Paris Hilton turns on the cleavage


After being released from jail Paris Hilton told the press, “There is so much more to life than that whole club scene.” But it’s Paris Hilton, so on Saturday she hit up Les Deux dressed like this, and was seen dancing against a wall with her arms in the air singing along to every song played, including her own single. A spy tells People:

“Paris was super happy and full of smiles,” says one clubgoer. “She was laughing, having fun, drinking, dancing, singing along to songs, talking to everyone and hugging all the girls at her table.”

Yeah, she’s an idiot, but Paris Hilton still manages to find the most amazing bras on the planet. I know what her breasts look like. You know what her breasts look like. Every person on Earth knows what her breasts look like. Yet somehow when she puts on that bra they manage to look completely different. If I was a magician I wouldn’t even have an act, I’d just pull out the bra and go “Ta daaa!” Then everybody would applaud and I’d take a bow.

Photos: Splash
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