Paris Hilton too good for Playboy

*paris_hilton_thumb5.jpgParis Hilton has refused an invitation to strip for Playboy. The 24-year-old claims that Hugh Hefner has been begging her to pose since she was a teenager.

“They’ve asked me a million times,” Hilton said. “Hef has been after me since I was 17, and I got offered a lot of money. But I’ll never do it.” Asked why she refused the Playboy offer, she replied: “Because I’m Paris Hilton.”

Paris Hilton refusing to get naked is like Janet Jackson refusing to eat a bucket of Ding Dongs. That’s what she does! If I ran into her on the street somewhere I’d be like “hey Paris, why don’t you show me your – “, and I’d never finish, because she’d already be naked, and possibly humping the fire hydrant. At least with Playboy she’d get paid.

Thanks to Liam for the tip.


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