Paris Hilton’s neighbor offers $27K/month to get rid of her

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt just moved into a new Hollywood Hills home last week, and already one neighbor is willing to fork out almost $30 grand a month to get her the fuck out. TMZ reports:

The neighbor says Hiltie is ruining his life. She’s lived there a grand total of 5 days … already cops have been called twice because of loud parties, screaming and yelling, and vandalism.
The house in the Hollywood Hills had been listed at $22,000 a month. So the neighbor is willing to give the landlord $27,000 a month if Paris goes away.
And get this … we’re told the neighbor complained to Doug yesterday about all the ruckus since Paris moved in. Doug said, “This is what you have to expect because Paris and I are public figures.”

Jesus. I’m pretty sure that last sentence alone is legal grounds for firing a gun into Doug Reinhardt’s nostril. Granted, it’s been a while since my law school days (Ladies?), we’re talking a clear case of self-defense here. — That was your cue to start shooting, so whenever.

Photos: WENN