Pat Robertson: ‘Gay Marriage Will Lead to Angel Rape’

June 28th, 2011 // 160 Comments

…. Okay, maybe.

When we last left Pat Robertson he was a pot-smoking hippie calling for the legalization of marijuana. Six months of adjusting his medication later, he’s back to the old Pat we all know and love. This time around he’s seeing David Tyree’s anarchy talk and raising him angel rape. Via Mediaite:

This week, Robertson’s fear that America will be destroyed has been stirred by New York legalizing same-sex unions. On the 700 Club this week, Robertson reminded his audience that the last city known for homosexuality, Sodom, had residents willing to rape visiting angels.
“We need to remember the term sodomy came from a town that was known as Sodom, and Sodom was destroyed by God Almighty,” Robertson noted by way of explanation. Sodom’s sin, he noted, was “homosexual activity,” apparently a gateway drug to “tr[ying] to rape angels that came down there.”

Of course, most mainstream Christians will just dismiss Pat as one of “the crazy ones” who give Christianity a bad name except he’s quoting the fucking Bible which is always right. Turn with us now to the book of Genesis, chapter 19, verses one through 11:

1 Now the two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of Sodom. When Lot saw them, he rose to meet them, and he bowed himself with his face toward the ground. 2 And he said, “Here now, my lords, please turn in to your servant’s house and spend the night, and wash your feet; then you may rise early and go on your way.”
And they said, “No, but we will spend the night in the open square.”
3 But he insisted strongly; so they turned in to him and entered his house. Then he made them a feast, and baked unleavened bread, and they ate.
4 Now before they lay down, the men of the city, the men of Sodom, both old and young, all the people from every quarter, surrounded the house. 5 And they called to Lot and said to him, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them carnally.”
6 So Lot went out to them through the doorway, shut the door behind him, 7 and said, “Please, my brethren, do not do so wickedly! 8 See now, I have two daughters who have not known a man; please, let me bring them out to you, and you may do to them as you wish; only do nothing to these men, since this is the reason they have come under the shadow of my roof.”
9 And they said, “Stand back!” Then they said, “This one came in to stay here, and he keeps acting as a judge; now we will deal worse with you than with them.” So they pressed hard against the man Lot, and came near to break down the door. 10 But the men reached out their hands and pulled Lot into the house with them, and shut the door. 11 And they struck the men who were at the doorway of the house with blindness, both small and great, so that they became weary trying to find the door.

For those of you who skip right to the bottom part, basically a bunch of people in Sodom demanded to rape two angels in the butt only to have Lot come to their aid by offering his two virgin daughters to be raped instead which pleased the angels prompting them to blind the fuck out of the walnut bandits. And that’s how you beat gay marriage. Now, get on the wire, and tell them how to bring these sons of bitches down. HOORAH!

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  1. Trvth

    The sin of Sodom was the failure of the wealthy and powerful to help those in need. The gay sex wasnt even in the equation. Think about that Pat…

    • C'mon dummies

      Either way, it’s a stupid fable. It’s never happened – you know that, right?

    • Jim Jones

      Seems to me one of the morals was to not force your beliefs and ideas into someone else’s home…

    • Brooke

      Exactly. It’s a story about inhospitable jerks. Plus, it’s Old Testament…. there are two Creation stories and shellfish can’t be eaten. If you take it all literally you’ll just be confused… then again, if you took it literally you wouldn’t think there was any butt sex at all, since the term “to know” someone in this case is pretty much just that. Different versions of the Bible give different translations, so no wonder people get confused sometimes, but the Bible isn’t meant to be taken literally. Did mankind really nearly build a tower that reached heaven, so God got angry and flung the people climbing up it all across the world, thus giving us the various world languages that exist today? No, but the Tower of Babel teaches man to know their place, and it’s amusing as hell.

      • MrsWrong

        I know right and when that Jesus said no one is saved except through me he didn’t mean LITERALLY…he meant just those people he was talking to that day…and now all these people get ALL excited…but the dude is dead…how can he save anyone…through the holy spirit? If thats true they never needed Jebus!!! You’re right, eternal damnation and death over religious beliefs IS funny!

    • KayKay

      Angels are Ancient Aliens anyway. I’d sooner believe they were alien visitors than God’s holy winged creations.

  2. i’d love conSENsual sex with a couple angels (candace, rosie). have to draw the line at anal rape tho–think ‘last tango’ ending.

  3. rican

    So, if Pat is right, and this ass sex act called sodomy comes about due to male homo sex, then we’re in the clear if its done man to woman?! Super! Are women also in the clear if it is done woman to woman (or woman to man) with a strap on? Does that count? What about ass to mouth? I’m getting confused.

    • Wow, I never actually read the part on Sodom before. I had to go and get my bible to double check! This passage says it is wrong for consenting men to have sex, but it is ok for them to sleep with out of wedlock/rape/statutory rape girls? Now I remember why I, as a Christian woman, don’t like the bible. *shudder*

      • Glenn

        How can you be a Christian woman and not like the Bible? It’s what your whole belief system is based on!

      • I believe The Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins, but I also believe that the men who wrote the bible were sexist pigs. =) Things are always going to be relative with the times, and I feel like the bible needs a BIG update to fit in with the equality we have now.

