Paris Hilton’s breast: What’s happening here?

Let me a take a stab at what’s going on here: Paris Hilton’s magical bra, which in defiance of God’s Will makes her appear to have cleavage, is running low on unicorn tears. That, or her breasts are made of slowly melting ice cream. The flavor? Ben & Jerry’s New “V.D. Cone Home.” Look for it in your grocer’s freezer.

EDIT: Apparently, with the boob droopage in full effect, Paris tried to hook up with recently single soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo only to be shot down, according to the Daily Mail. Benji Madden would be pissed except he realizes he’s Benji Madden and is just happy to touch a vagina.

Thanks to Tom for the tip on Paris’ crash and burn. I love a good heartwarming tale.