Paris Hilton’s Rwanda trip to be a reality show

October 16th, 2007 // 117 Comments

Paris Hilton. Humanitarian. Saint. And, oh yeah, camera whore. Turns out Paris’ trip to Rwanda in November is going to be a reality show. Wait until you see the show’s title. Priceless. Ok! Magazine reports:

Paris Hilton is set to journey to Rwanda on a charity mission with the Playing for Good organization, and as it is always the case, cameras will be following her.
Paris’ five-day trek to the African country, where she will visit clinics and schools, will be filmed with the hopes of selling it as a reality show titled The Philanthropist.

Paris chimed in with her thoughts on the show:

“I love having everything documented. It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me.”

True, there are a lot of misconceptions about Paris. The other day some guy told me she didn’t have herpes. That guy couldn’t have been more misconceived. But, you know, in all honesty it’s nice to see Paris using her celebrity to bring attention to these refugees. Sure she might devour their souls to stave off the ravaging effects of age, but at least Paris is creating a national dialog. And that’s what’s really important. Unless the show is on A&E, then no one will watch it and Paris just tricked us into thinking she’s sort of important. Dammit, she did it again! I’ll get you next time, Paris. Next time…

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  1. justplainconfused


  2. big

    Big deal

  3. Andrew C

    Here’s hoping another genocide breaks out while she’s there!! C’mon guys, keep your fingers crossed.

  4. PurpleDrank6969

    I knew there was some horrible catch. I hope the fucking bitch dies there.

  5. Gaffa

    Damn. I wanted to be first.

  6. PunkA

    Wow she sucks. She can’t even try to do something good without attempting to market herself and profit off of it. She is pathetic scum of a human.

  7. Bigheadmike

    Fresh meat!!! Well maybe not so fresh.

  8. Jade

    I’m gunna try not to slander.

    How distasteful. How phony. How.. sad.

  9. Andrew C

    Maybe Daddy could set up a new hotel in Rwanda. And then Paris can get raped and killed there. It could be the plot for ‘Hotel Rwanda 2′. Oh my god, I’m a visionary.

  10. Rachel

    “The Philanthropist??” She’s making a spectacle out of a huge global issue. She’s not a philanthropist, she’s a tourist gawking at poverty. It’s absolutely horrifying.

  11. MandySue

    Paris has said that she is now a different person and that she would like to make a difference. She says she believes that God has given her a second chance. God has indeed given Paris another chance. What will she do with the opportunity to change her life? She is at a fork in the road of life. The choice is hers. Which direction will she travel? I believe she is truly changed, and will do the right thing from this point onward. I do not have a broken and bitter heart.

    “Then Jesus said, ‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry a heavy burden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

  12. “I want to do good for the world! Just make sure you get it on tape OK?”

  13. cashitin

    What a shitbag. I wonder how many brothers will tag her ass while she’s over there.

  14. Andrew C

    Shut the fuck up with your bible-babble, Mandy Sue. You on the wrong website, sista.

    PS: Let Jesus Christ fuck you. With a crucifix. While Britney’s baby is sitting on your lap without a seatbelt.

  15. hyeandmighty

    Thats Hot!!

  16. theShizaan

    True charity is anonymous…giving without the expectation of something in return; neither monetary nor fame.

    If she is truely doing this to make a buck and promote herself, then there will a special place for her in hell.

  17. lmao. Like any of you have done ANY charity work ever. I haven’t but at least I done pose as anything but an irritable horndog

  18. Crotch Kicker

    I’m sure she’s doing this for personal gain, but it might actually help these people despite her shitty motivation.

  19. ph7

    She’s be the first person who brings a horrible communicable disease *into* Africa!

  20. veggi

    HI JIMBO! Once, I still screwed a guy after I saw how small his dick was. I thought that was quite nice of me.

  21. Paris H.

    How can I convince you that I’ve changed? I couldn’t sleep last night, so I sat down and wrote this…meditation:

    I’m shedding skin, changing within, I’m falling in.
    Through swollen eyes, I dreamed you died, caught inside.
    I’m shedding skin, spreading thin, severed stem.
    I created the end, I’m killing a friend. I’m shedding my skin.

    You’re fucking, and sucking. You’re friendless. It’s endless.
    Your flower has soured. It’s endless. You’re friendless.
    It’s harder, and stronger. But no one’s been inside you longer.
    Or harder, or deeper. To get you off, you need the fear.
    It’s never love. Bloody touch. Broken wrist. Needle rust.
    Choking throat. Swallowed teeth. Head fuck. No peace.
    I’m shedding my skin to peel you off of me.
    You’ve got to love me.
    Ornament. Shrunken head. Playtoy. Snake strike. Poisonous.
    Syphillis. Drenched me. Soaked me.
    I’m shedding my skin to drain you out of me.
    You’ve got to hate me.

  22. JM

    Philanthropy (noun) – altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.

    Paris’ reason for doing the show – “I love having everything documented. It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me.”

    Only this superficial bitch could twist “philanthropy” into “it’s all about me” this badly. My god, she’s going to Rwanda where her cameras might be able to bring to light some of the horrible atrocities that have taken place, and all she can think about is “Finally they will see how hard I work.” I can see it now – fake dirt applied by a makeup artist along with a staged ‘breaking of a nail’. I hope she has to hold one of the babies and then the camera rolls too long afterwards so we can all hear “oh my god, did you see how dirty that little fucker was? I mean like seriously, take a bath.”