      • Yeezy's Son

        Are you kidding me? This passage does not mean that the bible condones the rape of females. It’s a narrative account. It would be like reading about a murder in the newspaper and concluding that the newspaper condones murder. Lot had the flawed view that protecting his visitors was more important than protecting his family. And thats wrong. But the Bible doesn’t agree with that viewpoint, not in at Gensis 19 or in any other chapter. If you want to hate the Bible, hey that’s you’re business. Free country. But don’t make stuff up.

      • offhand i do not take much in the Bible. there were too many messups. offhand the Hebrew tribes were Polytheistic like most other groups.(i believe Egyptians at a brief point were monotheistic at one point. but went back to it fastalthough i forgot the years). about 585 BCE(before common era=BC or Before Christ) the babylonians gave Isreal back to the Hebrews and the reconstructed to what they felt it should be. Rise of monotheism was just after the death of king solomon. where one group of priests which served a mountain/fire god decided to abolish all other deities from Hebrew groupings. offhand i do not know what the orgins of Sodom was. other stories of Noah’s ark was confirmed as a myth that was taken from summerian myths. and quite recently they found that the ark in summerian myth was circular.

        Now all this talk of Hebrew and buttfucking a female. so right now i am thinking of buttfucking Michelle Trachenberg.

      • georgia

        of course, ’cause you americans always have to rewrite things and “make them better”!!!!

    • rican

      Listen DragonKatt, it’s all good, Pat says you can take it up the ass and there’s nothing wrong with it, cause you’re a woman. That has to be worth something doesn’t it?

      • Richard McBeef

        DK – ‘It’s all a big load but I buy it anyway’

      • JasonB

        So then, Kat, that means you are jewish. The christian bible was written by men who wanted to obscure that fact that Jesus was a jew, who preached nothing other than respecting the laws of judaism.

    • rican

      That’s what she said

    • rican

      Shit, thuis mini thread digressed. Nobody has answered my questions. Can I go on buttfucking my female companions?

      • well a little late. according to the various laws. you can buttfuck a female who is not a relative by blood unless it is 2nd cousin or more diastant.

      • rican

        Well, yo momma is going to be pleased

      • KP

        It has nothing to do with whether or not it’s anal, vaginal, oral, etc. I don’t get how Westerners today expect any other culture to live by our current morality. The world is a lot larger than 21st century America and Europe. Our sexual practices require condoms and modern medicine in order to keep us healthy. If you want to see our sexual practices WITHOUT the use of those protections, take a look at Africa and Ancient Rome. STDs, AIDS, single mothers who can’t afford to raise their children alone, etc etc.

        The Bible isn’t trying to “spoil” our fun by giving us “rules” about sex for no reason. For instance, the Jews didn’t understand bacteria, but God still told them to cook their meat for a reason. The same is true of sex in the Bible. The reality is that God was looking out for our protection. Without condoms and modern medicine, sex with multiple partners outside of marriage is dangerous. It has nothing to do with anal, oral, vaginal, etc. It’s not about rules, it’s about common sense. Don’t shag with people outside of a committed relationship, especially when condoms and basic medicine are still 3,000 years in the future.

        Also, the book of Genesis is both allegory and history. Yes, Lot offered his daughters. King David also killed someone to sleep with their wife— and God punished David for it. Does that mean God tells us to kill people to shag their wives? Of course not. The Bible records it as a moment in David’s life that God didn’t approve of. The same is true of Lot– yes, Lot did do that, and clearly God did not approve of Lot’s idea, and He stopped him from going through with it. Let’s use some common sense people.

    • Yes because raping women isn’t illegal in the bible. In fact, no where in the ten commandments does it say thou shalt not rape. Raping women is perfectly fine with the bible. AND THATS BECAUSE IT WAS WRITTEN BY MEN! Men raped = no no, women raped = by all means, please, the younger the better.

  4. Deacon Jones

    Oh FISH! (waves hand limply)

    Everyone knows that we’re allowed to handpick lines from the Bible that serve our purposes and ignor the rest!

    You know, like offerring up your virgin daughter to a neighbor you’re fighting with. Or, cutting off your wife’s tongue if she talks shit about you in public.

    • WHAT?? you can cut your wife’s tongue out?????? dammit wherer the pliers

    • bj

      Or, one of my favorites: you can cut off your wife’s pinkie if she has sex with you while she’s on her period. Lots of fun, the bible is.

    • Don’t forget those other Biblical gems:
      if you rape a virgin, you must marry her
      If you beat a pregnant woman and she loses the baby, you owe her a goat
      If children make fun of bald men, bears will eat them
      If your testicles are crushed, you can’t go to heaven

      • ok but if you beat a preg woman and she DOESN’T lose the baby you get to keep the goat, right?

      • Jim Jones

        Don’t forget, you can also stone your children to death for talking back to you, eat them, or dash them against the rocks. Gotta love that Bible there.

      • TomFrank

        Wait, McFeely! Are you saying that the Bible says abortion ISN’T murder? Because surely if it were, the punishment would be more than paying the mother a goat…right?

