Patrick Stewart Wants To Join Taylor Swift’s Squad

Patrick Stewart just said he wants to join Taylor Swift’s squad, so either he’s trying to shed his Disney image, or he doesn’t understand how fake lesbianism works. Regardless, his fangirl fawning is a disappointment to everyone who believes he pointed at each of these vaginas and said, “Warp penis, engage!” Via E! Online:

In a tweet to Swift, Stewart asked if he and McKellen can join her squad.

Great, now he’s dragged Magneto into this. It might be okay. These guys have their feet planted firmly in the nerd Hall of Fame, but how far do they think that gets them? Should they cross her (i.e. fail to propose), there is no escaping the Wrath of Swift. Just ask Steve Jobs. I’m talking the real corpse of Steve Jobs, which Taylor dug up and married during a tea party in her princess castle. All of her friends were there! Mr. Stuffins the bear fell out of his seat during the vows, but then he went to sleep at the bottom of the pool, so everything worked out just fine.

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