Paris Hilton will not appear on Wild On

treid_wildonb.jpgAccording to an insider, Paris Hilton has refused to appear on Wild On with Tara Reid and has repeatedly asked the cameras to stop filming her. The insider says, “Tara has been following Paris with a camera. Paris keeps asking her to stop, but she won’t put the camera away.” Supposedly, E! producers wanted to open Tara’s show with scenes of her partying with Paris, but the source adds, “That’s not going to happen, Paris won’t sign the release forms.”

This is a smart move on Paris Hilton’s part, since being seen on TV with Tara Reid might give the impression that she’s a slut, and not the obviously respectable business woman that she is. To be fair to Paris though, I hear that Tara Reid is actually so whorish that when prostitutes stand next to her they’re technically virgins again. And I’ve pointed it out before, but there is something seriously wrong with Tara’s stomach. I’ve never actually seen a flesh eating virus at work, but I imagine this is what it would look like. You know, if flesh eating viruses make your body look like lumpy mush that is.