      • KP

        Again, there are reasons those verses are in there. Those laws were given for people’s protection.
        You point out the raping virgins passage, but only mention a portion of it. If you read the whole thing, it’s quite different. For instance, if a man rapes a woman and there is proof of it (witnesses, bleeding, trauma, etc), the man was to be put to death.
        But there were also laws to protect the men from women misusing this law. Think of the false rape cases like the Kobe Bryant case.
        So the law you refer to– the man having to marry the virgin– was when an unmarried couple had consensual sex, and the woman regretted it (got knocked up, bad break up, dirty one night stand, looked socially bad, etc), so she claims the man raped her to salvage her reputation and life. The response to this– if it can’t be proven that the man didn’t rape her (i.e. if they were in a city where there should have been people hearing her scream, there was no blood, trauma, etc), if it appears from witnesses and the judge that the sex was unmarried but consensual, the man and woman were to marry each other.

        In fact, this law only applied to couple in cities where there should have been witnesses to the supposed rape. If the event took place in the countryside where there wouldn’t have been any witnesses, the woman’s testimony was favored over the man’s. In essense, the law was more feminist than it was misogynist.

        The reality is that the law was quite different than how internet atheists try to spin it.

        The other 3 verses you gave were all unbiblical. And even if they were biblical, I don’t see why you disapprove of pregnant women losing their babies. We seem to cherish dead fetuses in this country. (Just kidding, of course.)

    • The bible makes no mention of abortion at all. The passage about owing a woman a goat if you beat the baby out of her is the closest reference to placing value on an unborn baby.

      Everyone you hear saying the bible prohibits abortion is either making shit up, or is totally ignorant. The CHURCH has made that statement, but the shit aint in the bible.

      • sobrietyisacrutch

        You know, if any of this was mentioned in “Schoolhouse Rock”, I’d probably be a much better Christian today.
        “Sodomy Junction, what’s your function?…”

      • Judy Johnson

        Wrong! The Bible DOES prohibit abortion because the baby, is a human being whether or not he or she has made that short journey through the birth canal. The Bible prohibits MURDER. The Commandment that says, “Thou shall not kill”, when accurately interpreted, says, “Thou shall not MURDER.” So. Now you know.

  5. Fast is what happens to that duck tape if Samantha Ronson were to flash her clam.

  6. Also, why is the hole that poo comes out of so sacred to God?

    • kcarroll26

      And why would anyone want to mess with the hole that poo comes out of in the first place?

      • Cause it’s tiiiiiiiiiiight.

      • Richard McBeef

        some people eat shit, some like it on their dicks.

      • Harry Pooter

        The idea behind sodomy being a sin is that it is a “crime against nature.” And since God created nature it is an act against God. Because the only “ok” sex is the type that leads to bearing children. Remember sodomy isn’t just booty-sex as many confuse it to be, but ANY act of sex that is not penis-vagina. e.g. – oral, anal, toy, etcetera. I’m not taking sides just explaining the belief.

      • TomFrank

        God frowns on toy sex? I didn’t think he really cared if my G.I. Joe got with my sister’s Barbie. Who knew.

    • rican

      And some people like to pack it

      • KP

        The Bible doesn’t say that sex is just for child bearing. There’s an entire book dedicated to sex– Song of Solomon. It’s a long love poem, spoken from both the man and womans perspective, and it talks pretty explicitly about sex. It also mentions oral sex.

      • Harry Pooter

        I didn’t say you had to have a child every time. I wrote “the TYPE that leads to bearing children.” I’ll spell it out for you since you didn’t get it: Penis-in-vagina sex. Was that clear enough? And secondly there’s much more to Christianity than the Bible. Try Canon law for example…

  7. Ms. Poodle

    Oh biblical talk here we come. First, Pat should have brought up the conversation between Abraham and God when ole Abe was trying to save the city his Nephew Lot lived in. He made god agree if there were only 50 righteous men in the city he would not destroy it, then narrowed it down to ten. When not even ten righteous men could be found, angels were sent to get Lot’s family out of the city, which actually took a long freaking time. The men of the city, as the story goes, knew they were angels in Lot’s house and wanted to humiliate them, showing their pervasiveness of sinful ways. THAT said, (sorry) This story has nothing to do with gay marriage. And I’ve read the bible. A claim this moron obviously can not make.

  8. waldo

    Thanks, but I’ll take my moral advice from someone who doesn’t use genocide relief money to send diamond mining equipment to conflict regions of Africa.

  9. Bow Chica Wow Wow

    So god is a homophobe and preaching hatred towards gays. He should be locked up. He should be locked up. His books have killed more people than Hitler.

    • God

      Now now, Wow Wow, I didn’t actually pen those books. Fuck, I don’t even exist.

      • I, for one, am glad you’ve finally come to terms with that. The admission of your non-existence is a big step forward for you. I certainly hope that others come to a similar realization and we can put this whole messy business behind us.

      • flame on

        The books didn’t kill anyone. Guilt falls on the assholes who are so “sure” of their interpretation. Or, if I’m wrong, shall we start the book burning?

