Paris Hilton voted

November 5th, 2008 // 44 Comments

Like every good American should’ve done yesterday, Paris Hilton went to her county registrar in Norwalk to cast her vote. Although I’m not exactly sure why she’s being escorted by security. Is her vote really the vote we as America need to be protecting? I mean, yeah, a ballot with a drawing of a chihuahua wearing a crown and surrounded by floating hearts is important, but this is a bit much. A more appropriate response would’ve just been to point her to a bathroom stall and see if she noticed the difference.


  1. dave

    first change you can believe in, or scabies in her case

  2. ???

    Why in hell does she keep walking with her hand on her hip like that? She did the same thing on Letterman.

  3. bar room hero

    scabies…I think you mean herpies

  4. HEYE

    I know Paris Hilton voted for Obama!! LOL~
    and I ever heard rumors from a quite reliable source that she is seeking hot guys
    @___ M a t c h R i c h.C o M___the wealthy and the beauty mingle. Is she looking for a serious relationship or just for fun? hoohoo

  5. Ducatimike

    Yawn. Next?

  6. SouAS

    I know Paris Hilton voted for Obama!! LOL~
    and I ever heard rumors from a quite reliable source that she is seeking hot guys @___ M a t c h R i c h.C o M___the wealthy and the beauty mingle. Is she looking for a serious relationship or just for fun? hoohoo

  7. veggi

    holding the flare up at bay??

  8. Ted from LA

    Speaking of the election. The strangest thing to me about the election was that Mitt Romney won Iowa, a place where you need to go door-to-door to meet and talk to people. On second thought…

  9. Vince Lombardi

    That’s not a security detail. That’s her reading tutor. You don’t expect her to actually READ a ballot by herself, do you? Her driver told her he was taking her to the polls and she had him stop at every strip club and barber shop between her cave and the voting booth.

  10. Max Planck

    Did she fill it out in crayon?

  11. Sport

    She is more tiring than the Hills fags.

  12. binks

    Am I remembering wrong? Wasn’t she convicted of a felony? If so, she can’t vote…jus’ sayin’

  13. veggi

    Paris voted ‘most likely to have vagina fall off’

  14. CaptainMorgan

    Were the cops arresting her or keeping the general public away from her to prevent her spreading her diseases? I thought they’d be wearing HAZMAT suits and stuff. She’s toxic….she DOES put underwear on in the morning but are eroded away by her fire crotch. YUK!

  15. I loved her in Zoolander!!

    I think she was confused and voted herself best costume for being the sluttiest maid.

  16. mok

    Wow, she’s looking older and sadder.

    I’d stil drill her like Anwar, though.

  17. havoc

    I wonder if she voted for the colored guy?


  18. Where is the story about Richard Simmons voting. I am sure that would be very interesting. Who gives a shit about these dumb bitches voting. Now if you have pictures of them voting naked, that is worth posting..

  19. paolo maldini

    if anyone has any doubt how Obama got elected, just look at this disease infected dolt. We all know the negroes and non working people vote for Obama, but its stupid white people like this that vote for Obama because they think its the “hot” thing to do that pushed him over the top. Just like her dog did in that Southpark cartoon, we just committed suicide as a nation and looking at her says all you need to know.

  20. lp

    i am embarrassed to say that i know why this is a big deal and that’s because during the vote or die campaign she was never registered to begin with if you remember (and i mean really, who would?) and i guess this is her way of making sure the paris parade arrived prompt and ready to elect.

  21. Dandy Mandy

    What in the hell is she wearing? She’s starting to look like a little girl playing dress-up at this point. I guess she was trying to look ‘business-y’

  22. paolo maldini

    In conclusion, wa waaa waaaaah!!! WAAAA! WAAAAAAA!!! WAAAAAAAAAH!

  23. Doctor Girlfriend

    Fortunately, someone has explained to her that’s all she got to do:

  24. Lola

    And now if she’d only listen to what everyone is telling her and just DIE!!!!
    Die bitch DIE already…. Worthless wonky eyed biatch

  25. pistola

    why is she dressed as a pilgrim?

  26. dude

    Lol yeah point her to a bathroom and tell her to do her civic doody :)

  27. Ted Mosby

    I heard she tried to jerk the lever instead of pulling it across.

  28. Taylor

    Hey no mocking of the Pilgrims. They were hard working people unlike this sorry excuse for a Woman. Who ever asked “why does she have her hand on her hip?” … It’s her Model Pose~~~ duh.

  29. byakuu

    Dumb fuck whore!

  30. byakuu

    Dumb fuck whore!

  31. Sean P

    Norwalk? Paris voted in Norwalk? Are you sure about that?

    Seriously, Norwalk is the armpit of southeastern LA County (an area not known for its lack of scummy neighborhoods). And it isn’t anywhere near the privileged enclaves of Brentwood, Westwood, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or the Pallisades. She shouldn’t even be voting there unless she lived there. And, again, why would anyone as rich as Paris choose to live in Norwalk.

  32. GRS

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who just wants this hag to go away.

  33. Gio

    Hate to be the person that used the same booth after her. Might catch the super fukin stupid disease. Much worse than sex disease as it makes your mind atrophy daily. Get to the point that you don’t know what a Walmart is.

  34. anonymous

    Can she even read,she is so brain-dead she just needs to give it up!!! Body guards please,get over yourself!!!

  35. They had a special entrance for “BIGFOOTS”, folks!!

  36. At least she remembered her voting bib.

  37. jim

    yeah she is beautiful and sexual , i love her very much , and i have seen some more hot videoes and sexual pics about her on , yeah that’s really great ..

  38. It is amazing to see Paris Hilton have a lot of both haters and fans

  39. 1moreidiotintheworld

    You seriously can’t tell me that dumb cunt was actually there to vote…. she just went out to find a camera to reinforce to the world what a fake and sluttty whore she is. She probably stood at the voting booth posing for the cameras and scanning the crowd for potential coke dealers, then turned in an empty ballot.

  40. A True Fan

    Just look at that lead photo-she is SO beautiful, the idolatry heaped upon her (deservedly so I might add) is precisely why the terrorists hate us.
    I myself, am smitten with her-she is SO dreamy!

  41. parisishotinhertux

    @12 – since when can felons vote? since her parents have more money than God I guess

    @19 – agreed, however her parents are big-time republicans, so who knows if she voted obama.

    @26 – “civil”. It’s not a Honda.

  42. el es

    Pretty cool.

  43. sm

    nice shiny tights grandma

  44. F-Obama

    I vote for her to suck my cock

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