Paris Hilton’s little brother gets DUI

Barron Hilton got his first DUI at 8:30 AM PST today in Malibu. The 18-year-old brother of Paris Hilton is currently being booked at Lost Hill’s Sheriff station. That’s the same station where Mel Gibson decided “sugar tits” was a great nickname for his arresting officer. TMZ reports:

Cops tell TMZ he was driving a black Mercedes on Pacific Coast Highway with a passenger — not one of his sisters– when he was pulled over at a 76 gas station.

While being arrested, Barron pleaded with the cops: “Please. I’ll get you anything. Money. Cars. Uh, my sister Paris will sleep with you!” Several officers drew their guns until Barron rescinded the offer. A forty year veteran of the force went home shaking. He’d worked homicide and saw things that would make a grown man weep like a baby. But an offer like this? Jesus, where is the humanity?

Photo: Splash News