        Furthermore, Jesus promoted concepts far more embracing than those found in the Old Testament and rather clearly stated that Christian law changed with his arrival. In other words, Jesus nullified the assertions of the Old Testament and claimed to bring a different code of moral living with him. When Christians attempt to defend their misogyny or homophobia with words that only have a contextual relevance, they appeal to a moral code that wasn’t of Christ.

        So, sure, hate God, but recognize the difference between the source materials.

        For the record, blaming religious texts for shitheads doing shitty things is such a tired excuse for people being fucked up.

    • GeorgeMichael

      I don’t recall hitler actually killing anybody but himself. Josef Mengele did his fare share and was probably the inspiration for the human centipede.

    • rican

      @flame, +1

    • KP

      How is God a homophobe? He seems to also be a heterophobe, because He disapproves of all sex outside of marriage, whether it’s straight, gay, bisexual, etc.
      God told people to cook their meat before eating it. It even says to make sure the meat is thoroughly cooked and no longer red. Being that the Jews didn’t have condoms, birth control, and modern medicine; it seems to make sense that there was a social reason to not having sex with random sexual partners.

      If condoms and basic medicine didn’t even exist, would you advocate everyone to have the same sort of sex we have today? Would you think it’s wonderful to have sex with random partners without condoms and extremely basic medicine? Of course not.

      So before you start labeling God a homophobe or heterophobe, you should probably pull your mind out of a 21st century Western-centric worldview, try to understand things outside of solely what the media tells you, and realize that the world is much larger than contemporary Europe and America.

      • Yes it all made sense back then but now this book is out of touch with the modern people. We no longer need these kind of rules/laws because we already have condoms and modern medicine, we also have refrigeration, healthcare, stoves, etc. So to take this book so literal today is nonsense. And fine, take this book literal if you want, but don’t force it down everyone’s throat.

        P.S. I’m not saying YOU literally

  10. Lindsay Lohan NOH8
    Commented on this photo:

    Lindsay (if this is her??) actually looks pretty here….probably because her skin is white watched and you cant see all her freckles and blotchy ass druggy-tan skin.

  11. Jesus

    John Elway is my father!

  12. John Elway

    Come on son, let’s go get some ice cream.

  13. chev70

    I just read this as “Robert Patinson”. I was gonna say.

  14. Dude of Dudes

    So basically if I show up to someone’s house and threaten surprise buttsex I might get 2 virgins instead. Awesome.

  15. dave

    I thought that that particular verse actually referred to Lot offering his young daughters to the unruly mob in exchange for leaving the angels in his house alone. Seems like it wasn’t homosexuality that was bunk so much as responsible, hetero, “chattel” care.

  16. Yet another reason why the Conservative right should NEVER win an election. Tea Party Conservatives are whack jobs. If you want the USA to fall into puritanism let some of these psycho’s take over. Gay rights? Gone. Women as equals? Gone. Freedom of choice? Gone.

    Rednecks Running America. If they win get used to Nascar, Country Music, Evangelically themed TV programming, Sarah Palin getting her own Talk show like Oprah’s, poor people getting poorer, rich people getting richer, and white america becoming more isolationist from the rest of the country.

    • Theproofisintheroughing

      Im predict Larry the Cable Guy will be the next Reagan.

      Put your lips together and say larrynomics…

    • Harry Doyle

      Damn, you’re an idiot.

      • I may be an idiot, but I’m not a public figure who once tried to become a presidential candidate and who is a microcosm of the current crop of Bible thumping dimwits trying to win the Republican ticket. You can have morality and family values WITHOUT needing to be religious. Use common freaking sense. Having unprotected sex as a teenager isn’t bad because God says it’s a sin. It’s bad because the consequences of unprotected sex (pregnancy, transferrence of STD’s).

        As for him quoting the ABOVE passage, I guess it means Pat Robertson feels it’s ok to rape women but not allow rape of men by men? Butt sex bad, even when consentual. Gawd sometimes i hope they (Tea Partiers) get elected, just so some of you nitwits who actually think like them get your wish and them regret your decision when it’s too late.

    • Hey, I like Nascar…

      • rican

        Dante, you’re an idiot because you equate Pat Robertson to the Tea Party. But those rantings make you more than an idiot, they make you a prejudiced moron. Or is it that you think anyone not sharing your beliefs HAS to be a Tea Party Conservative?

      • dude HELL NO that is EXACTLY the kind of nincompoop I do NOT want to see in the White House. She’s a hot Milf though. She should be in Porn.

    • StuckInTheMiddle

      You sir know nothing that you speak of. The Tea party does not equal Republicans. The Tea party is for smaller government. That is it. Some are moral conservatives, some are liberals, some libertarian, independent and what ever else is left.

      If we are going to try to scare people …”poor people getting poorer, rich people getting richer” lets just go out there and tell the truth. Both sides will screw you and throw you out when they no longer need your vote. They will either cut spending and stop some of your medical treatment or keep spending and not have any money for medical treatment. Both sides screw the voters!

