Paris Hilton wears lingerie for a leisurely stroll

November 27th, 2007 // 130 Comments

Paris Hilton scoped out an office building in LA yesterday and felt that lingerie was appropriate outdoor attire. This, of course, allowed paparazzi to snap a shot of her panties. There’s nothing like seeing the thin layer of pink fabric that separates our world and Herpes Canyon. I wish she would wear something on her crotch a little more, I dunno, durable. Like the door to a bank vault. Or the hatch from a submarine.

NOTE: So I just noticed that she’s not wearing any underwear. Wow, uh, Merry Christmas?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. Shallow Val

    63 – Chicago is the joint, man! Who says Chi-town is not on the fashion map? Lemme at ‘em!!!

  2. Jess

    Honestly, I think she looks really pretty. She looks sexy, not trashy. Or at least she would if those assholes wouldnt take pictures up her dress.

  3. toothy

    @102 She wants them to take those pics, she wants the attention she is a publicity whore.

  4. I’d say it’s underwear and not a dress.
    I do like it, but she should’ve worn stockings with that.

  5. emma w


  6. Mal Reynolds

    Herpes Canyon. good one!
    # 78.
    3. Her herpes is unfortunate
    Her Herpes is not ” unfortunate” it is a perfectly predictable outcome from the type of dumbfuckery she engages in.

    #86, I thought you were joking, mocking our celebdating spammer, but that there is an STD dating site is unbelievable.

  7. linda

    she is disgusting…yuck…and ugly too

  8. linda

    she is disgusting…yuck…and ugly too

  9. Fit and Happy

    Why is she wearing support hose? Is she starting to get flabby from self starvation and lack of exercise?

  10. IHateParis

    As Babs would say: ‘That girl is a P-I-G PIG!’
    BTW, what is with the tights all of the Hollywood whores are wearing lately? They go from no hosiery with their disgusting orange tan veiny legs with skanky toes to opaque little girl tights. Money doesn’t buy class or style. They all suck!

  11. dude

    She has tights on because she’s on the RAG…see the string

  12. BaconMessiah

    Her vagina makes me sad.

  13. There is nothing up there?

  14. She must have rolled her vagina up for this shot.

  15. josselin

    what are you doing? I know you wander around the online site,right? It’s a club for those rich women to find hot guys. Does this mean you want to be a sugarmommy?

  16. aloha girl

    Does anyone know what kind of purse/bag that is? it’s really cute….the silver one.
    Been looking for one of those for awhile now…really like the embroidery.

  17. Celeb Cynic

    Ummm dunno about tampon string, but as much as I hate the break the fantasy bubble here, that strike of “red” is more likely a pink g-string that’s moved out of place – am pretty sure you’d of loved a pic of her trying to get that back where’s it’s supposed to go without even worse photos!


    her “dress” looks hiked up to me and her shoes look like canoes.

  19. LIXY


  20. Therese

    i think its disgustingly pervy that some papparazzo squatted down to get this shot, what a creep

  21. LSCrighton

    Hey #43 yes it is!

  22. galatea456789

    is she still a single? someone just found she is wondering on an online community site you know it is an site just for rich men to look for extramarital relationship… you can guess what she is doing there if she really joined the service.

  23. Djello

    nasty ass hoe.

  24. vp19

    So this is how the world would view Paris Hilton if she was 12 feet tall (or if we were all the size of Vern Troyer).

  25. Zach

    You would think she’d learn her lesson about not wearing underwear from the first incident. Unless she just wants everyone to see her vagina. Its going to get to a point where its not going to be surprising and people are going to be like “oh its just Paris’ bearded clam again nothing that exciting.”

    Not that it was that exciting to begin with.

  26. jimoer i ke

    Paris has a gorgeous vagina that i would personally love every minute of waking up to its being there every morning, afternoon & evening along with the rest of her beautiful story, being, body.. mind.. spirit, soul.. ride on girlfriend you just sharing not being a stuck up selfish privateer like most of the others…

  27. I like what I see. Put aside who she is, and look at her sweet ass encased in sheer silky pantyhose. I would love a sniff of the crotch. Interested in hearing others similar comments. Vist this site for more pantyhose pics

  28. I don’t see what the problem is. I love to see ladies in Pantyhose, and there is no reason to wear panties w/ pantyhose. That is the reason for cotton crotch. My wife wears pantyhose everyday, w/o panties. The only reason this is new is because of who it’s about.

  29. gary tushville

    i loved to eat her period pussy.pull her tampon out with my mouth,and suck it emty for menstrual blood after.then lick her pusy,yeaah!

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