  23. Dushie Blue

    I can’t decide which is worse: Al Gore winning the Nobel Peace Price or Paris Hilton showing up in Rwanda.
    Paris grew up in a hotel and knows only luxury, she spends a few days in jail for a truly retarded action (her license was suspended yet she did not grasp the idea of not being allowed to drive with a suspended license??) on her part, and all of a sudden she thinks she’s mother Theresa??
    I just hope the people of Rwanda don’t know who she is. Can you just imagine having witnessed horrible things in your life and living in poverty and then some talentless rich bitch with all the opportunities in the world and yet barely got her GED and who is only famous because of a (bad) porntape comes to your country to “help you”?? With camera’s of course. You can’t be a philantropist without an audience you know!

  24. Micky Mc

    What happend to the Chihuahuas that were once popular with Paris & Brit? Now they both have Yorkies – I wish they’d both get autopsies.

  25. Oh my! Saint Paris! Let’s all compose the most haigiographic prose!

    Tell you what Paris, why don’t you click my blue link and find yourself something new to eat? Yeah, I know you’ve eaten meat before, even human ‘meat’ but this is just a bit different.

    Try it! You might like it! You can even give some to your little dog, Toto or whatever he is!

    And hey! It isn’t like being a saint means you have to be vegitarian! So eat up! You’re in Rwanda! I’m sure if you look hard enough you can find something new!

    Be more . . . um . . . multicultural . . . yeah, that’s it, multicutural! Yeah!

  26. Dushie Blue

    I hope that when she gets to the airport in Rwanda and they are like: “No no no, get out. We know we’ve got our problems, but we are barely able to handle aids. We can’t afford super-herpes. Seriously, get the fuck out. Call in hazmat, stat!”

  27. robbyrob

    i knew it!!!!!!! i knew she ddint just want to “learn” about the country.. she is getting paid for it!!

  28. havoc



  29. Nikk

    That is officially the most detestable thing on Earth.

    I’m pretty sure no one can top that.

    That is the lowest of the low.

    And #11….Don’t fucking start. Defending her is like defending the Klan.

  30. Becks

    Every time she opens her mouth I feel like my head is going to explode with all the bullshit that comes out of it!

  31. salmonswife

    What your saying is…
    more Paris Porn

  32. Nice Inspector Gadget reference.

  33. kix

    Well, as long as she is doing it for the children….

    How hard she works!– what a narcissist.

  34. em

    i dont even think this dumb bitch cares about helping people. she is such a fucking attention whore. hopefully she will catcj some awful disease while over there and die…now that would be charity

  35. cashitin

    She would probably have more success filming herself and all the Darkies she is going to end up blowing. It’s really the only talent she has.

  36. Ript1&0

    She’s getting revenge for throwing her in jail with this. So I’d like to take this opportunity to say her, “We’re sorry.” So maybe she can forget this whole “philanthropy” thing now? We never should’ve tried to stop the partying, big mistake, Paris, we apologize. For the love of god, leave Africa alone and go back to the bar!

  37. everybody

    “Defending her is like defending the Klan.”

    There’s no need to “defend” the Klan. The Klan kicks fucking ass!!!

  38. Danklin24

    So let me get this straight, she’s going over there to “help” the refugees but wants cameras there to document that she’s doing something good. I guess it would be a stretch for Paris to do something that didnt benefit herself. Starving children with life threatening diseases? Fuck that, i’ve got a reputation to uphold.

  39. soy

    fucking attention whore

    Make ‘it go away!!!
    YeahYeah’ hmmm like maybe she’ll get Malaria
    i feel better now

  40. Auntie Kryst

    Wow, my post got sent away for approval. Well what I want to say is this is absolutey deplorable. She is a war profiteer, just plain old scum!

  41. Awww, Not This Crap Again!

    Who’s REALITY is this?! Paris traipsing through a herd of malnourished, abused, a neglected refugees undoubtedly looking “hot” wearing some sort of safari themed wardrobe, or bringing attention to the people of this country?!

    I would so love for the children to swarm her, grabbing and touching her just to watch her head explode!

    Newsflash Paris…Princess Diana you are NOT! Also, you are SO NOT HOT!!!

  42. toolboy

    Jesus Christ. This is the best we can do? Paris is going on a humanitarian trip to Rwanda…Ireland has Bono, England had Di and now her boys. We have Paris, the wonky eyed bitch with a hot toaster full of glass for a vagina. “What kind of diet are you guys on over here? You are all so Hot. Nicole would be soooo jealous. ”

  43. jrzmommy

    Well, that about does it folks………

  44. Dick in Bitch


  45. kelly

    “Paris Hilton’s Rwanda trip to be a reality show”

    Of course it is!
    what do you expect? Is anyone surprised? Obviously she wouldn’t do it unless there was a major advantage or something to get out of it.

  46. veggi

    sheesh! she must not realize she’s gonna be hunting dinosaurs.

  47. amy

    I hope she gets abducted , raped and killed or contracts an dehabilitating disease and i’m not joking.

  48. Ryan

    Hahahahaha…Safari themed wardrobe hahahaha…she sooo would have that all Khaki colored …some outfit she bought from some insanely overpriced designer hahahaha

  49. ParisBBQ

    Paris will be stuck on a crucifix and roast over an open fire. She will then be eaten by Rwanda’s hungry children. Madonna will be so moved by it all that she will adopt on the spot the prettiest children filmed knawing on Paris’s bbq’d bones. Ain’t reality tv orgasmic?

  50. ness

    call me crazi but i think this is a good thing in a way. at least the horrible situation in that country will be exposed and watched by millions of idiots (and me, im really smart though…obviously)

    it will bring some worldwide awareness to the rwandan genocide that our country has ignored for years. oh and also just how brilliantly inteligent good ol’ Paris is.

    but seriously what is she going to do to help these kids? give them all blinged out AR-15s?


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