      • I sir, do know what I speak of. I don’t support either party as I am an outsider looking in. Milt Romney is not a Tea Partyist. He is a more moderate Republican than Palin, Gingrich, or (God Forbid) Bachmann. I think being too far left OR too far right is detrimental to government running efficiently. I also agree that both sides will screw the average Joe one way or the other, I just think that rhetoric coming from the Republican side is much more heated and rightist than it has been in a long time. One cannot deny that there is a prominent part of the Republican party that is partisan to conservative Christian ethics and beliefs and that Tea Party members, who are REPUBLICAN (don’t see any Democrats signing up) for the most part are also part of the so-called “Moral Majority”.

    • KP

      I’m an Evangelical Christian who lives in NYC, lived in France for awhile, and am Socialist-leaning. Most Christians around the world aren’t American, and don’t identify with Ameri-Christian politics. You have to be able to separate the politics from the religion. The right-wing politicians only use religion to get a huge voting block. Notice they never solve the religious groups concerns (abortion, gay marriage, etc); they keep the problem continuing for decades without ever solving them. This ensures there will always be voters voting for them based upon social issues.
      You really should look at Christianity outside of America to understand what Christians believe– don’t just look at American politics to see what Christians believe.
      For instance, here are some false ideas you mentioned:
      Christianity cannot be “in power,” first off. You can have politicians who use Christianity to build a voting base, yes; but Christianity is not a nation or a political party. When Jesus’ followers wanted to make Jesus a King, He said “no, my kingdom is not of this world. . . my kingdom is a spiritual kingdom.”
      Any time a Christian Church seized political power, the majority of Christians fought against it. Look at the Protestant reformation against the Catholic Church, the Pilgrims fleeing the Church of England, etc.
      Also, there’s separation of Church and State in the Bible– even in the Old Testament. The priests could only come from the tribe of Levi, while the politicians came from the tribe of Judah. They were the only two tribes that could not intermarry.
      Next, Puritanism is not “Christianity,” the Puritans were a group of Christians who lived in a tiny part of America and North West Europe. They were not even popular with mainstream Christianity, because they opposed all forms of joy, including music– yet music makes up a giant portion of the Bible (the book of Psalms, for instance). I’ve never heard of a Christian church following the Puritans beliefs. I know the word Puritan has the base word “pure” in it, and non-Christians like to throw the term around, but it really doesn’t mean what you think it means.
      I agree that if Christians were in power, what you term “gay rights” would be gone. Civil unions would still be intact, but gay marriage wouldn’t be.
      Women were treated as equals in the Bible. In fact, if you read in the beginning of the Bible, men and women were equal, and it says Satan wishes to use men to oppress women. The oppression is a result of the Fall, not of God’s will. Take a look at Moses, Abraham, and Jesus’ treatment of women– many of their closest followers were women. Jesus saved a prostitute from being stoned. Abraham, Elijah, and Moses did similar things in their lives.
      I agree that if America were to be ruled completely by Christians, abortion would be gone. But the real problem isn’t abortion– the problem is what causes women to want to get abortions in the first place. 95% of the time it’s economic hardships. Eliminate the economic fears, and abortions go down. That’s why most Europeans countries have such low abortion rates, even with lax laws on abortion. If America were to be ruled by Christianity and the Bible– which is unbiblical in and of itself– but if we were to adopt the OT laws, we would live in a welfare state with progressive taxes, where companies were required by law to give their excess wealth to the poor. (Yes, this is in the OT law). The Jews economic system was actually more left-wing than Europe’s today.
      So before you start blaming Christianity for contemporary American politics, maybe you should realize that Christianity is a worldwide religion with a 2000+ year history, and America is not the definition of this religion.

  17. Sodomite

    Who is this woman in the picture? Is she one of the virgins I’ll get in lieu of butt sex with angels?

  18. bonerspunk

    Geez, the idiots who wrote the bible sure are gay!

  19. Pat Robertson’s god is sure a dick.

  20. Venom

    Republican right wing evangelicals crack me up.
    You know this douchebag has stuck his penis in quite a few little boys butts over the years.

  21. It had to be said

    Angle rape? That’s acute! Wait, what?

  22. Lindsay Lohan NOH8
    Stuck in the 90's
    Commented on this photo:

    Everyone stop. This bitch is hot.

  23. Cock Dr

    The juxaposition of Lindsey Lohan, angel rape, extended bible quotes & Pat Robertson has done me in. Too much.
    Suckers send this guy tons of cash…that’s all it’s about. Controlling the masses & taking their money. Get ‘em riled up about something that conflicts with their sacred texts & shake ‘em down.

  24. Everyone knows that the bible is literal and half of the things in there never actually happened. Also God said love all his people. I think they forgot to teach that in sunday school.

  25. haha

    the most traumatizing event in the bible, if you just keep reading, after lot’s wife turns to stone, and Lot and his two virgin daughters hide in caves, and the daughters get him drunk and take turns sleeping with him so he can have sons, and both girls get pregnant, I am not joking read it

    • Ms. Poodle

      SEXY TIME!

    • Tin

      Lot left Abraham for S&G after Abraham told him not to go. Lot thought he could dwell in the same city as a bunch of sinners because the city seemed so “fun” and “exciting”. Lot’s family had no business there and they were exposed to all the sin and filth there. His daughters saw things that shouldn’t have seen and it perverted their minds and they ended up trying to seduce their own father. God has been cleaning up man’s messes since the beginning of time. And He’s gonna handle it once and for all when Jesus gets back.

