Paris Hilton violated yet again

*paris_hilton_thumb7.jpgParis Hilton recently had her entire house packed up and sent to storage while she moved into a new place. But thieves somehow broke in and made off with mounds of Hilton memorabilia. According to Paris’s representative, “basic household items, two or three computers, tons and tons of clothing, and hundreds and hundreds of photos and videotapes and journals” were stolen. While none of the videotapes were like her infamous sex tape (supposedly), the rep could not say for sure if the tapes contained any nakedness and/or lesbian action like the one she made with former pal Nicole Lenz. He did say, however, that “the thing that upset her the most were her journals and her diaries – that is the most personal of the materials.”

I bet that diary is some interesting reading. “Monday: woke up in a strange place. Coudn’t find my clothes. Tuesday: clothes gone again. Strange tingly sensations. Smells like peanut butter. Hey! where did that gerbil come from? Wednesday: Dark in here. Cold. I may be in the refrigerator. Thursday: Note to self – next time you get naked, make sure there are no children around. Stupid grade schools.”


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