Paris Hilton’s Rwanda trip to be a reality show


Paris Hilton. Humanitarian. Saint. And, oh yeah, camera whore. Turns out Paris’ trip to Rwanda in November is going to be a reality show. Wait until you see the show’s title. Priceless. Ok! Magazine reports:

Paris Hilton is set to journey to Rwanda on a charity mission with the Playing for Good organization, and as it is always the case, cameras will be following her.
Paris’ five-day trek to the African country, where she will visit clinics and schools, will be filmed with the hopes of selling it as a reality show titled The Philanthropist.

Paris chimed in with her thoughts on the show:

“I love having everything documented. It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me.”

True, there are a lot of misconceptions about Paris. The other day some guy told me she didn’t have herpes. That guy couldn’t have been more misconceived. But, you know, in all honesty it’s nice to see Paris using her celebrity to bring attention to these refugees. Sure she might devour their souls to stave off the ravaging effects of age, but at least Paris is creating a national dialog. And that’s what’s really important. Unless the show is on A&E, then no one will watch it and Paris just tricked us into thinking she’s sort of important. Dammit, she did it again! I’ll get you next time, Paris. Next time…

Photos: Splash News
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