Paris Hilton to receive legitimate award

April 27th, 2009 // 57 Comments

Based on the success of her perfume lines, Paris Hilton has been announced as the Celebrity of the Year Award by The Fragrance Foundation. She’ll be officially recognized at the 2009 FiFi Awards in May, according to Parlux Fragrances who will extend her contract another five years.

So help me out here, a committee of rational adults sat together in a room and decided Paris Hilton was worthy of international prestige and recognition? — Have these people actually met her? I mean, they know she’s not a cartoon character, right? Sure, the wonk-eye isn’t doing any favors, but that’s a human being up there. At least in the biological sense.

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  1. Jcozmo14


  2. RaraAvis

    Doesn’t say much for other celebrity’s perfume lines, does it? No wonder they’re all making headbands now…

  3. The Gorgeous One

    Sometimes it snows in April . . .

  4. dogfacecuntwhore

    i think this might be the first time, EVER, that I’ve gone, “Wow, Paris looks Not Trashy. Maybe good, even.” But maybe I’m just rilly hieeeeeeegh.

  5. Binky

    The Fragrance Foundation ?
    Ok – call me a bit cynical but – something stinks about this award.

  6. azalea


  7. Darth


  8. richard

    Goddammit, she’s actually not looking too bad. :(

  9. Galtacticus

    Princess of the lill doggies and FiFi Awards,that makes sense.

  10. Rhialto

    In the second photo from the left,that’s a surprising elegant mouthshot!?

  11. Chester Davies

    pic # 7 she looks like a skeleton with even bigger shoes than her douchey bf

  12. Sauron

    I agree that’s a pretty good mouthshot.Natural and elegant.

  13. robert

    i like her cute new hairdo; what’s her perfume called?

    I’m imagining some tag-line like; ‘”you too can smell like a talentless tramp.”

  14. Lisacakes

    You know how I know there is no god? This bitch is still alive while 100′s of innocent Mexican children are dying of influenza as I type this.

  15. I assume the trophy is a gold plated jockstrap.

  16. Eau De Skank

    “You too can smell like a bowling ball.”

  17. new slang

    My favorite part of this story is the name “FiFi Award”. I guess no one told the Fragrance Foundation that “FiFi” is that term used to describe a rag that jail/prison inmates use to catch ejaculate when they masturbate in their cells… How appropriate.

  18. mikeock

    I wonder if she “strikes a pose” even at home. The girl is always on.

  19. Good for you Paris! something positive, remember having haters make you unique, they all lurks anticipating your next move!

  20. Vernon Decossas

    I’m so glad for Paris. She is a great person and I love her so much.

  21. Darth

    Her elegant dress matches very well with her golden manes and purse.She’s wearing her shoes always a many sizes bigger.To support her fans with big feet.

  22. Nero

    Wearing the shoes 3-4 sizes bigger means better blood and air circulation.Paris Hilton is one of the very few who know that.

  23. Gando

    That’s very modest of her.Not to show her real ,fragile and petite,feet in public.

  24. dirk

    I heard her “Masking Last Night’s Jizz” is selling like hotcakes in the Kardashian family.

  25. I have to give it to her, when I heard about her latest fragrance “Trout”, I was more than a bit skeptical… and “Sepreh”, though a bit backwards, is a big hit with whomever she’s had unprotected sex with…

  26. Duke Steele

    So, what they’re saying is that perfume kills herpes and now shes a humanitarian. Why doesn’t she go to Mexico and kill swine flu for the third worlders there?

  27. Kia

    She looks pretty good in these pics. Weird!

  28. Jeezy


  29. Andre

    Look, people were feeling bad. An American had to get some type of international award, even though the rest of the world despises you for invading and collapsing a sovereign country on false pretenses, then torturing like the worst of the outlaw countries you pretend to oppose but actually now model yourself after (Iran, Korea, Saddam’s Iraq) – and then when inarguable evidence of war crimes (in the bogus “war on terror” sense, or “wer on terrer” as your former president would say it) is released, you say it’s no big deal because you have a God-given right to do whatever you want to Arabs (meaning: non-white people, as your natives and your African slaves would attest).

    So we had to throw you a crumb. Take it and be grateful, you fucking psychopaths.

  30. Andre is still upset that his US work visa was denied on the grounds that we don’t need any more retards.

  31. Andre

    Yes, I’d definitely want to come to the U.S. I’ve already visited all the other countries that use both torture and the death penalty. Didn’t take long – it’s a short list. Mostly semi-lawless African countries and some fundamentalist Islamic countries in the Middle East, plus Korea. Oops – I forgot, also the country that now OWNS you, China.

    Great company. Congrats.

  32. Richard McBeef

    @29 & 30 – you are an idiot. go drink some tea and ram a crumpet up your ass.

  33. Poor Doug, he never looks happy anymore.

  34. Capitalist Pigs make ham sandwhiches

    …and all the while the dirty poor lose their jobs and homes and can’t afford to give thier children medical care, the rich party on our money!

    Kill em all and take back our money I say!!!!!

  35. #31 – And just exactly which 3rd world utopia are you from? Because, you know, there are so many (generally protected by our fiendish Navy, but let’s not get too technical…) Now, if we unleashed the Herpes Hilton on your eurotrash ass, then you’de be justified in declaring mental midget war… otherwise, take #32′s advice (I however, will not…)

  36. jen

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  37. grobpilot

    Let’s hope that this award is along the same lines as the “Hasty Pudding” award she’s already received and thought that was legitimate, too.

  38. Chatham

    I hate to admit it, but I LOVE the dress she’s wearing.
    I also hate to admit that one of her perfumes smells really nice, though I won’t let myself buy it and perpetuate her business.

  39. IntenetToughGuy

    #29 and #31 is just upset he wasn’t picked as Groom of the Stool for whatever Eurotrash royal family he worships. I guess he doesn’t realize it’s actually the eurotrash, inbred royalty and their international banks that are bankrupting the world.

  40. Richard McBeef

    @35 RPG – yeah i meant 29 and 31.

  41. ginger

    Anything regarding this energy sucker is not news worthy and a waste of time.

  42. Andre– like Europe track record on human rights is any better? ALL countries have dirty little secrets they hope never come to light moron.

  43. #40 – Thanks goodness… because crumpets are so… bumpy…

  44. Darth

    Where’s my bebe?

  45. CakeSnifferer

    “So help me out here, a committee of rational adults sat together in a room and decided Paris Hilton was worthy of international prestige and recognition?”

    Come now – it’s not as though The Superficial has made a business of ignoring her.

  46. msmerlin

    Wow….that is one of the BEST dresses I’ve ever seen, AND it looks great on her!! She looks really good here, hot and classy at the same time. Whatever all the crap is that 99% of people say about her, she’s got chutzpah and I like her for that.

  47. arealcad

    I worked for that Foundation for about a month. It doesn’t surprise me at all.

  48. The Gaborg

    Ain’t know what kind of superpowers that guy’s penis has, but two things come to mind:
    a) He’s still alive and -seemingly- not being eaten away by that Cabin Fever bacteria; and b) She’s looking increasingly humanoid, may I say nearly doable in some of these pics.
    Could the dude’s wang be the Second Coming?

  49. Alex

    She looks really good and fresh here. About time.

  50. josh

    Too much makeup…

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