Paris Hilton tries to upstage 50 Cent, gets cussed out

February 4th, 2008 // 157 Comments

Legend has it Paris Hilton tried to dance onstage during a 50 Cent performance over Super Bowl weekend. 50 wasn’t having none of that and swore at Paris until she presumably got her bitch-ass off the stage. Why just words, 50? Was nobody in your crew packing that evening? I, for one, wouldn’t think less of you if say, I dunno, somebody put a bullet in old wonk-eyed. In fact, I might call you “brother.” And from another mother even.

NOTE: Photo of P-Burny crying from the verbal assault here.

Photos: Splash News

  1. paulie

    hey, 50 should be happy somebody’s dancing to his shit music.

  2. Md

    From this video, it looks like paris was in the crowd already.

  3. TheRage

    i don’t like or dislike Paris Hilton or 50 Cent, but i think that was more than a little rude. would he have cussed out any other fan that was doing that? if so, he doesn’t deserve his fans.

  4. carli

    if paris just had her ass handed to her, like this clip claims, she wouldn’t be ‘raisin’ da roof’ seconds later. nice try.

  5. Kevin

    First of all. I don’t think she was trying to be racist and take the stage away. I think she was trying to show the world she loved 50 and wasn’t racist. I love both of these celebrities and I think it was really wrong 50 cussed at Paris

  6. I forward a public and private apology in regard to Paris Hilton “disturbing” Rap Star 50Cent aka Curtis Jackson during his performance. Paris,Ivanka and Nickey are older aunts/siblings to an exotic tribe of descendants. I am ten years their senior, they do go as far as they can until info gets to me.We do group in the psyche ward,so all behavior is monitored and definitions granted.Sorry Mr Curtis Jackson won’t happen again!

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