Paris Hilton’s boyfriend is suave

March 5th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Here’s Doug Reinhardt slipping Paris Hilton the tongue last night which is probably one of the worst, if not itchiest, decisions of his life. Not counting later that evening when he thought to himself “But if I wear a condom, then I won’t feel anything….” How is this guy not on the space program? Look alive, NASA.

NOTE: Upskirt shot for anyone who doesn’t value their eyesight. Oh, hey, Doug.


  1. pooop

    pee and poop

  2. Matthew


  3. Matthew


  4. LAST!


  5. Megan

    How was this last night? She get extensions again or is that a wig? Weird.

  6. Lowlands

    He shows good manners! At least he isn’t pushing his hand between her legs at the same time.

  7. Randal

    We’ve all known what a flirt and a doll Paris is for a long time. This is no surprise as her gaze casts a magical spell on all who look at her beauty.


  8. princess gracey

    I love that her fashion decisions usually involve some kind of demented Tinkerbell look.
    In this installment, Tinkerbell gets tongued.

  9. tim

    Nice upskirt shot. On her thigh there should be a “Congestion Ahead” sign.

  10. Sauron

    #8 He isn’t doing that because she’s his girlfriend.With wives it’s a whole different story. . .

  11. princess gracey

    Hey Tim:
    How about
    “Wrong Way”
    “Yield to Pedestrians”?

  12. phoring

    What are these guys thinking? … n/m

  13. Rachel

    I’m gonna be sick

  14. First Time

    I guess he wants to drive that ugly pink car of her too.

  15. Nero

    I’m turned on! Pliers!

  16. Darth

    I bet he’s keeping a careful eye on her purse at the same time!

  17. so she wanted to fuck an average looking handsome guy.
    Or hes doing it as a bet.
    He looks like an ogre in picture no. 6

  18. RD

    I need several showers & a good eyeball bleaching after viewing those shots.

  19. Savalas

    Atta boy, Porky McFingers!

  20. Jennyjenjen

    This picture reminds me of the time Val Kilmer was photographed desperatly trying to tongue Paris in a hotel hallway. I still haven’t recovered from the trauma of that… The image is burned in my brain, it wakes me in a cold sweat.

  21. Valerie

    HAHA! This post made me laugh, the title and the first picture just go perfectly. Nice.

  22. Valerie

    OH OH! YES! She took my advice and is wearing stockings. Her legs look better already.

  23. sallywang

    Sweet kiss…lol….Wanna join a hot and heated forum that discusses the truth about these big stars?
    ____Tallmingle C om____ has lots of sports fans there! besides, it’s hot models, milfs, sexy chick s and handsome young men and chicks mingle club!!LOL checka!! :-)

  24. g_girl

    fuck you spammer, go die!
    ps paris has a nasty face

  25. priscilla

    I don’t understand. He must WANT herpes, or he already has it.

  26. monk

    The BIG question is what is the right hand doing?????? I wonder…………………Keep diggin brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. feckless

    @17 lol was it the dirty knuckles (mechanic? Discount Tires?) or the PDA?

  28. sam

    I am far from an expert on fashion, but even I know better than to emulate Aubrey O’Day (or whatever her name is), the high priestess of headbandedness.

  29. Cartman

    She looks like a goddamn hippie.

  30. Valkyrie

    man, that first picture just looks gross. Some people look hot when they make out… she looks like she hasnt received the first part of her payment yet and he looks like he’s waiting for the roofies to kick in.


  31. robert

    For women, love is blind… For men, love is darn right brainless.

  32. robert

    Paris is a waling petri dish. Forget the condom, you would need a HASMAT suit.

  33. farty mcshitface

    i don’t think they make tongue condoms- do they? #34 you are right- a hazmat suit is needed.
    what about the eye and brain transplants he will need after he realizes what horrible things he’s done.
    therapy can’t fix that shit.

  34. farty mcshitface

    in picture #4 you can see she’s already developing on old womans neck. in another 2 yrs- she have a full-blown turkey neck for sure.

  35. SOS

    gah DAMN he’s hot!

  36. Allen's Woody

    Obviously the guy’s not disease-free to begin with so why should it matter that he fuck around with Princess Rancid here.

  37. 1 MILF Hunter

    Smooth operator. Hope he has plenty of antibiotics.

  38. bitchfit

    No Paris post is complete without an up-skirt shot. Bravo!

  39. Tom K

    This whore gets classier everyday!!!!!!!! Paris Hilton for President in 2012! America is so twisted I can see that happening!

  40. Avon

    Paris is just an old smell.

  41. Avon

    # 41 – Tom K

    A lot of people, like Nostradamus and the Mayas, think that the world is going to end in 2012, so let us pray that she does not run for President in 2012 and seal all our fate.

  42. bah

    I think this girl is never angry.

  43. Nate

    WTF……anyone else notice that Paris has a stink eye?? What a retarded looking bitch. She looks like a fucking bird

  44. NightHawk

    He may as well be licking a bike tire, this ones been ridden a few times, to say the least, LOL

  45. joho777

    I wonder if he realizes that he is giving a blow job to every guy Paris has ever met.

    And that includes all the guards who were on-duty at the LA County Sheriffs Jail a year or so ago where Paris spent a memorable 2 hours.

  46. ROFL

    WTF is wrong with men nowadays..??

    Does Doug Reinhardt not know this b!tch has Herpes {and God only knows what else!}..?

    Does he just not care..?


    LoL@ #9 – Randal..”This is no surprise as her gaze casts a magical spell on all who look at her beauty”


    Beauty..? {if you prefer gazing on a female who’s “tranny like”..with size 12 1/2 feet.

    As usual..She just spreads her legs..rofl.

    And guys forget about STD..

    God gave “most” men Two heads..and blood only enough to use One.


  47. JOanne

    I’d let him kiss me even though he tastes like herpes…err… I mean Paris.

  48. .

    SHES a whore? This guy has been with Amanda Bynes, Lauren Conrad AND Paris Hilton in like the last year. Hes the biggest skank in hollywood. Nasty, disease ridden, famewhoring, golddigging, man whore.

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