Patricia Heaton braless see-through

February 23rd, 2007 // 134 Comments

There are a few ways to make for a really hot see-through photo. Being 48-years-old isn’t one of them. Patricia Heaton showed up to the opening night of the Los Angeles production of Wicked without her bra on in a see-through top. To be fair, the top wasn’t see-through until the flashes started going off, but shouldn’t she know better by now? She’s got like all those years of wisdom. And dentures. And whatever else it is old people like to brag about having. Uncontrollable bowel movements?


  1. OMG… where was her stylist??? Why didn’t she call me??!

  2. Lobo

    FIRST !!!

  3. carrie bradshaw

    I think she needs to focus more on getting her ears pinned back

  4. Lobo

    CRAP !!!

  5. Actually you’re number two on this sexy number!

  6. Mazda_3s

    I’m always though that Patricia Heaton “AKA” Debra was a seriously hot MILF! Maybe that’s why I watch Everybody Loves Raymond every night :D

  7. sassi_chic

    How come you can see her breast on the right and not the left?? And don’t tell me it is the light b/c the last pic she is looking straight ahead. Hmm…
    Ps- I think she looks great!

    • GBP2

      Look at the fabric. Closer the neck it is see-through, towards the arms it it a thicker material. It isn’t placed perfectly centered, but on her right (Our left) you can see her skin reflecting as it does around her left breast.

  8. danielle

    She looks like one of those characters from the Muppets.

  9. Richie Rich

    How does it go?

    “I think I threw up a little in my mouth”

  10. yertle

    Nice figure, looks like J. Lo in 10 years in that third pic…It’ll be interesting to see if she’ll be horrified to see these pics given her conservative viewpoints.

  11. jpjrocks

    Dahm i delayed my post, 2 look at her tits, and i missed first :(

  12. Does she suffer from mononippleosis? What’s up with the one nip? Does the other teat resemble Telly Savalas’ head?

  13. Italian Stallion

    The milks gone bad…….

  14. 23apples

    It’s funny that the top is only see through on one side. It’s like a third eye down there or something. I guess it’s more creepy than funny.

  15. alaskanchicsickle

    It’s powdered milk by now.

  16. Italian Stallion

    Coming from a fucking retard who posts this shit to try and ruin threads, fucking fuckstick…………..

  17. Mazda_3s

    #10, she was on Conan recently and walked out on to stage wearing jeans (IIRC) and a Conan O’Brien sweatshirt. I was like WTF, I stayed up all night for this?

    Turns out, she was set to wear a dress with a plunging neckline and when she put it on in the dressing room before coming out, she felt to embarrassed to wear it b/c her boobs were halfway hanging out.

    She’d probably go into convulsions if she saw these pics :-)

  18. Italian Stallion

    @14 What’s a matter? Not getting enough love from prettybaby, she still gives it to me…….

    P.S. She’s got a hot siter too………….

  19. alaskanchicsickle

    aaaaw, is the little man mad?

  20. RussianMafia

    Whats up with the black tights and the turqouise necklace?

  21. Cat

    @7 – It’s the way the dress is cut. There’s an extra drape of fabric on the left side (our left, her right).

  22. combustion8


    mother i wouldnt fuck

  23. sk8trgurl69


  24. alaskanchicsickle

    She’s had a tummy tuck and a boob lift. Did she not have enough left for the ear tuck?

  25. doomhammer

    Id still baby batter those saggy fuckers

  26. S.P.F.R.S.

    That dress looks like a bathrobe. Is she so old that she forget to change out of her bathrobe?

  27. Alice Ann

    Ms. Heaton looks alot better than most women her age and you may think she’s old but there are alot of old farts reading this that wouldn’t mind her warming her feet on them in bed. I agree that the ears could use some work or at least camoflauge but what disturbs me most is that she appears to have two breats and only one nipple.

  28. rrd

    I think her breasts look great. Def had some work done.

  29. leezastudio


  30. RichPort

    I wonder if she felt sexy when she left home that day… what’s next? Ray Romano in a Saran Wrap Speedo?

  31. Where's Waldo?

    @1, i’m going to assume that someone named “stylebites” would not be a good person to call as a stylist.

    @2, i love when that happens to people. posting “First” is so pointless and stupidly annoying, so it makes me smile when people look like even bigger dummies for doing it and actually being second.

  32. Where's Waldo?

    you know what, there was a time towards the end of everybody loves raymond, after she had all the surgery and stuff, where i would watch the show and couldn’t help but think that she was one damn fine milf! i would have gladly caught a quick glimpse at her nipple back then. but this pic here, just doesn’t do it for me. what a shame.

  33. I’d do her.

  34. Where's Waldo?

    @22 the term is milf, not miwf. milf shouldn’t have to be explained, everyone knows what it means. miwf, that’s just plain wrong.

    @26 and everyone else knocking the dress, i may be wrong about her intent, but has anyone seen Wicked? cuz if you’ve seen it, the green dress and black stockings and shoes and the whole style of the outfit make perfect sense. i’m going to assume she dressed that way in the spirit of the production.

  35. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Everybody Loves Nipples.

  36. GooniesNeverSayDie

    Actually, she should pick up a bra at Albertsons….

  37. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    conservative bitch with ugly nipples

  38. RunningWithCarsAndBoysWithScissors

    excuse me. nipple*

  39. biatcho

    She looks looks like a frickin’ Keebler Elf with those ears & that green dress and the horrifying knockers.

  40. Devil Is Chrome

    Shouldnt she be protesting an abortion clinic somewhere?

  41. daniel radcliffe

    The nipple got me started, but to rub one out I needed to think also about her postmenopausal genital shrinkage, gray pubic hair, and incontinence. BOIOIOIOINGGGGG!

  42. beautiful-x-crash

    She looks like a retarded string bean.

  43. The Mortician

    LMFAO @ #12!!

  44. veggi

    LiLo wannabe

  45. rockdust

    Until I scrolled down to see the whole picture, I seriously thought she was wearing a fucking bath robe! What a fugly dress!

  46. woodhorse

    I think she looks pretty and I usually can’t stand the sight of a scientologist. Well, let me rephrase that – I can look, it’s hearing them that is like nails on a chalkboard.

  47. kidpahl

    I dislike her for so many reasons. mononipliosis is the least.

  48. I’ve always thought that woman seemed a little off : weird comments on weird interviews, pissed about everything …
    Now, all the world has the proof

  49. biatcho

    #s 49-51 – Britney, is that you calling us retarded fat scum?

  50. onecritic

    Patricia is suffering from Anorexic Big Head Disease (ABHD). Sad to see it in someone so very, very ancient…

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