t. I’ll let you know.

    Hell yeah!

  31. Dr.

    #26 is a piece of shit.

  32. You are all the occupants to Swayze’s gloryhole.

  33. sla

    #13 — If you look at it logically and from an artistic standpoint, yeah, Dirty Dancing sucks, but even so I can’t help but watch it whenever it’s on and kind of fall in love with Patrick every time I see it. Same thing for Ghost (except I don’t watch it — I have some standards and Demi is just so annoying).

    The Chippendale’s skit, however, was and remains art of the highest quality.

    I like that Patrick and his wife are still together, that she is aging appropriately, that he is still working and that he’s fighting the bitch that cancer is. I hope he beats it.

  34. Todd Jaspers

    Don’t diss on Patrick Swayze… He could probably still kick all your asses.. I am a movie critic and I still love road house.. Some of the best lines ever in cinema.

    Doc: “Do you ever win a fight?”
    Dalton: “Nobody ever wins a fight.”

    Hope he stays with us a lot longer.. Swayze rules!!

  35. stephen j

    Well at least he’s having the time of his life…….

  36. Mama Pinkus

    He’s making every day count – kick some cancer ass, Patrick!

  37. Insatiable Peter

    I’m pulling for my boy, Sam Wheat!

  38. bruce

    I prefer it is a fake news as well as some magazines said he kept dating beautiful women from the famous site ***seekingsugarmomma. c om***.. in the past weeks. Good luck, Man!

  39. shatted

    Barbie is checkin out his SLUG !! and if you are watchin roadhouse look at Sam Elliott … ohhhhhh myyyyy …. he makes Patty look even gayer ;)

  40. What about his mum, folks?

  41. Pandy

    He has a wonderful attitude, love him!


    I seriously love Patrick and hope he gets better soon. Roadhouse was awesome of course, but don’t forget Ghost, The Outsiders, Dirty Dancing, and all the other great work in this fine actor’s career.

  43. AdamYYZ

    Get better Pat!

    I’ll think about you when I ride my bike from Toronto to Niagara Falls again this summer for cancer research.

  44. Pam

    I have so much respect for this man who is battling the toughest fight of his life. He is fighting it with every fiber in his body. I think most people who don’t last with this disease are so distraught they give up. Not everyone has his spirit about life. The fact he didn’t fall prey to the pitfalls of Hollywood, has a 33 year marriage and so much love for each other. He is the real deal whether you like his movies or not. I loved Dirty Dancing because I love to watch dancing anyway. Ghost he was fabulous. When you see his new series think what it took of him to do these and for all you negative do nothing experts who probably have no accomplishments in their lives…Keep your rude comments to yourself.

  45. SRHD

    Pain Don’t Hurt…

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  47. Patrick did a sketch with Chris Farley Chippendales on Saturday Night Live hillarious. I hope that Patrick received.

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