Paris Hilton’s boyfriend is an idiot


Paris Hilton’s new boy toy Josh Henderson is so deluded and in love with himself that he’s been going around thinking he’s the shit because he’s dating Paris Hilton. A source says:

“Everyone in Los Angeles is just calling him ‘Paris Boy.’ No one really knows his name, but he walks around acting like he’s God’s gift.”

To be fair, dating Paris Hilton is a pretty big deal. Only what, four, five thousand guys get to do it every month? That’s special. Besides, have you seen what Josh Henderson looks like? I only know two people better looking than Sleepy McDroop Face, and that’s me, and the person looking back at me in the mirror.

paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-01-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-02-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-03-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-04-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-05-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-06-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-07-thumb.jpg paris-hilton-hollywood-candids-08-thumb.jpg


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