Paris Hilton wants in on this nipple action

April 29th, 2010 // 106 Comments

Struggling to maintain relevancy, Paris Hilton conveniently found herself in front of the paparazzi today without a bra on. I mean, what are the odds (that they’d show up as soon as she called)? In the meantime, I will never understand her breasts. Never. How do they go from virtually nonexistent to face smothering cleavage in a matter of hours? That’s a shitload of chicken cutlets. My only guess is Frank Perdue murdered a hooker in a Hilton hotel and we’re seeing the end result every time Paris has to spread herpes or her stinger falls off. I’m not a scientist.

NOTE: Pics are slightly LSFW if your boss can squint the wings off a gnat.

Photos: Flynet

  1. Jav


  2. First


  3. Cartman

    Do not want.

  4. Lila

    She is such a fukking loser…deperate for attention and flat chested, with all of that money get a good boob job…

  5. frankw

    She may have the biggest feet I’ve ever seen on a woman her size…

  6. bar room hero

    what a douche-ette…

  7. Zveers

    you’re all a bunch of idiots. she’s VERY attractive.

  8. Mr. Nice Guy

    Paris Rocks.

  9. uhmmm

    Did she get a nose job? It looks like she finally shaved down the septum or something, she looks better than she has in awhile, I would do some research but I don’t want to risk herpes of the eye…

  10. J.H. Christ

    She has the boobs of a small boy……

  11. matt


  12. Sport

    I dont normally find her the least attractive, but her tits are hot.

  13. Capt Paul

    What tits? Can I borrow your magnifying glass?

  14. Heywood Jablowme

    serious question here guys and ladies.
    women go gaga over the size of men’s feet, are we men making a mistake over not going gaga over her’s? Does it mean her snatch is large or not? I’m thinking if she gave birth to Octo-Mom’s crew, she’d do it Au Natural. “Oh, it’s over already. That’s Hot!”

  15. Joe

    She looks hot! I love me some small perky breasts.

  16. Chris

    Her nipples aren’t as big as the Democrats new tax increases!

  17. being Rough, in a classless world

    Hot trumps everything. This might be my first compliment to Paris…If the Louisiana native can’t deliver; well we can always have PARIS mon amour….

  18. lalala

    wow shes so bony!!! Her extensions are looking good though! Yes people she did get a nose job. She also got a boob job, but smaller implants than kate hudson’s. she didn’t even have these mosquito bites before… regardless, shes a herpes infested skank. anyone that would do her (even with 8 condoms on) is bound do catch something

  19. being Rough, in a classless world

    If you think your dopey bf wouldnt block Paris have herpes(if she really does) out of his mind and stick it to Paris than you are truly in lalaland…

  20. My point about Kim Kardashian in relation to Paris Hilton, just got some back-up. In my life I never thought I’d say this, “thanks for showing us what you’re all about, Paris.” What a classy girl.

  21. Still

    She’s still the babest. I love her.

    Don’t complain about any large feet though. Means you not only can wear her underwear during National KinkFest Day, but also those fine shoes. :P

  22. She’s still the babest. I love her.

  23. My point about Kim Kardashian in relation to Paris Hilton

  24. Paris hilton is a LIAR

    Paris hilton is a stupid lying whore. She claims she’s not had any plastic surgery, but before/after pics prove her to be an absolute LIAR:

    Now she’s walking around showing off her tits, in a vain effort to stay relevant. Which is totally hilarious, given that she’s NEVER been relevant. I wish she would just OD & get it over with…

  25. christopher

    yes yes yes yes i would

  26. christopher

    yes yes yes yes i would


    After my eye Dr. examined me, I asked him if I could get some Paris Hilton shades. Wrong question! He called reinforcement, brought 3X-large size straight jacket and locked me in the same private cell where Paris stayed overnight.

  28. small asian penis

    blah, blah, blah no one cares about her anymore. Her attempts to be in the media are pathetic. Can’t she take her money and go make a positive difference in the world? I guess not..

  29. i mean…yeah, she’s kind of gross with all of the dudes she’s slept with. But I agree with Matt (#12). She is hot!

    she’s really hot in this picture. Are those extensions in her hair?

  30. Fati87

    Well, it’s a given that she is a stupid whore, but I respect her for not getting a boobjob. She has a small B cup and I am not going to say that that’s a great size but it is definitely okay on someone as skinny as she is. Good for her for not giving in to the fucking trend of getting that shit stuffed in one’s ribcage. I hope she never does. At least one celebrity woman has to keep the breasts she was dealt with.

    @4 Lila, just because you are so insecure about your looks that you need fake breasts, doesn’t mean that everyone wants a pound of silicone stuck in their chest. If she were completely flat, yes – that looks unnatural and ugly on a woman. But she has normal smaller breasts, and we need to tell women out there that it’s alright. It sickens me how many women go under the knife to make themselves more attractive to men that way. You don’t see men getting plactic surgery to enlarge their penises for our pleasure. I for one refuse to do anything of this magnitude to endulge those assholes.

  31. kelly

    @31 YOU TELL EM GIRL!!1 I respect that Paris stayed true to herself she has soo much and can get billions surgeries but why would shes gorgeous and proud of her cute small boobs

    @30 yea Paris might have had a lot of bys but at least their were gorgeous models and respected actors and singers like leo dicaprio benji from GG and nick carter!! UNlike kim Paris wannabe kardashian who dated and fucked alot of trashy black guys!! now thats GROSS

  32. Anonymous

    Meh…there are dudes out there with bigger tits and smaller feet.

  33. She look so sexy in this transparent outfit.I like her

  34. Must be a matter of taste because most guys I know think she is long nosed waste of time. And she has a funny eye. maybe a glass eye?

  35. LUIS


  36. captain america

    but there are no tits to witness this sham!

  37. IKE

    Thank you for skipping the STARS on this one. It would have been pretty disappointing to click and see (or barely see) those.

  38. jjjjjjjjj

    i want to drink her vagina juices. her asshole would be so tender

  39. jjjjjjjjj

    i want to drink her vagina juices. her asshole would be so tender

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  41. Urbanspaceman

    Whoever invented the bra that gives Paris nice visible cleavage some days should get a Nobel prize for engineering (if there was one).

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  43. turd da third

    yuk, she is just a titless sleezebag

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  45. Jen

    i think her little titties are sexy. maybe bc i have little titties :)

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