Paris Hilton wears lingerie for a leisurely stroll

November 27th, 2007 // 130 Comments

Paris Hilton scoped out an office building in LA yesterday and felt that lingerie was appropriate outdoor attire. This, of course, allowed paparazzi to snap a shot of her panties. There’s nothing like seeing the thin layer of pink fabric that separates our world and Herpes Canyon. I wish she would wear something on her crotch a little more, I dunno, durable. Like the door to a bank vault. Or the hatch from a submarine.

NOTE: So I just noticed that she’s not wearing any underwear. Wow, uh, Merry Christmas?

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

  1. OMG! First to wear panties today!

  2. Leeshka

    Yuckers. Simply. Yuck.

  3. Fashion Sheriff Cowgirl

    My bad. I thought she was sans underoos. I’m not an expert cameltoe inspector like the Fish.

  4. Although, of all the times to NOT wear panties. Wouldn’t it be when you’re wearing hose? I think these girls are confused. Wear panties when you don’t have any other undergarments and don’t wear panties when you have other undergarments! Under there fashion tip #1!

  5. p0nk

    Paris Hilton wears lingerie for a leisurely troll

  6. holla@meh

    ok. first of all. not lingerie. the babyboll dress is super trendy right now. she looks cute. and her shoes are cute too. (per usual) uhm [straight] men are clueless.

  7. I’d get my tongue all up in between those cheeks. =)

  8. holla@meh

    its totally not her fault that there are people diving to the floor to catch a pic of her va-jay-jay. loll

  9. cowcat

    Why is her ass red? Ew.

  10. fran

    superficial, you’re losing your touch. you’re not as funny as you used to be =(

  11. Harry

    #6, thanks for that fashion heads up. I thought I was seeing more of the short baby doll dresses lately. And me like-y!


  13. just what i wanted to see. thanks.

  14. buttinsky

    Dear #6: a.) you have got to be kidding. that is NOT a dress!! It is LINGERIE. and not even flattering! b.) in what SIngapore whorehouse do you reside where a SLIP is called a “babyboll dress” and it’s “super trendy”? c.) you can’t even see her fuckin shoes.

  15. Bill

    damn that is hot.

  16. holla@meh

    #15. go learn how to dress yourself. clearly you have no sight of some of the latest trends. maybe where you’re from in smalltown nebraska people dress a little bit more conservitive. and by conservitive i mean ripped overalls and stained tees. k. thanks. bye.

  17. I am glad to see Paris has changed her way and is doing all she can to make the world a better place. As you can see from these photos she is boycotting real cloths that are made in sweat shop in China. The best way to get your point across is to show a little ass.

  18. AshFrog

    #6 thanks for the comment. I was under the impression that girls dressed a certain way to gain attention from us “straight men” who don’t seems to have any “fashion sense”, but no I guess it’s for dipshits like you who like to comment on how whores who dress like a barbie dolls are very cute and have great fashion sense.

  19. Somebody had to do something! What with Britney covering up now in an attempt to impress the judge and when was the last time we saw Lohan’s lovelies? What would ever happen to HollyWhore if someone wasn’t showing vajajay?

  20. pointandlaugh

    it doesn’t look like she’s wearing underwear at all.
    and the lingerie-as-clothes thing? CLASSY

    • jim

      ahh ya i would rub my face all the way up in that, all guys want the same and all females talk shit about her cause there haters, NO its that simple

  21. marsh

    rofl…although i completely agree with #6, #19 has me cracking up.

    other than that, i will say this…as much as i enjoy a good getting out of the car crotch shot…i just think it’s wrong to get on the ground and snap an upskirt. it’s perverted and weird.

  22. Guy

    The photographer shouldn’t be going to such extreme lengths to get upskirt photos, if I went into the street and started shoving a camera up girls skirts it wouldn’t go down well.

  23. ph7

    She’s looks good – no denying it.

