Paris Hilton’s family hated Doug Reinhardt

Turns out Paris Hilton’s family was never really a fan of Doug Reinhardt and thought he was “riding her coattails.” Somebody should probably tell them those draggy things aren’t her coattails. E! News reports:

“I think Paris needs to be with someone who is a bit more mature, older and has their own thing,” Kathy Hilton told us last night at the L.A. Lakers and AEG party at Club Nokia L.A. Live.
“The stories out there about our family not approving of their relationship are completely true,” Paris’ aunt, Kyle Richards, said. “Doug was riding Paris’ coattails.”
So what kind of guy should Ms. Paris be dating?
“He has to be a very strong, intelligent man who can handle being with her,” Richards said. “He’ll have to walk in her shadow, and it’s very hard to find someone who is comfortable in that role.”

Wow, no one even mentioned the fact Doug looks exactly like a date rapist? Figured that’d be more of an issue. Anyway, I can image it is difficult finding a man willing to walk in Paris’ shadow. Because it has chlamydia.