    • vitobonespur

      I think I saw that flick some years ago at the local PussyKat Theater. It starred Traici Lords.

  26. It still baffles me that people in this day and age read the Bible and honestly think it should be taken word for word as law. Full disclosure? I’m a Catholic that believes in God, but I know that the Bible is a collection of stories that were passed down for generations by word of mouth. Typically, I try to take what good I can learn from the Bible (the “Love one another” stuff) and leave aside the stuff that really doesn’t make a lot of sense (rules about owning slaves… really?) Personally, I can’t possibly imagine that the God I believe in would support – much less encourage and codify – the mistreatment of anyone else, whatever the reason.

    • Also? I’m conflicted when I see Lindsay Lohan with her mouth taped shut.

    • Tin

      Spoken like someone who hasn’t read or studied the Bible. You mean well, but have know idea what you’re talking about.

    • Trillian

      so you’re basically a humanist who likes the ritual and comfort of religion? Just keep living a good life and caring for others and maybe you won’t need the trappings of a powerful organization demanding your time and money.

    • KP

      Iveski, much of the things you complained about the Bible are not actually in the Bible. I’m not defending the right wing– I’m a Bible believing Christian who has lived in Europe and is a Socialist. Christianity has a 2000 year history, and is not defined by contemporary America.
      The “stories” in the Bible that you say can’t be trusted because they were given by “word of mouth” can actually be traced back to original writings, usually written around the time period they chronicle. So the stories were not recorded by word of mouth. Some of these writings go back 3,000 years. And we have much of the originals, so we can compare our current translations to the ancient manuscripts to know if the original meaning is still intact.
      Charges of slavery are often leveled against the Bible, but they’re just not true. God told the Jews to not take slaves, because they were slaves in Egypt.
      What they DID have though were bond-servants. When a person goes in debt and cannot pay it back, they were to be a bond-servant (slave) to the person until they paid back their debt. Today we have credit cards, loans, and bankruptcy for this same purpose. For the ancient Jews, they were not allowed to charge interest on loans, but if the person couldn’t pay back their loan, they had to work for the lender as a bond-servant until the debt was paid.
      There was also a year of Jubilee every 7 years. So when a person was a slave to their lender, they could only be a servant for up to 7 years. After 7 years, all debts are wiped clean, regardless of how much debt was left. This prevented lenders from doing the predatory lending that banks today are so great at.
      The biblical “slavery” that you complain about was actually more progressive than the banking laws we have today. Just imagine– all loans had 0% interest, there could be no predatory lending, you couldn’t be held into paying a high APR credit line for 25 years, all debt was wiped clean after 7 years, etc etc.

    • dannyboy11

      You are not Catholic. If you were you would know the readings at mass came from the bible.

  27. See Alice

    Looks like a very slow gossip day .

  28. uh huh

    Can we lay off the moralizing for once? This isn’t celebrity news. Just an excuse to flaunt how fashionably PC you are…This site has become as obnoxious as the celebrities it mocks.

  29. Frank Burns

    All I get from this is that Lot had ugly daughters.

    • rican

      Must be, after the whole town took a pass on them in favor of 2 men, he was the one that had to do them the favor.

  30. speaking of gay.. 69th!

  31. lol @ dante dumferno

    lol at the silly bible still being taken as fact. LOL @ that forever!

  32. Tin

    Here’s the thing, Jesus is coming again, whether you believe it or not is irrelevant. Read Matthew chapter 24 if you want to know the signs of the end of this era and when Jesus is coming back. And before you say “Well, there have been wars happening for years so that doesn’t mean anything,” the Bible says those signs are the beginning of sorrows and Jesus won’t actually get here until the gospel has been preached to the ends of the earth. With the internet and social media devices, we can now say the gospel is being preached to the ends of the earth. God is giving every sinner the chance to repent and accept the Lord Jesus as your Savior. After He gets here it’ll be too late and you’ll just be out of luck.

    • Amy

      I don’t believe in God or Heaven and Hell. But if I did, I sure as hell would not put my faith in an allegedly all-powerful, all-knowing God that is intolerant, damns good people for being born the way he created them, and allowing so many atrocities to happen in his name (yes, I said allowing – I know men are the one who perpetrate wars, torture, etc. But if I were God and I saw that shit happening in my name you can sure as hell bet there would be a swift and obvious ass-kicking). So, if your God (or at least Pat’s God) does exist, he can kiss my ass. I’ll take my lot (no pun intended) in the Lake of Fire with the rest of the infidels who were willing to stand up to some no-good, cosmic bully.

      • rican

        Amy, you speak of ignorance. It’s okay if you’re atheist etc., but your criticism of religion is based on your loose interpretations of what you THINK you know is right. Educate yourself first, so you don’t sound like a complete idiot, or worse yet, like Dante Calamari.