  24. lils

    #17, probably you’re too young to remember but this “hot trend” of yours was “hot” many years ago already, back in the 90′s, with origin in the 60′s. Even Lady Di wore a classier version once. Probably Paris and her whore friends might think they’re creating a style. No surprise, though. We had the fucking leggings and headbands already. But it’s easier to take an old trend and say “look what I’ve made! Sooo original, I so rock!”

    And yes, it was lingerie in the 90′s too.

  25. woodhorse

    Somebody send this to the CDC. My Outlook Express is broken now.

  26. ack

    thank god for the tights. thank god.

  27. NeedtoKnow

    Does she really have herpes or an STD? I made out with her in a club 2 weeks ago. Help. No, seriously.

  28. LSCrighton

    I”m pretty sure she’s sporting a tampon string in there….ew.

  29. PunkA

    What a


  30. steve

    Vapid cunt.

    I can smell the herpes from a different time zone.

  31. steve

    #28 Need to Know:


    Let’s pretend you did…it’s called survival of the fittest. You deserve to die of the herpes infection that will ravage your internal organs.

    Yes, she takes Valtrex, SHE HAS HERPES

  32. who dat

    her ass is naturally that red? She has wicked hemorrhoids.

  33. Jesus H. Christ


    Isn’t this considered an upskirt shot? Maybe I should walk around a major city, diving to the floor to take pictures up girls skirts.

    Do Paparazzi have any shame? Or soul? Holy shit.

  34. lux

    Eww…she has the worst pankcake ass ever. I hate those skinny-fat flabby girls that don’t exercise.

  35. Danklin26

    I just want to know what the hell that huge thing is in her hand with the long extension on it. Hayden has something like it, i hope thats not how big the keys are to these expensive cars.

  36. L.Linus

    This is all nice, but has you started the building for the inmates at the LA county jail. You said you’re building a half-way house when you get out, did you forget?

  37. Me

    she should be arrested for indecent exposure. just think of all the bacteria and viruses rushing like a waterfall out of that cooter and nothing to hold it back. it’s like blatantly trying to infect the innocent. maybe if SHE set fire to it it would cure her…quick somebody, go find brandon and the matches!

  38. sharpeidude

    Ooooh that smell.

  39. Oh the horror, the horror!

  40. Oh the horror, the horror!

  41. No fake balloons, please

    Ladies, notice how her body looks good? In particular, notice how it looks good WITHOUT BREAST IMPLANTS.

    Now,. I am the first to admit that i can’t stand this bubble-headed brat. But her body is looking good. If you look at her and at most of the Victoria’s Secret models, you will see that they do NOT have fake breasts. DON’T get them!

    Guys who are worth getting will head in the opposite direction of you have goofy balloons on your chest.

  42. GG

    #29 Is Crighton your last name? I am a Crighton too.

  43. HELP

    She’s not wearing any underwear…her ass/vagina looks that way from repeated abuse and disgusting disease.

    ewwww. To sign on to the superfish and get an eyeful of that….ugh.

  44. CJ

    It’s the style there…and no, that doesn’t mean any woman can pull it off. Just because something comes in size 20 doesn’t mean it should be worn. She could wear a hefty bag and probably make it look stylish. It doesn’t make her any less the air-head…she just happens to look good in what ever she wears. To many people that’s all that matters.

  45. CruisingForCock

    Bad Santa. This is not at all what I asked for. It was not at all my list.

    There had better be a large cock under my tree.

  46. Igottabemeee

    I is definitely UNDERWEAR and not a dress. Sorry for all you “trendy” folks, but just because someone wears it with no other clothes, does not make it clothing. Just because Madonna used to wear her bra outside her shirt, we did not automatically start calling bras exterior clothing.

    Second, with that mini-slip hiked up to her waist (waste?) the paps chouldn’t help but get an up-skirt shot. If she and brit didn’t want their diseased snatches photographed, they would wear pants. Wake up and smell the tuna people.

  47. Eric

    I’d hit that

  48. fweem

    #48, I applaud your gallant sacrifice.

  49. Igottabemeee

    I meant “It”. I is not underwear.

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