Paris Hilton wears her own face

July 12th, 2007 // 63 Comments

Paris Hilton visited the Ole Henrickson Spa on Tuesday, and afterwards showed off her new shirt, which happens to be a Warhol-inspired design of her own face. I guess this would be weird if it was anybody except Paris Hilton. If a regular person walks down the street wearing a picture of their own face they get punched in the stomach and thrown in a dumpster. Paris Hilton does it and she gets $2 million and the key to the city.

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  1. dib

    Oh come on. it’s my number one dream to have a shirt with my face on it (i have two planned). paris is jsut stealing from my MIND.

  2. Honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah!

    She maybe didn’t recognize herself? Dogs can’t make out colors they say. Oh snap.

  3. Jennings

    First, and I wish someone would punch in the face.

  4. blach

    dirty fucking whore bitch cum sucker down syndromw fat slob waste of space alien baby cum filled faggot loving fat monster bitch of a poor excuse for a human being…please kill yourself

  5. martygras9

    Warhol came up with ideas and then paid people to create them for him. How fitting for her.

  6. bob

    I want that shirt!!

  7. dannielynn'sdaddy

    If you’ll replace “fat” with “flat” then I’ll just go ahead and agree with what #4 said. Wait, did they say, “useless”? No? Then I’d like to delete fat and replace flat and then put useless in there somewhere (preferably in the beginning to punch up the profanity a little bit) and then I’m just gonna go ahead and stick with that. Thanks #4!

  8. Binky

    That’s not a shirt.
    That’s a dart board.

  9. kix

    Well I can see how reading “The Power of Now” has really made an impression on Paris… she is so obviously over her attachment to her self image.

  10. Chauncey Gardner

    The image on the shirt can’t be Paris. There isn’t a half-flaccid cock in its mouth.

  11. Chauncey Gardner

    And how many fucking dogs does she own? Does she just rent them for the day?

  12. Haha. I love her. She has so much power over all of you.

  13. Kamiki

    attention whore! She’ll do anything for a photo op!

  14. Paris's Twat

    Where is the shirt with her herpes covered snatch on it

  15. Brenna

    why is it a tank top in one photo and a weird flutter shirt in all the others. the tank top is much more stomachable.

  16. Sportsdvl

    Since when did she start wearing shirts that wouldn’t allow a nipple peek?

  17. dannielynn'sdaddy

    Since you are, in fact, Paris’s twat you should be the one to keep us all informed of all Herpes sightings. Don’t leave us in the dark….. Viruses love warm dark areas!!!

    About the shirt, while I still hate it I’m not hating it as much when I think back to the stupid self drawing she did in jail. At least this one captures her slitty eyes and hook nose.

  18. Miserable Bastard

    They captured her persona down to the
    last detail. The vacant gaze is almost lifelike against the background of black
    & white prison stripes. They even put a herpes sore over her lip.

  19. Tbear

    The shirt is ugly, true, but I’m more concerned about the fact that she has another toy-dog. Isn’t it an official edict that she is no longer allowed to interact with small animals? Oh, and children….don’t forget the ‘no children’ rule….

  20. star69

    Someone just shot this self obsessed narcissistic grand douche already!! (Make sure to torture her first though) Isn’t there a hero left in this country??
    Enough is enough already. I can’t have her breathe my air anymore.

  21. maeby

    Meanwhile the back of her shirt says, “Valtrex-take 1 capsule daily to avoid outbreaks”

  22. lulu

    when does the stupidity end?

  23. star69

    I feel real really sorry for her driver!! He looks so annoyed. to listen to her talk all day long and be on the phone with her friends and talk like a 12 yr old? Nonstop? Wouldn’t anyone be majorly annoyed to the point of getting the irresistabe urge to drive the car off a cliff with both of you still inside?
    I know I would. I’d make sure to grab the dog off her arms and give it to someone who might take care of it better, before doing the deed.

  24. Teapot

    it looks like she’s strangling the dog or something

  25. blondewithnobrain

    …just when we thought we couldn’t POSSIBLY hate her more!

  26. Name (required):

    Who is this, again? Paris something? Is she related to those hotels? I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of her before.

  27. wienus

    I heard she has a sex tape. Scandelous!

  28. miss oblivious

    That takes some serious balls; going around wearing a shirt with your own damn pic on it. I didn’t think she was THAT full of herself…apparently I was wrong. Paris makes me somewhat embarrassed to be an American…I wish we could literally send her ass off to Paris for good. If other countries think we adore this chic like she adores herself…eeegad. We’ve got to disown this one for good already!!!

  29. whitegold

    I want a shirt with my face on it.

    I want toilet paper with Paris Hilton’s face on it. Seriously, they should consider doing that. It was sell like crazy!

  30. Yourfairytale

    Whitegold, you should patent that idea. You’re onto something!

    I didn’t think it was possible for Paris to be more annoying. What a self-absorbed cunt to wear her OWN FUCKING UGLY FACE on her shirt! And she wonders why no one believes her when she claims she is so sweet.

  31. GOD

    #29. That idea is GOLD.

    I am lazy so I won’t do it but PLEASE PLEASE could someone get on that I would buy a lifetime supply. I would never use normal toilet paper again and BONUS I have IBS … BAD!