      • Nobullshite

        Yes, Amy, you will. Good luck with that. I know why this Blog is called Superficial, Because the people in it, and most commenting on it, are just that. A bunch of idiots who THINK they know what they are talking about, but don’t have a clue. But, hey, they are super proficient at the Superficial, the inane, they think about 1/2″ deep, but swear they are all Einstein and Martin Luther, when in reality, 90 % of them don’t know a damn thing about what they are writing about. I’ve seen two intelligent responses here. And they didn’t come from the ” Hey, I want to swear, have sex any way I want, the Bible is fake, and I want to be a Sim writer” crowd.”
        At some point in the future, you will all have the answer to the existence of the God that you repudiate, hate and mock. Good luck to you on that day. Won’t do you any good because God doesn’t deal in luck.

    • TheC

      I’m saying this in all seriousness, you are absolutely correct. I hate reading the comments here sometimes. The sheer ignorance, disrespectfulness, and disregard for the blatant signs that are all around us. It’s truly sad.

      • TheC

        I was replying to Tin.

      • TomFrank

        I love how people, like TheC, profess to be such moral upstanding people who can’t stand the ignorance and depravity that run amok on sites like these…yet they CONTINUE TO FREQUENT SITES LIKE THESE. “I hate the depravity, but I can’t stop coming here for the gossip and hot women.”

      • This is a superficial blog about boobs and ass, and you want to talk about religion here in all seriousness???? Whahahaha ok whatever. In any case, you can believe whatever imaginary beings you want, but don’t talk shit about a person who doesn’t believe in your particular mumbo jumbo. There are many other religions in the world, much older than Christianity, so you can’t say that your imaginary being is better or more special. There are good people out there that don’t need to believe in a Christian GOD to be “saved”. Besides, there are plenty of religions that don’t believe in the existence of HELL. Christianity is only a little over 2000 years old. And guess what, the Virgin birth isn’t original to Christianity. The Romans believed in that shit way before Jesus was born. In fact, Zeus came down from Mt. Olympus, turned into a Swan and raped a virgin who bore him a son. Just sayin….

    • Amy

      If there is one thing I’ve learned as a grad student and teaching assistant for a major public university, it is this: when it comes to attention spans, I never had a chance. Earnest expressions, furrowed brows, and the diligent clapping of fingers on laptop keyboards is no assurance undergrads are actually paying attention to the lecture. But it is a pretty good indicator that something big is going down on Facebook, like they just got a new cow for their farm or they are about to change their relationship status. I’m not hurt (okay, maybe I am, but just a little) – the world is changing and lectures need to change with it. But the pragmatist in me knows that I’m never going to be able to make the election of the U.N. Secretary General or the implementation of public policy in the bureaucracy as relevant or interesting as the immediate personal ties that tug at that ever precious commodity for a college instructor: attention.
      I’m not above admitting defeat. I’m also not above being a little subversive. So, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.
      My interest in the Sims Social is twofold: it is both personal and professional, and above all it is driven by my love of storytelling, interested audiences, and a sincere desire to influence the direction and development of Sim storylines. As a fan of the Sims franchise since it was first released nearly a decade ago, I would love the opportunity to write for the Sims Social. As a university professor-in-training I would like to know that even if my students aren’t listening to me in front of the class, they might be reading something I wrote while behind a computer screen. Learning should be fun, but it isn’t always. Part of the problem is the format, lectures are nowhere near as effective as stories when trying to communicate a frame through which students can understand the world. No one cares about public institutions cut off from every day reality, but everyone loves a hero mired in hopes and expectations, caught up in epic (and often ridiculous) struggle, making decisions in a crazy, uncertain reality that will ultimately affect her self-esteem, personal fortune, and the community around her. That those decisions are bounded by institutions is the crux of the story that could never be a lecture, but could be the beginning of a whopping good Sim tale.
      I’m looking forward to the opportunity for writing Sim stories online.
      Sul sul,
      Amy Brooke Lewis

    • Trillian

      so your proof that the bible and jesus are real are the bible? That’s pretty circular logic that is never going to convince anyone with an ounce of skeptical good sense. Why are you so anxious for the world to end? Is it because your an elitist who thinks you’re oh so better than everyone else because you have a special invisible friend? Get over yourself – you are an insignificant creature on an insignificant planet orbiting a small star in one of a billion galaxies. Nothing you do or say has any real meaning, so go live a good happy life for yourself and others and enjoy the tiny amount of time you have here.

      • flame on

        If it wasn’t for the fact that Christians are tasked with spreading the ministry of Christ, you might be on to something Trillian. Additionally, spiritual faith kinda has an inherent “you are special and so is every individual in the world” aspect to it. So, you know, once we agree to disagree on those points, your apathy might be easier to swallow. It’s always been your choice to live your life as you please, including tuning out the religious folk you find so intrusive.

        “Proof” that God exists, as I’ve seen in others at least, seems to be evident in the inspiration that the faithful find in their own hearts/minds. There isn’t any logical explanation because that’s not what faith is about. An individual is exposed to the idea that God just might exist and has an emotional response that they interpret as a brush with divinity. When and where that moment occurs is varied for each person. Many clearly feel nothing, and some that feel nothing take on the attitude you present. I feel sorry that the faithful frustrate you or cause you to feel pity for their beliefs.

        I hardly understand how believing the world’s end is coming underscores an elitist tendency. It’s an interpretation. Why do you feel defensive enough to retaliate with accusations?

        (Sidenote: Why do people, Christians specifically, keep predicting the end of the world when the New Testament clearly states that the time of the end isn’t known to any but the Father? I mean, sure there are all sorts of descriptions of world events which will prequel that scary ‘end of days’ shit, but if you’re a Christian and believe the words in the Bible, then that whole section that states that ‘only God knows’ should kind of stand out. Right?

      • KP

        ““Proof” that God exists, as I’ve seen in others at least, seems to be evident in the inspiration that the faithful find in their own hearts/minds.”
        This is a popular atheist belief that isn’t founded upon actual facts. In fact, the scientific method was developed upon the Jewish understanding of faith. Most “science” back then was actually philosophical. You had to come up with an idea, look for evidence, test it as best as you could, decide if reality lined up with your philosophy, and put your faith in the evidence if it’s actually there.
        The Bible says “through all things, prove what’s true.” It also says don’t trust your emotions, because “the heart is deceitful.”
        Feelings have nothing to do with faith. The word faith means “trust in the knowledge of something for which evidence exists.” (That’s an actual biblical definition, not my own). By contrast, faith doesn’t mean “emotional attachments to an idealogy that is absent of objective truth.”

        The reality is that the ‘creation’ of this universe was either due to a Creator or a Multiverse as explained by Hawking. Neither one is testable or observable.

        “(Sidenote: Why do people, Christians specifically, keep predicting the end of the world when the New Testament clearly states that the time of the end isn’t known to any but the Father?”
        One, most Christians aren’t “predicting” the end of the world. They’re looking at signs of it.
        Two, yes, the Bible says only God knows the Hour when the end will come. But it also says His followers can see the Season of it approaching. We can see the signs of it, but we can’t know the hour.

        The reason Christians today are so outspoken about it are those very signs. The Bible gives the signs of the End Times as 1) the reformation of Israel as a nation 2) the Arab neighbors fighting against this newly founded Israeli nation 3) the preaching of the Gospel around the world 4) a gigantic, quick increase in knowledge 5) ability to travel around the globe easily

        These were just 5 of the signs that Jesus gave for the End Times. Obviously, this is the first time in human history that these requirements have happened. So we can see the Seasons of this happening, but we can’t name the day or hour. It could still be another 2000 years for all we know.

  33. Ms. Poodle

    Well this was fun. Rape, Politics, and the Bible. Best. Topics. Ever.

  34. Lindsay Lohan NOH8
    Commented on this photo:


  35. Rather Dashing

    Wait… the sparkly vampire from Twilight said what now?

  36. 545-Corey Fiessdell

    Since new york made the final approval for it, this will not going be good thing to come.

  37. PeaceOut

    I’m done with this site, SW. You post political/religious things just to get views and responses on this site. You are pathetic!

    • vitobonespur

      Are you really that stupid? That’s like saying, “I’m through with this car! All it does is use up gasoline to go places!”

      “Views and responses” are the raison d’etre of The Superficial.

    • Hey Hick Fuck You

      Isn’t that the point dummy?

  38. Bob

    Lot: “Hey, don’t gang-rape those two complete strangers who for all I know could be mass murdering, raping pedophiles who intend to butcher my family and yours while we sleep – instead gang-rape my two innocent virgin daughters who’ve never done anything wrong.”
    Angels: “Now that is a True and Godly man! If only more people were like him.”

  39. Bryan

    You know Jews believe this shit too, right? Only they actually believe it. Just making sure.

  40. Emmy

    If anyone wants a really easy explanation of the Sodom and Gommorah story, check out Brad Neely’s interpretation.

  41. So, the writers of the bible tell us that God was upset about the way Sodom’s residents had sex. This must mean God watched said residents have sex. Only one conclusion, God likes porn.

  42. anonym

    lindsay looks damn hot with tape over her mouth and photoshop airbrushing.

  43. Blech

    Blah, blah, blah– Christianity blows.

    Anyway, is that Lindsay Lohan up there?

  44. the one



    He’s got some nerve! Everyone knows he’s a Freemason and Illuminati member!

  46. John Holmes

    wait a minute. I came here to talk about raping Lindsay Lohan in the ass not religion. I’m outta here.

  47. MIchael Coyle

    Wow. The Bible quoted on The Superficial. Proof that Hell has, in fact, frozen over.

    • BE

      Isn’t that the truth!!!

      And I’m with the poster above who says that this site is properly named “The Superficial.” Didn’t we think that some of these folks has actually READ a book. Once again, we give people too much credit – let’s go back to them envying an 80 plus pimp like Hefner – not even knowing he likes men better.

      And let’s discuss Quantum Physics nextQ I hear Stephen Hawking did something stupid too!!!!

      The comments will be just as relevant as most of this “Theology” going around.

      I think we need a new webmaster. When digging for anything on a slow news day if they’re posting Pat Robertson? OOH I’m so interested.

      Looks like our webmaster is still grinding an axe for the nuns at his high school.

      Let rename from “the superficial” to “the irrelevant”

  48. Lindsay Lohan NOH8
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    Down with Queers!

  49. WaitWhat

    “The last city known for homosexuality…” huh? My history is a little rusty. So, Sodom came AFTER San Francisco?

  50. blehbleh

    religion is gay.

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