    Whitegold you should totally run with this idea, why should someone else make money off your brilliance. I am not kidding; you are officially my internet hero and a genius according to me. Don’t ignore your calling. You could make a whole line of celebrity faced toilet paper, it’s absolutely brill. You could get one with that Kramer/Seinfeld douche (refuse to know his name)… it would be a continually evolving product because there will always be a new celebrity who repulses us. You could have a politician line of TP. Oh me this idea is too awesome.

    If you don’t want to then …

    SOMEONE PLEASE MARKET PARIS (and other celebs and politicians) TOILET PAPER!

  32. pearljam

    now i can cum on her face twice in one shot
    a dream come true

  33. Just die hoebag

    Oh yes! I love the toilet paper idea! I too am lazy, but someone please get on that!

    The only people who like her are people with the maturity of a 10 year old and/or giant hillbillies with front butts.

    And I was soooo hoping she would get shived in jail. Oh well. I guess it’s up to me.

  34. Who the hell holds a dog like that? It’s tongue was sticking out, it was probably choking.

  35. wedgeone

    #10 – crying laughing over that one. Awesome.

    #29 – GRAND IDEA – go with it!!

    When does her narcissism reach a saturation point? It’s almost as bad as her birthday cake made up like a “Paris Hilton star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame”. Can’t the IRS crawl up her ass with a microscope or something?

  36. ziggurat

    She’s the f’n Peter Pan of our generation. Without her magic bra …

  37. I saw a woman downtown one time with her own picture silk-screened on her shirt. She also had on navy blue knee-high stockings rolled down around her ankles, so I’m pretty sure she was certifiably insane.

  38. Paris Shit Face

    Now that is the face of a changed woman.
    Clearly the self absorbed and narcissistic days of pure conceit are far behind her. Just like the giant line up of self destructive penises.

    GOD I hate her so much. Shouldn’t the human society be busting this bitche’s door down already.

    #29 I just took a giant dump and when I had to wipe my ass with a plain piece of toilet paper I began to cry. Please make our dreams come true. When I wipe the old a-hole I wan it to be on this whore’s face.

    “Paris Hilton Toilet Parper gives a whole new meaning to getting shit faced.”

    “Paris the Shit Head Toilet paper, now you can do what we’ve all been wanting to do for years in the privacy of your own home, without leagal consequences.”

  39. Salvana

    I just wants to say that it’s not Ole Henricksons Spa. His name is Ole Henriksen and he is from Denmark (where I’m from). We don’t use ck or son in our names, we use only k and sen (sen means son, whish in danish is called søn). By the way – I live this site!!! I look here every day for some good new juicy gossip!!!

  40. Mr. Superfish

    #39. Thank you for the clarification and in the English speaking parts of the world we spell l-o-v-e with and O: love. Can I use it in a sentence? I sure can little lady.

    I love Salvana. Love.


    It may interest you to know that I am the spelling B champion of the universe.

  41. Dalai Lama

    Dear Karma Gods,

    I feel you have failed us with respect to the filthy slut known as “the Parisite”. That little jail stint was in no way enough retribution for this whore. As you can see she is till a giant, vile, vapid, soulless, skank with zero remorse for her sinful ways. Please try harder, we are counting on you.

    Thank You.


    The Dalai Lama

  42. MT

    Dear Lord,

    I am spinning in my grave. When will the world finally be rid of this STD filled tormentor? Haven’t the children suffered enough?

    Your faithful servant,

    Mother Theresa

  43. flyby

    I give it 2 years and she will be doing the REALLY embarrassing reality shows.

  44. whitegold

    So how much would people be willing to pay for a roll of TP with Paris’ face on it? Or how about a four pack?

    And would you consider this a one time purchase novelty item, or could you see it being your regular everyday TP purchase (and how would that effect what you’d be willing to pay).

    Dreams can only become reality after solid market research!

  45. Lexoka

    Her dog looks ridiculous. I know at this point it doesn’t really make any difference, but I just noticed. It’s incredible how, by being so ridiculous herself, she distracted me from something so obvious.

    She’ll never cease to amaze me — not in the best way, though.

  46. crazy otto

    If her face is on her shirt what’s on her panties?……….(trick question),Paris doesn’t wear panties

  47. Lexoka

    Whitegold => Great idea, go with it !

  48. Rylee

    its cute
    but why would ANYONE do that.. especially when they’re getting the key to the city.

  49. libtard

    44, I’ll answer your question with my opinions. I would purchase the product that you’re describing. I would like it in a 4 pack. I would consider it a novelty purchase and would probably not buy Paris TP on a regular basis, however, I would purchase TP with other celebrities faces as well. I, as well as many others, would probably be willing to purchase additional Paris Hilton TP (or other celebrity) according to their irritability level. I would have likely wiped on Paris through her entire jail stay.

    As far as pricing goes, I live in the midwest and I would realistically pay somewhere between $5.00-$8.00 per 4 pack roll.

    Now, before you go any further, you may want to think about copyrighting your idea. I, and many others, think it is a good one. Of course, we are your target audience. Are we a large enough niche to make you rich? I don’t know. All I know is that if I ever see Paris Hilton TP I will buy some.

  50. libtard

    One more thing, I can see this selling at a Spencer’s. Do they still have Spencer’s novelty stores? Anyway, if they do, I could totally see them carrying this.

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